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Good Luck!

Bottle Cap Spells

Inspired by @uurbain​ ’s salt bottle caps.

At first, I wanted to add herbs to the salt, but worried about how well that would stick. So, I put herbs in the bottom and poured melted wax over top.

Basil + dill and the first layer of wax.

The second layer of wax is hard.

Plus, a luck sigil on the back.

Possible variations:

  • carve/scratch a sigil or rune into the wax
  • use a coloured candle depending on correspondences (I used white because it’s the one I had)
  • add essential oils
  • add salt to the wax (tho I’m not sure how well this would work)
  • glitter
  • a paper with a sigil on it in the bottom of the cap

the gambler’s good luck charm.
layered from the bottom to the top is ginger, chamomile, basil and sea salt.
if you want the written spell, message me and i’ll send it to you!

(you can delete the text for aesthetic purposes.)

The ultimate luck spell bottle

what you’ll need:
🍀a small bottle
🍀clover (optional)
🍀a green or white candle
🍀frankincense essential oil
🍀a mortar and pestle
🍀grind the herbs clockwise in the mortar and pestle then add the mixture into the small bottle and close it
🍀add a small amount of frankincense on your finger, then add it to the top, neck and body of the bottle separately
🍀light the candle and recite “give luck and fortune to this bottles holder” 3x
🍀drip candle wax onto the top of the bottle to seal it
🍀say “as I say it, so mote it be” and snuff out the candle

Yule Wish Bottle

This was a gift that I gave to a friend for success, prosperity, strength and luck in the coming new year.  

You will need:

a small corked bottle
whole almonds (employment, money, health)
rose buds (protection)
chamomile flowers (money, luck)
bay leaf (strength)
ground ginger (money, success, power)
five finger leaf (money, health, power, wisdom)
ground cinnamon (success, money)
ground allspice (money, luck)
ground clove (money)
elm bark (protection from gossip and false friends)
mandrake root (prosperity, gives the spell a kick)
orange zest (joy, health, purification)
a sigil for prosperity, strength, and luck

Add all of the ground ingredients to the bottle first.  Write the sigil on a small piece of paper and roll it up like a scroll and add it to the bottle.  Add the whole pieces last, arranging nicely as best as you can.  While doing this, you can whisper the specifications for your “wish” into the bottle or just focus on the desired outcome as you assemble the bottle.


××× Lucky Interview Bottle ×××

-> recently I’ve been unemployed due to several different circumstances. one of those reasons is that i moved up north. there are few jobs up here and the ones that are available are less than desirable in any way. there was one specific job I applied for that I really wanted, so I made this little bottle to help me out once i got the interview.

🔸i n g r e d i e n t s🔸
× dried sage & sage incense ashes
× salt
× basil
× glitter
× green tea
× white beach sand
× tiny volcanic rock/pebble
× red yarn
× clear quartz & citrine

🔸d i r e c t i o n s🔸
combine the ingredients in the little bottle. when you add the volcanic stone imagine it as the heart of the spell - generating its energy. add the glitter last, then shake it up nicely. tie the red yarn around the top in a bow. then press it in your hands and concentrate your energy on it, charging it with your intent of getting the job that you’re being interviewed for. focus on the fact that it will be a job you will enjoy. pour hope into it.

then place it on your window ledge with a clear quartz. I have two so i placed a small quartz on either side and let it charge overnight. in the morning i set it aside to charge a little more with a citrine for added energy.

then i wore it with my rose quartz necklace (hence the white thread in the picture). i think it works pretty well since I got the job the next day.

🍀 ‘Felix Felicis’ Drink 🍀

inspired by jk rowling’s “ Felix Felicis “, a potion-drink to bring you luck

“One tiny bottle of Felix Felicis,” said Slughorn, taking a minuscule glass bottle with a cork in it out of his pocket and showing it to them all. “Enough for twelve hours’ luck. From dawn till dusk, you will be lucky in everything you attempt.”

🍀 gather: 

  • 2 cup milk (or milk substitutes) 
  • 1 tsp dried turmeric
  • 1 tsp dried ginger 
  • a pinch of pepper
  • honey to taste

🍀 heat the milk on medium heat

🍀 add spices

🍀 stir frequently until it simmers. don’t let it reach a boil.  

🍀 turn off the heat. cover and let sit for 10 minutes. 

🍀 consume warm. add honey

Thanks to a bad bought of misfortune hanging over my head, I have made a luck bottle spell inspired by @witchy-woman and her incredible collection of spell jars!
It contains:
Acorn, Nutmeg, Catnip, Bay Leaf, Lucky Hand Root, Chamomile, Lilac, Poppy and Fennel.

Upon completion, I chant:
“To God and Goddess do I pray
Guide me through another day
Let good fortune com my way
Good luck hither, now I say.”
And give it a light shake with intention in mind.

Please wish me good luck! ✨🍀✨

Good Luck Jar Spell

🍀 a little jar
🍀 gold glitter (represents fortune)
🍀 cinnamon (good luck, fast action)
🍀 allspice (luck)
🍀 four leaf clovers (the more the merrier!)
🍀 ginger (power, success)
🍀 tumeric (luck)
🍀 coffee (stimulant)
🍀 optional: sigils for luck and fortune

As you add the ingredients to the jar, focus on what each ingredient is there for. Visualize each ingredient adding a little luck to the bottle and visualize yourself being fortunate. I like to play music to help raise and direct the energy (a good one for this would be Best Day of My Life by American Authors).

Once it is all in the jar, really focus on directing your energy into the the jar. If you are the praying type, Saint Christopher would be appropriate to call upon. The Bible verse I use is Jeremiah 29:11.

Let it charge in the sun for about an hour (or however long you deem necessary).

I personally would recharge this before each use, to ensure full energy.

Good luck! 🍀🌌

Trans-masc Protection Spell

This is a small spell I made for trans-masculine people, all the herbs in this spell are masculine and their primary use is to increase your masculinity, all their secondary uses in the spell are listed below. This list is what I have laying around, so not all of it is necessary. 

  • Basil (Protection)
  • Bay (Protection)
  • Black Peppercorns (Protection)
  • Chives (Protection)
  • Cilantro (Protection)
  • Cloves (Protection)
  • Coffee (Protection)
  • Cumin (Protection)
  • Curry (Protection)
  • Ginger (Courage)
  • Salt (Purifying) 

Now fill your jar and charge it with your intent, however works best for you! Good luck!

Wishes and Luck Jar Spell

Here we continue my jar spell series! This one in particular is pretty easy :) It can be used for a variety of different things - depending on what you want! You can use it for a wish, or to help you succeed in something you want to do. This spell’s purpose will differ with the intent you charge it with!

For this spell, I used…

  • Dandelion fluff
  • Essential oil of your choice (that relates to your wish! feel free to ask me about any oil correspondences :))

Feel free to use as many of these ingredients or as few as you like; substitute items, replace them, and add your own! Let me know how it goes ❤️❤️

- Mod Sun

(more jar spells!)

🍀 Faery Luck Jar

  • Daisy - luck, happiness
  • Clover - luck, protection
  • Wood Sorrel - luck, resilience, joy
  • Orange Zest - luck, joy, healing
  • Vanilla Extract (1 drop) - luck, joy
  • Nutmeg - luck, protection, confidence
  • Sugar - positive attraction
  • Gold Glitter - luck, happiness
  • Rain Water - luck

Place ingredients in bottle, and drip some rain water on to the cork. Set out some honey by the window.

Faery of clover, fair folk of this land, like gold drops of rain, may luck fall in my hands.”

A Spell For Protection While Coming Out As Trans

I wrote this spell in preparation for a conversation about my gender and being trans with my parents. We’ve had a very bad relationship in the past due to this, and other issues, and I was expecting the talk to go very poorly for me. 

This spell is for protecting you when coming out as trans or discussing your gender with people you fear will be less than accepting of you.


  • small bottle or jar
  • salt, for protection
  • sugar, to sweeten the relationship
  • herb(s) representing the person(s) you want to come out to
  • herb(s) representing yourself and how you want to be seen
  • optional - loose glitter in a reassuring color


Select and cleanse your bottle. I recommend using one small enough to fit in your pocket, so that it can be near at hand. 

Mix together the salt, sugar, and glitter and pour it into the bottle, filling it about half-way. 

Add herbs that you associate with the person(s) you will be talking to; I used rosemary, since there is a huge rosemary bush outside my parents’ house, and I associate the smell with my childhood there. 

Add herb(s) you associate with yourself; I chose mint and star jasmine. If possible, herbs that come from a place you associate with comfort and protection are preferred. 

Seal your bottle however you see fit; if you would like to add a message, sigil or incantation, now is the time. I chose to wrap my bottle up with a bandana my partner had been wearing the day before.

When the time comes for the conversation, bring the bottle with you in your pocket. If you feel unsure or scared or just need a bit of reassurance, slip your hand into your pocket and hold the bottle tightly.

Good luck, and be safe.

Take it to the Grave

Originally posted by fl00dland

A spell to protect your secrets while boosting your luck.

Spell Components

• A bottle that can fit a penny in it

• A black candle

• A white candle

• A penny that was found heads up while outside after dark

• A black cloth or bag

• Pen and Paper

• Hair or nail clippings from yourself

• Dirt taken from a grave

• Coffee grinds

• Black salt made with sage ash

• Allspice

• Ground Cloves

• Ground Black Pepper

• Rosemary

• Obsidian

In order to be able to start this spell you must find your penny. This must be on your person while you gather the grave dirt. Cover it in a black cloth- it must not touch daylight once it is picked up or you must find a different one. Artificial light is fine, however it is preferred it touches no light other than the candle light during the spell.

Gather your grave dirt respectfully. Be sure to leave offerings and thank the one laying there. Ideally this will also be gathered at night, but if you must it can be gathered during the day so long as the penny is with you and protected from the sun.

Once you have the grave dirt, you can gather the rest of what’s needed.

Start by lighting both candles. Take your pen and paper and create a sigil for “I Take my Secrets to the Grave” OR write it seven times. Burn the paper and keep the ash.

Pour half of your graveyard dirt, enough to cover the bottom. Add your penny, then add your sigil ash and either hair or nail clippings. Follow with solid layers of black salt, allspice, ground clove, ground black pepper, coffee grinds, then rosemary. Finish with the last half of your graveyard dirt and drop your obsidian piece on it.

Close the bottle, then seal it with black wax. Once the black wax is cool, pour on white wax and let cool. Do NOT shake the bottle.

Once finished, set it somewhere it wont be disturbed and cover it with the black cloth that held the penny.


I was inspired by Elsewhere and The Cornerwitch. I hope it is good. 

Everyone in their little town called them Cornerwitch. Not much was known about their background or their home life, only that if you needed something (protection, beauty, luck, sleep, anything) they had a spell or a potion or a rune to help-for a price. They never charged very much, and if you were desperate enough they gave freely. This Cornerwitch was generous.

Their origin stretched back to the beginning of middle school for them. They found a book of the Fae in the school library and they could hear it calling to them. They devoured every last word of it and then looked for more. The next time they went to the library there was a book of witchcraft waiting for them on a table and they devoured that one too. Book after book after book until their parents found out and punished them harshly, but at that point it was too late.

They got clever with their witchcraft after that. Carving runes into worrystones so they were nearly impossible to find, sewing them into underclothes, turning potion mixes into tea bags, turning bibles into portable hidden altars; they were unstoppable. They started selling their spells and tea and runes their sophomore year of high school when their parents found one of their altars.

They saved what they could from their parents’ rampage and in order to restock started to sell in return for offerings of dried herbs and crystals and anything else they could get their hands on.

They sold calming draughts as tea bags, protection runes in worry stones, luck spells in small bottle necklaces, healing potions in pastes to be spread over bruises and scrapes and cuts. Cornerwitch had what you needed.

Their senior year changed. Their parents found out about their business and something changed in them. People who went to Cornerwitch came back and warned people not to look too long and to bring salt or iron with them. There was something sharper about them, something new and other about the bruises and the grimace and the hollow smile as Cornerwitch bargained with those desperate enough to seek them out and warnings were given as though Cornerwitch were Fae. Be careful, was the whisper of the wind in the ears of those who looked for them, Be wary.

By the time they were to go to college the birth name they put on their application and student ID for Elsewhere University was as much them as any nickname as they had ever worn.

Cornerwitch walked around campus free of burning iron and protective salt as they offered deals to students naive or desperate enough to take them, their hollow smile full of sharp teeth and air moving in waves around them as the flutter of unseen wings sprouting through the cape they wore caressed the faces of those they passed.

Rumors had it they studied the forbidden major. Rumors had it they walked completely unprotected at all times of the day. Rumors had it they dealt deals with the Fae as often as they dealt deals with humans. Rumors had it Cornerwitch wasn’t human and if you had the sight you would see exactly who their parents had turned them into.

The truth was in two hearts that beat as one on the high court of the Fae where their parents could never harm them again.