lucius x ivy

Ivy walker + Colors Headcannon

One of my favorite aspects of the movie was that Ivy could see colors on some people. She mentioned her father and Lucius as two of the people who gave off colors.
She never told us what colors she saw.

Ivy wasn’t always blind. Her father said she lost her vision.

Taking all this into account, I believe that for Lucius, Ivy sees the safe color.

I believe she knows what it is, she saw it as a young girl, but it means nothing to her now, she can’t see if she’s wearing it, or if someone else is.

But Lucius always protects her, keeps her safe, loves her. She clung to him and his presence, and he watched over her even as a young girl.

Lucius is Ivy’s safe haven, that’s why I believe his color is the safe color.