• what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:lucy was almost stabbed in the eye and didnt even blink what a character development and natsu saved her but has turned into E.N.D. and now he's out in a total demon freak mode looking for his emo brother who is a 400 years old wizard with the military power of an entire nation, but instead he faced gray whose life goal was to kill E.N.D. for revenge before he knew it's his best friend and we don't know what he'll do now since he's pissed after a frEAKING DOUBLE SUICIDE WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND WHO HE THINKS IS DEAD AND WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT FRIENDSHIP AND MAGIC MANGA WITH CUTE FLYING CATS
  • Erza:Levy, congratulations, you deserve the best, and you’ve found it… Gajeel; don't you dare hurt her.
  • Gajeel:Haha I won't.
  • Panther Lily:Don't laugh she means it.
  • Gajeel:I-I wont..
  • Gray:Seriously, don't hurt her.
  • Gajeel:Ok, I'm not planning on hurting her.
  • Lucy:You better not be.
  • Gajeel:I'm not.
  • Happy:Gajeel, you best watch yourself.
  • Gajeel:Why would any of you think I would hurt Levy, you’re all my friends too.
  • Natsu:Meh.

I just don’t feel comfortable posting the entire song on YouTube, so the second chorus is missing from this video. Hence the abrupt transition in the middle.

This is dedicated to my sister and niece, the wicked girls of my life.

@digitaldiscipline you wanted to see this.

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does anyone remember when fairy tail was like,,, for kids


when it was about natsu’s motion sickness and not the fact that he is actually the most powerful of zeref’s demons

when it was about gray’s stripping habit and not the fact that he swore he’d destroy E.N.D. and the fact that he probably still thinks juvia’s dead

when it was about erza’s eccentricities and not the fact that she’s faced horrors from her past who have fought and tortured her

when it was about happy being an obnoxious, sassy cat and not the fact that he’s struggling to keep his best friend alive despite the fact that he’s the most powerful demon in creation and lots of people indirectly want him dead

when it was about lucy being a whiny girl and not the fact that she’s willing to fight and die for her guild, her family, after losing so much, willing to fight people much stronger than herself and look danger and pain directly in the eye for the sake of her friends

when it was about wendy being clumsy and not the fact that she has become so strong, and is able to fight and fight well and defend those she loves

just,,,, idk man i’m so proud of them they’ve come so far and developed so much