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Tangled (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Requested: @the-russian-rubberband “Smut that involves Christmas lights and bad choices.”

Warnings: Light smut, fluff

Pairings: Draco x reader

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Word Count: 662

You lay on your stomach in the living room of the Malfoy Manor, reading (y/f/b) on the couch. Just as soon as your about to read the most intense part of the book, you feel a heavy pressure being pushed down on your back, and your book falls on to the floor, making you lose your page.

You turn your head as far as you can, just enough so you can see your boyfriend, Draco, sitting on your back and giggling the whole time. You push him off of your back onto the floor, and when he falls, he is still smiling and bursting with laughter.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy, I was reading! What is your problem?” You exclaimed as you picked your book up off of the floor and sit directly in the middle of the couch. You pouted your lip at him as he stood up and sat next to you on the couch, smiling like an idiot.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I was just trying to have some fun,” he responded as he wrapped his arm around you and kissed you on the forehead. You push him away from you, causing him to produce a shocked expression. “(Y/N), are you really, that mad at me?”

You turn your back towards him, looking away from the white-haired boy, your (y/h/c) hair whipping him in the face. “Hmph,” is the answer you give to him. He gets up off the couch and slumps away from you hanging his head down and looking at the floor. As he passes you, he looks up with pleaded eyes. You smirk and turn away from him, arms crossed.

He continues to droop his head and walk away until he is out of sight. You take your book in your hands and start flipping through the pages to try to remember where you left off at.

Once you find your page, and you’ve been reading again for a while, past your favorite part, when you hear a loud jingling sound coming your way. You look up over the back of the couch to see Draco holding a large blue tote that reads Christmas Decor.

“I just wanted to decorate the manor with you,” he smiled nervously. You smile back at him and gave in, putting your book down and joining your boyfriend in the parade around the house to lift the spirits of all of the gloomy people that were around.


After about two and a half hours and running through the house, joking around, and stringing up lights and decorations with Draco, he runs away to get the box that is used to decorate the Christmas tree every year.

“Now for the finale,” he smirked. The both of you pulled all of the decorations out of the Christmas tree box and set them on the floor. While Draco picked up the tinsel and started wrapping it around the tree, you tried to untangle all of the lights, but got them tangled around yourself instead.

“Um, Draco? Can you help me?” You plead as your boyfriend turns around and sees your body tangled in the wires. He smirks and walks over to you, pulling your shirt over the tangle of wires down to your wrists. “Draco…”

“Shh,” he says as he kisses you passionately. His fingers run through your hair and all you can do is stand there with your hands caught in the lights. He pulls your bra off and starts massaging your breasts, kissing his way down your jawline and down your neck.

Just as you let out a soft moan, the doorknob on the front door starts to jingle a little before it opens. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are standing in the doorway, now looking at Draco and your half-naked body.

“You know, Draco,” Lucius starts. “You have a room for a reason.”

What if Lucius had died in the first war?

There seems to be a general consensus that Draco got most of his poor traits from his father and most of his good traits from his mother. So I wonder, what would have happened had Lucius been killed in the prior to 1981 and Draco had been raised solely by Narcissa?

Narcissa is fiercely loyal, especially towards her family, especially towards her son. She would (and does!) protect him at all costs as we see in both HBP and DH. So imagine how she would have reacted had she not had the (sometimes conflicting) loyalty to her husband or at least no reason to follow his idol.

Because had Lucius died in the first war, killed in action in a raid or something, the Dark Lord would have most likely brushed his sacrifice off saying something like he was not strong enough. After her husband’s death and that disrespect, Narcissa would most definitely have turned on the Dark Lord. Even if she still hated muggleborns, even if she still believed in pureblood supremacy, you can bet that she would be against the Dark Lord. When Bellatrix’s ideals were a threat to Draco’s life, Narcissa threatened her right back and hexed her for being in the way. If she would turn on family, just think what she would do to the man who took her husband away from her.

She would have gone straight to the Order of the Phoenix, plying her way with all the information she had learned from Lucius, all the tidbits she had overheard while eavesdropping in her own home. Imagine Sirius’ shock when he walks into the Order meeting and finds he ex-cousin (re-cousin?) sitting primly on Dumbledore’s right hand bouncing baby Draco on her knee, the Black mask of indifference firmly set on her face. That meeting runs long. Narcissa has more information about the Death Eaters organization than the Dark Lord ever intended anyone to have, especially an unMarked woman. Safe houses, hierarchies, inner circle members, spies, double agents, dark creatures who have been bullied or enticed into fighting, corrupted Ministry employees, intended targets, she tells them everything. But only after acquiring the vow of every single person in the room that they will protect her and Draco. She forces Dumbledore to make an Unbreakable Vow.

She had skillfully rid the Manor of the Dark Lord–an apparently weak woman, openly mourning her husband is poor company–but she still knows well enough to act meek when Death Eaters come by the Manor. They continue to drop hints at tea, make pointed insinuations at dinners and introduce her to the ‘particular friends’ at the occasional ball she deigns to attend. Through this, she maintains the Order’s dependence on her, feeding them each bit of information she gets; new targets (the Potters go into hiding), new members (Wormtail is outed before he has opportunity to do harm), relocated safe houses (after the the Hogsmeade location raid student recruitment for the Death Eaters dropped dramatically).

Regulus comes to the Manor one afternoon on the pretense of a family dinner and tells her that he knows she is the one feeding the Order information. She has her wand digging into his throat before he can say “Bludger”. Instead of threatening her, he begs her to take him with her; he has crucial information about how to defeat the Dark Lord. At the next meeting, Sirius walks in and chokes on air when he sees his brother sitting on Narcissa’s right playing peek-a-boo with Draco.

Draco and Harry are not enemies at Hogwarts. They meet as toddlers at Sirius’ post war celebration. Narcissa allows the friendship because while Lily might be a muggleborn, she was also instrumental in the Dark Lord’s death and besides, James is a pureblood, even if his line has always been rather liberal. Harry isn’t scared off when the Sorting Hat tells him that he would do well in Slytherin because even though Ron said, “there’s not a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn’t in Slytherin,” Harry knows that Reg and Cissy (”Regulus and Narcissa, Harry, please. I don’t care what Sirius says, he’s an idiot!”) were in Slytherin House and they’re both heros. Draco isn’t surrounded by poisonous frienemies or bulking lackeys because his longtime friend Harry is there with him and when some of the other Slytherins prove less than kind, Harry and Draco leave them in the dirt (quite literally, maybe Uncle Moony shouldn’t have taught them that spell so young) and find worthy friends from other houses. The Dark Lord doesn’t return, most everyone lives and all because Narcissa does revenge better than anyone.

10 Reasons to Read Harry Potter
  • 1. Draco Malfoy
  • 2. The story is wonderful.
  • 3. Draco Malfoy
  • 4. It has magic, and everyone loves magic.
  • 5. Draco Malfoy
  • 6. Lovely characters.
  • 7. Draco Malfoy
  • 8. Ships of all types.
  • 9. Draco Malfoy
  • 10. The whole world have readen it, why wouldn't you?
Sweet as sugar

“… hard as ice, hurt me once & I’ll kill you twice.” - Said every Slytherin ever.

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This scene should've made it to the movie

“ Harry saw Yaxley slammed to the floor by George and Lee Jordan, saw Dolohov fall with a scream at Flitwick’s hands, saw Walden Macnair thrown across the room by Hagrid, hit the stone wall opposite and slide unconscious to the ground. He saw Ron and Neville bringing down Fenrir Greyback, Aberforth Stunning Rookwood, Arthur and Percy flooring Thicknesse, and Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy running through the crowd, not even attempting to fight, screaming for their son.”

  • [Regulus with his hand on Narcissa’s baby bump]
  • Narcissa: Sorry this is taking so long, he kicked for everybody else.
  • Lucius: Its hard for the little guy to perform under pressure.
  • Severus: Top ten things Lucius said on his wedding night.
  • Regulus: Woah! It was small but I think I felt something!
  • Severus: Top ten things Cissa said on her wedding night.
  • [Narcissa giggles]
  • Lucius: Stop laughing at it!
  • Severus: Top ten thing Lucius said on his wedding night.