a wip!! I still haven’t finished doing the in-between frames on the second one, which is why it suddenly speeds up and looks much less soft in movement

I’ve never done a walk cycle nor have I looked up any help (which I really should have) nor have I animated a full body before or even clothes SO I THINK CONSIDERING… it think it’s pretty alright (save for some obvious errors that I’m hoping ill fix later on)

I was looking around and apparently people who don’t like Noctis also protesting that he shouldn’t get in Tekken? That he is a jrpg character from high fantasy setting with sword, magic, etc so he don’t fit in..?

..But it’s a franchise where you have not only one but two laser shooting Devils, a bonafide Angel, aztec god, narcoleptic vampire, chainsaw-wielding android schoolgirl, boxing kangaroos, bodyguard bears, and walking trees among many other thing. Adding a mere magical Prince won’t put a dent in mumbo-jumbo that is Tekken universe.

Design wise? He fits among them just fine. 

Actually he look more out of place when placed with some of his FF senpais. Here you have serious looking, fully armored Warrior of Light and equally heavily decorated paladin Cecil. …..And then there is Noctis, looking like he stumbled into a wrong cosplay con.

“Who are they? Why I’m here?”

Ignis: Alright, listen up you little shits.

Prompto: *Pouting*

Ignis: Not you, Prompto.

Ignis: You are an angel, and we’re thrilled to have you here. 

One thing: from what we know about the story, the Wall was covering the kingdom of Lucis entirely for ~120 years, until King Mors decided to reduce it to Insomnia alone. Doing so, he allowed Niflheim to occupy the territories of Lucis have been abandoned by the government. I say “abandoned” here because we have evidence of things that have just been left here in numerous places. Take for example:

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