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Got this bracelet today at Natural Grocers & it’s so cool!!! The packaging is made with seed paper so you rip it up and put it in some soil and it grows wild flowers ☺️🌼 got a cute bracelet out of it too! Haha. I got it for only $6.99 if anyone is interested!


So, @incorrect-yansim-quotes​ has kinda started a charm headcanon!!! I wanted to add on to this, like what each charm/item would be and how you’d get it (non-violent towards the rivals/no killing). These are in no way associated on winning that week, these are simply ways to earn the gifts of each “rival”. This will be taken in a way that there is no “rival” after your senpai. Megami will still try to rid of you for anything wrong that you do, Info-Chan will tell her of whatever wrongdoing you commit. With each new rival comes more and more feelings. Osana’s starts like normal Ayano, and by the time you finish with Megami, Ayano will be normal. I may have put too much thought into this, it’s more of a wish for the game. I don’t know where “Headcanon” and “Wish” came together, but I’m quite happy with what I did. I went overboard, but I had fun typing this up.

Read Below for it!

Now, you can choose if you want to wear it. It will have boosts and ups if you wear it.

(Ex: Osana’s phone charm will let you closer to Senpai if Osana is next to him.)

Accessories earned in Story Mode can be worn in Endless, too.

Osana (Cat Phone Charm)- Completing her task later (Thursday, Friday) when she already gave up and bought a new charm. You’d accept it on Monday, act nice to her, don’t do anything to spite her, etc…, then when the end of the week approaches, you give her the charm. She already bought a new one though, and since you’ve been so nice to her, she lets you keep it! After this, you’d have a little cat phone charm on your phone. You will always have this.

Amai (Muffin Earrings)- She’s too nice to say no to a gift, but she doesn’t like it at all. You’d have to join the Cooking club and show up to a meeting after she got them. She’d get it from a member of the club who is new. She gives it to Ayano in hopes that she will like it. They’re muffin earrings. Ayano also had to have gotten piercings with Musume on a girl’s night. (This would require you to befriend her. Better results if you befriend the Basu Sisters, they’ll tag along and up your reputation.) For the rest of the game you’ll have muffin dangle earrings.

Kizana (Rose Ring)- You’d have to join the Drama club for this. The play is Romeo and Juliet, of course. Kizana is the lead, and you’re her understudy. She is recovering from an injury, and can’t preform. (You have to sabotage one of the lights, that when it is tampered with it will fall. It lands on Kizana’s foot and crushes her toes.) She wants to continue, but if you have befriended Sora you’ll get a cutscene in which you’re there when Sora convinces the stubborn show-girl to sit in the audience. You have to attend every meeting and do a better job than Kizana thought you would in the play. If you put on a performance that she enjoyed,  she’ll let you keep the ring in which Juliet wears. After this, a rose ring will be visible on Ayano’s right thumb.

Oka (Pentagram Necklace)- You do not have to join the club for this, but it is recommended. If you supply the Occult Club with all the supplies (Random things, a spider, a jar of “ectoplasm” {You can get this from the Science club, if you befriend Haruto he’ll whip up some fake stuff.}, etc..), help them in research, and tell them things about the Basu Sisters (Befriend them), then Oka will give you a pentagram necklace (In the club) or choker (Not in the club) to show you appreciation. After this, the accessory will be seen on your neck.

Asu (Ankle Bracelet with Water Drop Charms)- You have to be in the sports club for this. You can skip class for two days without penalty when getting this charm. (Your physical stat will increase instead of choosing which points will go into which subject the first day, and you will gain a point in physical the second.) You’d spend this time and three after-schools training for a swim meet with Asu. On Friday, you will not attend school until 3:00. You, Asu, the sports club, and the swim team will be at a Swim Meet, and you will have to lead the team to victory. If you succeed, Asu will give you her good luck charm, the ankle bracelet. After this, the ankle bracelet will be seen on your left ankle.

Muja (Needle Pin)- This will be hard to earn. You have to play “medicine runner” for this week (Because the actual nurse is gone, and Muja needs help.), and this requires you to have a higher reputation. You will run errands, help sorting, and have to sabotage a meal of a student. Kokona will eat lunch alone on Wednesday, as she usually does, but she will leave it to see something Saki found. If you put something that will cause Kokona to choke on her food in it, you’ll be able to do the heimlich. If you do this and take Kokona to the nurse, she’ll be more friendly and open to you. She’ll tell you a family member that passed in the school, which inspired her to take on the job here to prevent any more casualties like so. (In 1980′s mode, a girl that you can poison as Ryoba will be the aunt of Muja.) At the end of the week she’ll have to go back to school. She’ll give you the pin which belonged to her Aunt. After this, the pin will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

Mida (Wine Glass Necklace)- For this you’ll lose a lot of reputation. You have to get panty shots of 15 girls and convince two male students to take lessons from Mida (They cannot be in her class.). You’ll also have to attend every class and be willing to help Mida. She’ll ask you about a few boys, and if you tell her the truth, she’ll thank you. She’ll have to leave at the end of the week. If you show affection and treat her with respect (Maybe even as a mother figure) she’ll give you her necklace and tell you to “Be Good.” After this, the necklace will be seen around your neck.

Osoro (Bracelet with a Bunny Charm)- Your reputation has to be low enough that the delinquents are willing to be around you. If you befriend Osoro (You have to participate in all of her events, skip every class, and win a fight against Budo or a male delinquent.) she’ll come to you when she’s at her weakest. She’ll get emotional and need comfort, and if you can give it to her she’ll give you the bracelet she was given by an old friend who left her. After this, the delinquents will back you up no matter what your reputation is. If Osoro catches you killing a student though (any method), all the delinquents except her will apprehend you and maybe even beat you. She’ll just watch in shock. After this, the bracelet will be seen on your right wrist.

Hanako (Her Heart Clip)- This is the second hardest, because you’ll have to avoid Taro as a love interest. Hanako will take you in if she notices you are alone, no one likes you (She doesn’t care for the delinquents, so on her route you have to avoid them.), and if you are being bullied (You can ask Kizana to fake being a bully with her drama club). Everything will be lost if she catches you showing interest in Taro or if someone spreads it around that you do like him. You’ll have to help her study, hang out with her often, and act like the sister she never had. She’ll give you her clip if she feels you are close to her. This will actually help Ayano with her reputation and Taro will begin to show interest. While wearing this, Ayano’s hair will be down and she’ll have the clip on.

Megami (A Medal)- This is the hardest, and you have to find a way into Student Council. Megami will be suspicious, but the more you do to help improve the school the more trust she’ll have. You have to have high reputation (Hanako’s route will provide that.) and befriend over half the school. There are a lot of things you have to do, so this will go for three weeks. A list of tasks include:

Uniting all the clubs to trust another (They didn’t before, and there was competition to be the best. Swim+Sports and Drama are the most competitive.) and help eachother

Attending class earlier by thirty minutes before other students do.

Turning delinquents into decent students

Helping deal with punishment to trouble students

Helping every club with a separate task. 

After completing a long task of things that the student council needed done, it will be the end of the year. The last Friday will be the last day of school, and Megami will invite you to a reward night. There, you will meet her father. Ryoba will also be in town, she came back a few nights before. Everybody you got a charm from will attend, and if you do not get a charm from one of them they will not go. You can talk with all of them, they will thank you. At the end of the night Megami will invite you to the stage along with the other members of the Student Council and reward each member. Megami will hesitate at you, but you will get the best prize, a medal she was given when she was in her second year. She will be in her last year, and moving into her father’s business, so she decides to give it to you, who is in the same position she was. By then, Ayano will have the feelings of a normal girl, and Taro will have fallen for her. After getting this medal, it will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

You know what’s weird? Gee’s red hair was a happy image

Whether on stage

in music videos

or award shows.

Then Gee killed Party Poison 

which put a damper on the hair color. Then Val Velocity dyed his hair red and even though you spend most of Danger Days not agreeing with or even liking him, you realize around this panel that he isn’t too far off from Party Poison or even Gee himself.

Which ruins the color even more. It was from the Danger Days era, it should stay there, along with the ray guns and  the bad luck bracelets and wherever Show Pony skated off to. But recently Gee dyed his hair red again, to promote his new album and that is just weird to me.

He’s never gone back to a color or hair style before so why red? It’s a little unsettling. It makes me wonder if the Danger Days Era has a second part we never knew about. 

anonymous asked:

hi ^.^ i was wondering if you knew of anything to help with someones luck. not necessarily just spells but like maybe gemstones or symbols or something. my boyfriend is incredibly unlucky and i told him i'd try to figure something out.



Hope this helps!


11/15 MM 59th Single Release Event @ Shinagawa - Round 2

A competition was held!! Each member must do something to make Sayashi want to become their friend, and if Sayashi likes where it’s going, she’ll shake their hand!

※ Haga Akane didn’t feel well and did not participate.

Source: mostly sabotty@Twitter w/ additions from anonymous threads

#1 Iikubo Haruna

Iikubo: Sayashi-san, I’m going to have a pajama party at my grandma’s. Would you like to come? So and so are going to be there too…
Sayashi: Sorry, I’m busy that day.

→ Failed

#2 Kudo Haruka

Kudo: (walking down a street and rushes up to Sayashi) Hey, hey! You’re Sayashi Riho-chan, right? I’m Haruka! Kudo Haruka! If it’s okay with you, wanna become friends?
Sayashi: But I don’t know you very well…

(T/N: Might not have conveyed very well in text but it’s supposed to be like hitting on a random girl on the street lol)

→ Failed

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Everytime I attempt a spell, bad things happen to me, for example I tried out a rain spell which kind of worked but I then had a stint of extremely bad luck afterwards, my boyfriend injured himself, I messed up a lot at work and so on. Is this bad luck my payment for the spells, are the two related?

Discernment really comes into play here, because the biggest likelihood is that these things are not related in any way. Firstly, weather is one of those particularly tricky topics for witchcraft since it is so interconnected to everything else. Weather in one area really does affect the weather in places far away, meteorologists have shown that it’s all one giant system.

Secondly, was there any direct indication to show that the events in your life had anything to do with the spell? When you were casting the spell did you have any doubts, worries, or fears that may have been accidentally added to the spell in some manner, such as continuous bad luck? Were the moments of bad luck weather related exclusively to show potential connection to weather and the spell? Are the instances of bad luck really all bad luck or carelessness, recklessness, or something along those lines? When things happen are they as bad as they seem or just minor everyday things that happen to everyone?

Thirdly, even if some of the events undoubtedly seem connected to the spell, I doubt that all of them are. If you are really paranoid, you could be making things worse yourself. A lot of Tumblr users advocate not worrying about things because our mental can cause us a lot of its own problems. One of the favorite forms of casting “curses” is to make someone believe they’re cursed and do nothing because the mentality in a situation can do a lot on its own.

Lastly, if you would like to be certain, you can cleanse yourself of the after effects of the spell, or do a spell for good luck.


Good luck:

I hope you get everything sorted out!


anonymous asked:

Lately I feel like I've just been hit with one bad incident after another, both at work and simple things at home (losing things, a speeding ticket...). I just want to bring something good into my life, some luck. Do you have a spell or advice to help me out? Thanks.

These should help spell wise! On a more mundane level, maybe listening to your gut more when you have a feeling that something could go wrong. I do hope this helps!

Sirdame Snakes

In love with my new bracelet

“Injected in the black bead is mud from the Dead Sea and injected in the white bead is water from Mount Everest; the highest and lowest points on earth. So whether you’re on top of the world or down on your luck, this bracelet reminds you to stay humble, hopeful, and always moving forward”

Lifeofaprofessionalfangirl's 100 Follower Give Away

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So you know how Marinette gave Adrien the good luck bracelet, and he technically didn’t give it back?? What if during an attack, Chat fights extremely well compared to usual, and when Ladybug asks if he’s been having a good day, he just pulls the bracelet out of his pocket and tells her that he got it as a good luck charm from a friend of his?? And then something clicks with Ladybug???

(unless she’s so dense that she thinks that Adrein gave it to Chat, or gave it to another friend who in turn gave it to Chat >~>)