I really like the short purple garbage boys voiced by Hiro Shimono

(Fun fact: apparently Lucihara is 1cm shorter than Kokichi. I think that is very important)

I really love the characters of Fairy Tail but I wish to have arcs of other characters, for the filler arcs, instead of making them about either Lucy or Erza. I want to see more of Gajeel, or maybe Juvia. Hell, I would even like to see how the thunder legion came to be, esp. Freed.
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Please Consider:
  • Ignis hitting his head on a door frame because he’s laughing at Gladio, who just hit his head on the same door frame
  • Ignis placing his glasses on top of his head early in the morning and walking around looking for them. Nobody tells him where they are because tired, squinty Ignis is cute
  • Prompto busting into the bathroom while Ignis is in there to tell on one of the other boys
  • Ignis sticking his arm out in front of Prompto when he has to break hard in the Regalia (”Iggy, if we do get into an accident, what is that going to do?”)
  • Gladio instinctively holding Noctis/Prompto’s hands when they’re crossing the street because in his mind, they’re still little kids (Prompto doesn’t mind)
  • Noctis accidentally scaring the shit out of Gladio because he’s short and quiet. It’s like he pops up out of nowhere
  • (Speaking of height, it makes Gladio cry-laugh when he sees Noctis and Prompto’s tiny asses scuttling through tall grass)
  • Noctis trying to make Ignis a cup of coffee. It’s disgusting, but Noctis looks so excited… so he powers through it even though it tastes like mud
  • Gladio letting Prompto sit on his shoulders to get different angles for his pictures
Prompto's underwear
Final Fantasy XV
Prompto's underwear

Prompto: Awww man! My underwear’s soaked. (;へ:)

Noctis: I… really hope that’s from the river…  (°-°;)

Ignis: Weighed down a wee bit.╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "