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If Dino and Ravus Were Party Members... (Banter)

@parmesanicecream – Does this mean Dino and Ravus banter? Because it does now, in my mind~ C:

Dino: “Man, I knew you guys went out on your own epic adventures and all, but I didn’t think they’d be this adventure-y and all.”
Noctis: “Well, yeah. It’s not exactly an easy job going into caves for your gems.”
Dino: “And I appreciate it. But it sure is spooky in here.”
Prompto: “Wanna know what’s really scary here though~?”
Dino: “What?”
Ravus: “Me if you do not cease your talking.”

Dino: “So you’re the famous Ravus, huh? High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret.”
Ravus: “Even heathens like you know of me, it seems.”
Dino: “Kinda hard not to know ya from all the gossip around the cities. Is it true that ya have as big of a sweet tooth as they say?”
Ravus: “It is all nonsense and lies. Sweets are what result in tooth decay and addiction.”
Ignis: “Does that mean I should stop making cake for you, Ravus?”
Ravus: “Do not even insinuate doing such a thing, Scientia.”

Dino: “Boom! Right in the kisser!”
Ravus: “You will be kissing no one, Ghirazne!”

Dino: “Your friend here ain’t really much of a talker, huh?”
Gladiolus: “Wouldn’t call him a friend exactly.”
Dino: “So what is he then?”
Ravus: “Annoyed with by this conversation.”

Dino: “So the big scoop on ya, Ravus, is that you’re a wanted man in not only Lucis, but in Niflheim too. Sounds to me like someone’s got some commitment issues.”
Ravus: “My loyalties are to Tenebrae. Lucis and Niflheim has never once done anything for my people, so why should I for theirs?”
Dino: “I mean, true, true. A guy like you has to be a man of the people after all. Probably what’ll make ya a great king in the future!”
Ravus: “If only I were worthy enough to obtain such a title…”

Dino: “Damn, these daemons really are thirsty for us! They’re about to catch these hands though!”
Ravus: “Their reflexes will be faster than your hands. Try using your weapon instead.”
Dino: “Wait, no. I meant…” *sigh*

Dino: “I like ya, Ravus-”
Ravus: “I would rather you did not.”
Noctis: “I’d rather you didn’t either.”

Dino: “Ya know, I bet you were a great commander when you were still with the Nifs and all. Probably had your own army and a fancy officer because you’re smart, and cool, and-“
Ravus: “Flattery will not grant you permission to conduct an interview with Lunafreya, so cease your pestering.”
Dino: “Damn…”
Prompto: “Well, it was worth a shot for all of us!”
Noctis: “No kidding…”

Dino: “Hm… I dunno, what do you think?”
Ignis: “I would say something along the lines of amethysts. Perhaps even some tanzanite for him.”
Gladiolus: “More gem talk or something?”
Dino: “Yeah! Figured since I made some accessories for you all, I’d make something for Rae over here too. A ring or somethin’.”
Ravus: “…Are you attempting to purpose to me? Without even courting me. How crude.”
Dino: “What? No! Gods, do you take everythin’ this seriously?!”
The Chocobros: “Yes. Yes he does.”

Dino: “Ya know, you gonna be my hand model or something like I asked ya? Could use a few shots for my next collection of rings.”
Ravus: “If you wish for me to display myself as your hand model, then you may… How is it that you say it… ‘Fuhget about it?’
Noctis: “…Ravus, don’t ever say that again. Ever.”


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - Noctis Reveal Gameplay TGS 2017 Trailer

literatadibujante  asked:

Can I request more wolf boys pls It doesn't have to he a drawing, i'll die happily with headcanons

Sure thing!! Have some ffxv bois a/b/o/werewolf headcanons!


-          Doesn’t like shifting because it reminds him of his time as a Nifflheim pack’s Omega, where they’d force him to shift for agonizingly long periods of time (where shifting for too long causes stress on the mind and body)

-          When Noctis’ pack found him, he’d nearly been unable to shift back, and was only able to do so after hours of rehabilitation with Ignis  

-          he enjoys snuggling in his pack-mate’s fur in human form, they’re so big and warm and safe


-          Has a keener sense of smell than most Betas, but still not as sharp as any Alpha or Omega’s.

-          Super talented peace-keeper. He’s had more than enough practice between Noctis and Gladio.

-          Adores his pack-mates, but keeps them in line


-          Very typical textbook definition of Alpha.

-          Will protect his pack with his life

-          Although he often contests with Noctis over the position as pack leader, he loves his Omega to pieces, and lets Noctis pin him when they play-fight (a thrilling experience for any Omega)

-          If he ever hurt one of his Omegas by accident (which has happened once or twice when Ignis wasn’t around to mediate) he’d feel incredibly guilty afterwards, and while he won’t outright apologize due to his pride, he’d work hard to make up for what he’d done in other ways.

-          This doesn’t always work, as sometimes all Prompto or Noctis want is a simple ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’

-          Too prideful for his own good

-          Has the longest, thickest fur out of the four. Prompto loves it.


-          His fur is soft as silk (if not softer) he takes very good care of it.

-          He was so happy when Prompto officially joined the pack, another Omega, finally!

-          Noctis is super protective over Prom, Gladio jokes sometimes that Noct might as well be his Alpha instead of Gladio (this makes Noct very pleased with himself)

-          He doesn’t want to be pack leader, but it’s what his dad expects of him, so he tries his best


Pack Dynamics:

-          Gladiolus and Noctis are often engaged in a struggle for dominance because of Noct’s position as an omega pack leader. Gladio believes that as the pack Alpha, he should be the head, and that Noct’s royal blood isn’t reason enough to justify his position. Ignis often has to break them apart before things get dirty.

-          All four share a pack-bond with each other, kept strong through daily scenting and cuddles.

-          Gladio shares a mating bond with both Noctis and Prompto, while his relationship with Ignis is one of pure camaraderie and trust.

-          While Ignis can’t share a mating bond with Prompto due to his status as a Beta, he and Prompto share romantic feelings for each other

-          Ignis is actually the first of the three that Prompto opened up to

 (I love this au,,,, if anyone wants to submit headcanons/ask about it hit me tf up *prayer hands emoji*)


Lightis is canon y'all

Noctis: It must be Monday.

Prompto: What do you mean?

Noct: Gladio jumped into the lake to wake himself up fully dressed, Ignis is on his third can of Ebony before breakfast, and you came out of the tent with underwear on the outside of your pants.

Prom: Wait, what?!

Noct: Ha, made you look.