luck and flaw

Tips To Aspiring Conquest Lunatic Players

I have officially completed Conquest on Lunatic and I have decided to write this post to help out those who wish for themselves to play Conquest on Lunatic. 

1) There is no “right” way to play build Corrin however there are of course recommended builds to make your run a bit easier. For that reason for Conquest on Lunatic the “best” builds are +Strength or +Speed with -Luck as your flaw. The reason being is a good chunk of the Nohr can run into Speed issues or you build Strength to further your allies killing potential to compensate. 

For secondary classes, I recommend any class that provides access to swords, the reason is the Yato and its subsequent upgrades are great personal weapons that you kind of handicap yourself without. For that reason Samurai, Cavalier, or Hero are recommended. Samurai for the absurd speed, crit, and wonderful skills like Astra or Swordfaire. Cavalier for mount utility, Luna, and bulk. Hero for the same reason as Cav except with survivability in the form of Sol as opposed to damage.

2) Consider Female Corrin over Male Corrin. The reason for this is actually for your servant, Jakob is much better in the early game than Felicia. His extra HP, Strength, and Defense are much more appreciated than Felicia’s focus on Magic & Resistance. Also Jakob can reclass to Great Knight improving his overall bulk even further with mount utility. 

3) If you feel no shame like me, Dance Grind Azura in Chapter 5, you need her debuff skills. You can also dance grind in Chapter 9 & 11 of Conquest. 

4) In Chapter 9 of Conquest there is boss named Haitaka. If possible capture him. He comes with Rally Defense which will make Chapter 10 of Conquest much more bearable. If you choose to Haitaka is also a decent member for you to use, having access to great Skills like Seal Defense, Seal Speed, Lancefaire, and Rend Heaven.

5) If using Mozu or Odin, I recommend Heart Sealing them. Since Mozu is much more efficient as an Archer and Odin is better as a Samurai.

6) Don’t be afraid to early promote your units, sometimes you need the raw stats and new weapon types.

7) Use Niles and promote him to Bow Knight, get him Shurikenbreaker and if possible have him pass it down to any of his children. It makes Chapter 25 tolerable. This also applies to Laslow & Selena who can also get Shurikenbreaker.

8) In Chapter 16 of Conquest there is a unit you can choose to recruit or not. I actually recommend not recruiting him. Not because he’s a bad unit he’s actually pretty good, but rather not recruiting him gives you Boots, which may result in making the Endgame easier to beat.

9) In Chapter 23 of Conquest there is a generic enemy that carries 4 Rally Skills. He is the known as Rally Man, he comes with Rally Strength, Speed, Defense, and Resistance. Capture him. He will prove invaluable in providing your team the stats to complete maps. HE IS ALSO THE BEST UNIT IN THE GAME AND THE MVP OF MY RUN. BLESS RALLY MAN!

10) For Chapter 24, if possible capture any Falcon Knight with the Pass Skill. This may be required to beat the Endgame.

11) Once Camilla has learned Trample & Savage Blow, I recommend reclassing her into a Wyvern Lord for Rally Defense & Swordbreaker.

12) This is more long term but for the Endgame, I highly recommend you have AT LEAST 1 complete Rescue Staff. Trust me when I say the endgame is brutal, and you may have to Rescue cheese the Endgame. Which I why I recommend capturing a Falcon Knight with Pass in Chapter 24. 

13) Buy Tonics and use the Mess Hall, YOU NEED ALL THE STATS YOU CAN GET.

Thank you for reading and good luck to anyone aspiring to play Conquest on Lunatic.


I like how the author sticks with Subaru’s pathetic loser kind of character. That he doesn’t just miraculously pull out some god-tier ability right of his ass to solve the problems.

Subaru isn’t really a likeable character, imo. He is weak, powerless, not a genius, no exceptional talent, and has terrible luck. He is flawed, very flawed, and all of his flaws had been painfully delivered to us these past episodes. He is not a right of the bat NEET turned into a hero guy, he needs to go through a lot of failure before he could find a happy conclusion. Because of his flaws, we get to explore different sides of this world and its characters. He always runs into a wall, panics and gets lost. He gets annoying every now and then, but I do see the significance of having these sides of his expressed. If he could really just be composed, and then look around I’m pretty sure he could live with his flaws in this world. I’m itching to see him actually use his head and plan this time, instead of aimlessly run around.

My point is… I still don’t really like his character, but I like how the theme of this story plays out well with him as MC lol. I want to see a legit character development from him.. something that would make me feel, “holy shit, that was awesome” kinda thing.