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Share the Lucky Black Cat for good luck, safety, and to ward off evil!

Also because the negative superstitions around black cats are harmful and ridiculous and they deserve love and all the treats.

I’m really hoping Finn takes a few weeks off. Concussions are no joke. They’re fucking serious especially since he’s suffered several concussions before. He took a hit to the back of the head and proceeded to face-plant after that. I know he must feel terrible physically and mentally after literally just getting back and now this, but his health should always come first. I feel so sad for him.

Samhain Spell Bottle

This is something that sits on my altar that I bury before the next sabbat.
This year I actually made this for both Mabon and Samhain as a combined holiday spell.

You will need:

1 corked bottle (or some type of jar you can seal)
ground rose petals (protection, love)
ground sage (wisdom, protection, remembrance)
dried rosemary (purification, remembrance)dried catnip (love, happiness)
dried thyme (courage, strength)
whole allspice berries (money, luck)
dried corn kernels (luck, prosperity, abundance)
dried beans (creativity, communication, offering to the dead)
dried peas (offering to the dead)
dried cranberries (protection)
whole hazelnuts (with the shells) (luck, wisdom)
whole acorns (found on the ground) (prosperity, wealth, creativity)
dried chamomile flowers (money, peace, love, purification)
dried brightly colored leaves

I put the ingredients into the bottle in the order listed.  For the larger ingredients, I put 3, 9, or 13 depending on how it “feels”–these numbers have some kind of magical significance.

The bottle can be charged with whatever method you prefer.  I charged mine with energy-visualization.  A full moon would have been nice but I wasn’t prepared for that at the time.

advice for incoming freshman

hi guys, rachel here! i’m about to go to 10th grade & i’ve recently seen a lot of posts about incoming freshman stressing, so i thought that i’d give you a couple tips! (i’m not really suited to give advice since i just survived 1 year but from my experience, here you go)


  1. it’s going to be okay. sure, maybe not everything will go your way this year and it won’t be perfect, but don’t stress too much over it!
  2. older kids won’t pick on you. i can’t say that this goes for all schools but as for mine + many others, the upperclassmen will usually leave you alone. they might not like freshman, but they won’t start trouble with you.
  3. stay out of drama. once high school starts, that One Group™ will start having problems and you might want to get in on it or see what’s happening. stay out of it and you won’t regret it.
  4. as for the question “what if i get dragged into drama?” usually if you don’t go looking for trouble, it won’t go looking for you. unless you’re harry potter. then you’re screwed.
  5. not everyone is mean. not everyone is nice either. make your own friends and stay away from the people who you don’t want to be with. if they won’t stay away from you, tell someone.
  6. don’t be afraid to ask for help! either from teachers, peers, upperclassmen, etc. people will help you if you ask for it.
  7. choose your friends wisely. this is a huge one, because (and i know you’ve heard it before but) YOUR FRIENDS SHAPE A LARGE PART OF WHO YOU ARE. if you need to cut some ties or distance yourself from people you think you need to get away from, do it.


  1. if you’re taking an AP class, find or make friends immediately. it doesn’t even have to be friends, just find people who you are comfortable around. i promise you, if you find anywhere from 1-4 people in your AP class to be with, you will have a much better year. you guys can help each other and study, it’ll be so much easier + less stressful. going through an ap class on your own is not fun. 
    1. i had 3 other friends i made in my first ap class and that saved me. we studied together on tuesdays during late start, video called every night before a test, and helped each other if one of us didn’t understand. saved my life.
  2. have at least one folder specifically for your AP/Honors work. put everything in there. i promise you, when you come back during finals week/AP test week, you will be so happy you did it.
  3. be organized. you will thank yourself when you go back to all your notes/work during finals week and not have it in a mess. use binders, folders, etc. to keep track of everything. label your stuff and put name/dates on all your papers. be hermione granger!
  4. do not plagiarize. or else you’re dead. (!!!!)
  5. take breaks every once in awhile! you don’t have to stay in every weekend to work on homework, go out and have some fun!


  1. do not cram. i know that procrastination exists (i am a professional Procrastinator™ trust me) but you will die halfway through the year.
  2. take study breaks! get a snack, do some light exercise, stretch, etc. it’ll refresh your brain.
  3. if you procrastinate:
    1. put away all electronic devices. turn off your phone. if you have to have it on, put it in a different room. if you have to use a computer, download something to block the websites you go on: tumblr, facebook, etc.
    2. set a timer or jot down a certain time you want to finish something by. this helped a lot during ap when i needed to do key issues but i didn’t have motivation. compete against yourself.
      1. example: “i have to finish up to the end of this page in ten minutes”
    3. if you like listening to music, i suggest putting on classical, instrumental, or anything without words (like the sound of rain or a coffee shop). it’s hard to concentrate if you’re singing while doing homework.
    4. try to set little goals for yourself. when you accomplish one, you feel more motivated to finish the rest.
    5. start your homework as soon as possible. if you want to check social media, do it for only 5 minutes. don’t get dragged into it, you’ll end up finding yourself having a ton of work to do at 10 pm.
  4. study groups are great! teach the content to your peers, it helps a lot, trust me.


  1. if you practice a musical instrument/sport after school, try to do that first. after 6-8 hours of school, it’s good to take your brain off of school onto a different subject. once you come back to do your hw, your concentration is better and your mind is refreshed.
  2. if you can, listen to music without earphones/headphones. it’s scientifically proven that they can damage your ears and affect your hearing ability. listen to your music directly from speakers or the device.
  3. if you’re really tired, take a 20 minute nap. no more, no less. 20 minutes is the best amount of time for a nap.
  4. if you can, try going to the library or a nearby coffee shop. it forces you to do your work instead of milling around or procrastinating.
  5. do harder work first, that way you won’t dread it more and you get it off your plate. after that, everything else will seem easier.

i hope this helps and i’m always here to chat if you need anymore advice! good luck, lil beans <3


Origin: Mexico

Names: Jelly beans, Many fingers (common). Sedum Rubrotinctum (botanical/scientific).

Scientific Classification Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Sedoideae
Tribe: Sedeae
Subtribe: Sedinae
Genus: Sedum

Max Growth (approx):Height upto 1 ft (30 cm).

Poisonous for pets: Mildly toxic for cats and dogs.

Jelly Bean Care

Temperature and  Watering: The Sedum Rubrotinctum does tend to grow well in hotter conditions and will require more water but it is important to allow it to dry out in between watering. It should be planted in soil that drains well and it should not be allowed to sit in water. 

Soil:  It can handle many different types of soil although it does not grow well in soil that has poor drainage. Soil that is well aerated is best suited. Ready-made cactus soil is a good option that drains well. If making your mix include bark and sand or perlite.

Re-Potting: I would suggest a grower re-pot every two years unless the plant has outgrown the pot. This is best done during spring.

Propagation: To propagate, plant cuttings will have to be taken. To achieve this, cut off leaves located on the stem and allow them to dry. They can then be placed into the soil. To encourage growth, ensure that the potting soil remains slightly moist until the cutting shows signs of growth, but do not over water otherwise it will not survive.

Potential Problems

Rot near the base: 

This is caused when the plant has been overwatered that has rotted the roots. If all the roots are mushy then get rid of the plant, but if some roots are still white remove the sick roots then leave the plant out of the pot for a couple of days. Re-pot the plant and water.

Leaves wilted:

The usual cause is overwatering, especially during the colder months.

Leaves very soft:

When the leaves become soft this is also due to overwatering during the colder months. (I’ve experienced this problem on one of my Echeveria, so stressful tbh.)

Sudden leaf loss:

Watering with cold water during the colder months is a possibility, but if it’s summer then you could be underwatering. 

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I'm also writing a story with adhd characters! One is actually a god with inattentive adhd and on one hand he comes up with a lot of creative ideas to use his powers for, but he also easily looses his train of thought and gets overwhelmed and can become hyperfixiated on something for days which causes him to neglect his own creations without meaning to

aaaa relatable, me as a god probably

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"Mike put our daughter down she is no longer a baby..."

Mike balks at her comment, turning towards Ginny, who wasn’t supposed to be back until later that night, the surprise rising a smile to his lip, and a goofy face at their daughter.

Kaia’s long, gangly limbs hang limply on her dad’s hip, and her curls sway with laughter at her dad’s constant need to make her smile.

“You’re always gonna be my baby, what is she talking about?” He says matter of factly to the girl.

“Mama!” Kaia squirms, her long legs threatening to take Mike out with one swift kick, and he places her down, as she runs towards her mom.

Ginny is dressed in shorts and a tank top, her pulled in a high ponytail, the same style as their daughter.

Kaia runs towards Ginny, her cleats kicking up dirt in their wake, throwing herself at her mom, who scoops her up, placing her in the same position she’d just jokingly scolded Mike for.

“I see how it is,” he mocks, slowly walking towards the pair.  “You just wanted her for yourself,” he says with a nod, and flick of his brow.

Kaia scrunches her face, pushing it towards Ginny’s until their noses touch, and they make the same adorable scrunch together, foreheads connecting them.  A greeting they’d adopted as their own some years ago.

“I missed ya, Mama,” she declares.  “You were gone a million years,” she dramatically announces, her arms spreading wide to measure time, before coming to meet Ginny’s cheeks, squishing her face in between her tiny, soon to be callused hands.

“I couldn’t miss my girl’s last game,” she says as if the thought was unthinkable.

“I’m gonna kick butt!” She declares, a sassy grin on her face, no other option available to her confidence.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Dad,” she jokes, tickling the girl.

“She’s is only speaking the truth.  She’s awesome, she knows it,” he says like a proud dad who would think she was the best no matter her actual skill.

Kaia nods along with him, her mantra of positivity never going to her head, even as a kid, but rather spurring her on, amping her up if you will.

Ginny rolls her eyes at the two of them before lowering her head back down to her daughter’s forehead.

“But the most important thing is…” she prompts.

“Do work,” she says with a bob of her head.

“And…” Ginny says with a smile, Mike fighting back a laugh.

“Have fun and trust your team,” she whispers at her mom, as if it’s a secret only they know about.

“Love you,” Ginny whispers back.

As the team assembles, and the coach tries to round up the kids, Ginny realizes she has to reluctantly let her baby go.

She places her down on the ground, and Kaia immediately runs off to grab her glove.

Mike slides up to Ginny, swinging his arm around her shoulders.

“To old to be held, huh?” He teases.

She uses her hand to swat at his chest, her ring hitting him with a sharp edge.

“You wound me, Baker,” he says, pretending to hunch over.  A raised eyebrow from her causing him to quickly correct.  “Baker-Lawson.”

She nods at him with satisfaction, as he quickly kisses her, their reunion having been delayed by the mini-me having launched at herself at her mother.

“Our baby’s growing up,” she pouts, watching Kaia lug her bag into the dugout.

And before Mike can respond, a whirlwind of curls and dimples is bounding toward them again.

“Did you forget something?” He asks, her bright smile staring up at the two of them.

She motions with her finger for him to bend down to her height.  Which he does with a grin.

And a little kiss is placed on his cheek, her giggles from the feeling of his beard traveling across the field.

“Good luck, Bean,” he says to her retreating form as she runs back to the dug out, BAKER-LAWSON emblazoned on her back.

“She’s still our baby,” Ginny says to a smitten Mike as they climb the stands to watch their baby play ball.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

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Can you write a fan fic about Will and Nico watching a soccer game or school performance and absolutely gushing over him

Carter was actually into theater as a kid too

If Nico looked hard enough, he could see a faint blush on his son’s cheeks. It was adorable to see his thirteen year old so flustered when usually boys his age pretended to be stone cold with their emotions. (Nico knew he was awful with his emotions when he was thirteen.) “It’s not a huge part, I’m just part of the villager’s chorus. You guys don’t have to come to all five performances. Don’t you have other plans for this weekend? I thought Auntie Hazel was coming to visit from California.”

Will beat Nico to the punch. “Of course we have to see all the shows! You’re in a play Carter, you’re in Into the Woods! It’s your first school performance and we have to show our support!” Nico rolled his eyes, but there was a fond smile on his face. Will was right, though he was being a little over the top. Nico wondered why he never joined the theater group when they were still at Camp. After all, Apollo was one of the most dramatic gods out there, and Will was his son. “Besides, your Aunt Hazel isn’t flying in until Saturday morning, so we can catch tonight’s premiere and then she can come see it tomorrow!”

“We already have the tickets, Bean,” Nico pulled the little white ticket stubs out of his pocket, and Carter blushed a little harder. Nico had to resist the urge to kiss the top of his head in the middle of the hallway. He didn’t think his son would appreciate the display of affection in the middle of his school, even of the only kids that were there were theater kids. “We want you to know that we’ll support you in everything you do.”

“Except drugs.” It was Carter’s turn to roll his eyes at Will’s comment. Nico didn’t know how many times Will had added that into conversation. He wondered if it was because he was a doctor who had dealt with hundreds of over doses’ in his years doing residency. Nico tried to push the thought from his mind. That wasn’t something he wanted to think about now.

He missed some of the conversation, and when he zoned back in he caught the end of Carter’s sentence. “-only drugs I’ve ever had were the time Pops accidently gave me his meds instead of my own and I got his anti-depressants.” Nico knew his son was joking, but it was one of the stupider things Nico had ever done. It was followed with a trip to the emergency room and Carter having to have his stomach pumped. Nico took some pretty heavy meds.

“You’re going to hold that over me forever, aren’t you?” Nico smiled at his son’s shrug as Will wrapped his arm around Nico’s shoulder. Nico wondered how much time they had before Carter had to get backstage to get into costume.

“Seriously, though,” Carter sobered, glancing at the door that led backstage before looking back at where Nico and Will stood in front of him. “Thank you for coming. There’s a lot of cast kids whose parents aren’t coming to any shows, let alone all of them. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to come to the shows.” Nico felt a swell of pride in his chest, and he couldn’t resist hugging his son. How had they managed to raise him to be so grateful? Carter flinched when someone called for the actors and grinned at his parents.

Nico squeezed him one last time and stepped back so Will could hug him before he had to leave. “Good luck out there, Bean. We’ll be watching from the front row!” Carter groaned and he headed through the door and Nico thought he heard what he muttered.

“Of course you guys got front-row tickets.” Nico only grinned.

He never did anything big, but he loved to be on stage