BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 1

You work at wayne industries as a computer expert writing code for new tech. One day you asked by ypur boss Mr. Fox to come with him to a meeting with Bruce Wayne.
You type frantically on your keyboard. The code that you are writing is suppose to be going on new GPS that the company was planning on revealing soon and you had been working on this code for… H ow long had it been. You stop your typing to think. What time was it? You look down at your computer to see the time. You do a double take you had been typing for five hours straight! This often happened when you got into your coding, dut still five hours!?!?
Your stomach growls telling you that you deserve a break that involved food. Opening the drawer at the end of your desk you pull out a protein bar. You unwrap it and take a huge bite. Yum you think.
Office is small and secluded just the way you like it. You do like to be around others, but it is just safer that you do go around making friends. You never knew when you might have to leave because they might find you. You have been hiding from them for a long time. They had found you before and what had happened to you was not pretty. Your back was still a gorgeous canvas of scares. It was a miracle that You had escaped that time, but you were sure that if they found you next time they wouldn’t let you leave their grasp that easily. But for now you are happy to have a job that pays and being far away from them as possible
You are so content eating you protein bar that you don’t hear the door to your offing open.
“Y/N, Do you really like those or are you just so hungry that you think u like them?”
You take another bite before turning around to look at your boss Mr. Fox. “Well,” You tell him. “After hours of coding you can get really hungry.”
“You are very right.” Mr. Fox replies with a laugh.
You laugh with him. “What can I do for you Mr. Fox?”
“Well I was wondering if you could come with me to a meeting with Mr. Wayne?”
You stare at him in shock. Wayne as in Bruce Wayne?
“Uh yah sure,” You reply flustered. “but i may i ask why?”
“I am suppose to give a report on our GPS code and I thought that you would be better at giving it to him then me.”
“Okay when is the meeting?”
“Right now.”
“Right now?” You gasp. “No i can’t go and see Bruce Wayne looking like this!”
you gesture to your wrinked pencil skirt and blouse. You are now faintly aware of the fact that you stink a bit from the sweat under your arms. If there are sweat then there are sweat stains. Oh no there was no way that you were going to see you bosses boss looking and smelling like this.
Mr. Fox seeing you right out terror knew that he was losing you. “Y/N I will give you five minutes to get yourself ready but that will be it.”
Before you can say anything else he turns on his heel and yells behind his shoulder. “I will see you in five minutes at Mr. Wayne’s office.”
Five minutes were not going to be enough time, but that was the time you were given and use it you would.
“You really think that she will be a good fit?” Bruce asked Mr. Fox.
“Bruce you gave me the task to find a new Oracle and I think she will make a great one.”
Bruce looks down at the file again. It has everything about you in it and he had read it a overr and over again. You were qualified for the part. He had looked over the codes that you had written it was good, but he wasn’t that good at coding. Bruce had then given your codes to Barabra Gorden to see what she thought about them. She had been very impressed and said that he would be very luck to have you on there team.
But Bruce was still skeptical about you. It had nothing to do with you qualifications, no you passed those with flying colors, it was you background or lack of there of.

Ed: Oswald was amazing! I’ve been admiring him since the first time I laid my eyes on him. He was reluctant toward me first, but then I tried and tried, took him to my place, nursed him back to health… and finally manage to have him as a friend and mentor! He was the only one who could see me as I truly was. I owed him everything: my freedom, my house, my clothes, my job… He could enlighten a room with his presence, his class and his great taste of clothes! My world use to revolve around him… and now I feel so lost without him! I can’t sleep, I take drugs just to see him again… I miss him so much!
Lucious: Then why did you kill him?
Ed: That’s right, why did I…? Oh right, Isabelle… IsabellAH God damnit!

Appreciated stuff in 3x15
  • Fruit Costumes (the grape dude like i love grapes)
  • Hallucination!Oswald (duh)
  • Ed's voice being so fucking...
  • yummy
  • ThE FreAKiNg mUsIcAL
  • Ozzie still being sassy even in Ed's mind
  • Ed OBVIOUSLY not loving Oswald
  • But being ridiculously gay
  • FOXY
  • "Goodbye, Oswald"
  • Ozzie waking up from his beauty sleep
I just practically finished watching all Nygmobblepot scenes in order

And I just cannot even begin on just how CLOSE Oswald and Ed were. I mean, their friendship was based on trust, loyalty, respect, and love. They were always there for each other and supported each other no matter what. They truly had each other’s back. Always.

I’m going to try and focus particularly on Ed, since it’s pretty damn clear Oswald love’s Ed, considering his actions and ultimate confession.

I mean first off, these two always did, idk if I want to call it favors, perhaps a better phrase is, warm acts for each other (e.g. Ed saying he would take care of Oswald’s mother’s grave. Oswald sending buscuits and having clothes made for Ed). Like, idk, but they didn’t HAVE to do that for one another. I still haven’t watched season 3, except for the major nygmobblepot scenes and ending, so correct me if I’m wrong and it is my opinion as well, but NO ONE else on this show seems to have nearly a close, warm, and affectionate relationship as them. Just their pure interactions, dynamic, and nonverbal communication really says and shows a lot.

As for Ed himself, I found it so sweet how in s3 he was just giving Butch that look of hatred and suspicion. Just how much he looked after Oswald during the election and proved to him that he could win it on his own - “I believe in u, Oswald. Even when u don’t believe in yourself”. Again his behavior and actions show a lot. Ed put himself in danger to protect Oswald. It can be argued that he never truly did that for either Kristen or Isabella.

And that’s another thing. Ed says he could have lived a normal life with Isabella. But I seriously wonder about that. I somehow doubt that she would have been enough to stop Ed from becoming the Riddler, even if they had been together. And though she dresses as Kristen and tries to show him he will not hurt her; I also seriously doubt that she would have completley accepted him as he is. I mean, unless I’m wrong, she probably thought Ed was no longer commiting criminal acts or MURDERING people. If Ed had continued and she found out, would she really have stuck around? Kristen certainly didn’t want to.

Oswald sees Ed for who he is. Loves him completley as he is. Ed himself realizes and says it himself. “No one else saw that, except Oswald.” Of course, this also seems to apply for Oswald - “He looked at me the way no one had since my mother.” Oswald was selfish and stupid for killing Isabella. Yes. But he later proves how much he loves Ed - he was willing to die, so Ed would live. “I should have been able to sacrifice my happiness for his. I couldn’t. But I’m ready now. I won’t call Ed! I won’t let you hurt him!” This, I think, shows just how much both were willing to do for the other. After all, Ed had said before the whole Isabella mess, “I woud do anything for you.” And states Oswald is the best friend he ever had.

And the fact at just how lost, and dare I say, heartbroken, Ed seemed to be after he ‘killed’ Oswald. (e.g. Taking pills to hallucinate him, looking for a rival, someone on his level. “Oswald was right. He’s the only one.”) He literally tells Lucious that he ‘wanted to hold on to Oswald a little longer’. Not to mention him yelling at hallucination!oswald, “I admit that killing u, killed a part of me!”. Plus, Ed’s words of - “I cared about you. And I miss you.”

Just even while trying to kill Oswald, Ed’s words don’t line up with his facial expressions. They are pretty hard to read, but if u ask me, throughout the whole ordeal he looks so conflicted, worried, almost like he doesn’t want to kill him. You would think that Ed would have a look of pure rage and hatred, but no. Again, I would say he looks conflicted, almost sad too.

When he first shot Oswald, he kept repeating Isabella and that he loved her, however, I think he was just trying to ready himself and justify that this was justice for her death. It seems he wasn’t so much pained by losing someone he claimed to love, and that’s not to say it didn’t pain him, rather, I think what ultinatley hurt the most was that he was betrayed by the one person who he cared about so much. I honestly think that, ultimatley, that’s what their whole conflict comes down to - not because of Isabella’s death and seeking vengeance, rather betrayal and just how hurt he was by that. I know I keep repeating myself, but the facial expressions Ed had throughout his and Oswald’s conflict just didn’t add up to angry vengeance. Not really anyway.

These two really did have something so beautiful and pure in their friendship. Until Isabella appeared, they were pretty damn happy with each other and being in one another’s company. They helped each other. Supported each other. Tried to pick the other up when down. And just how close they would stand next to each other. And how little personal space there sometimes seemed to be between them physically.

Thinking back to all their ‘domestic’ scenes and when their friendship was at it’s brightest, I can’t even begin to imagine what went down off screen between them. They were after all, living with each other for a long time.

You simply cannot tell me this love, because what else can it be, but genuine and pure love; was only exclusive to Oswald. Ed loves Oswald. He does. Maybe not the way Oswald loves him. But there is no doubt even after their falling out, that Ed loved Oswald still. And of course vice versa.

These two have too much of a history, too much of a bond, dynamic, and a utter and true understanding and acceptance of one another for it simply to be erased so easily.

~ Destiny will find a way to get you two back together. Real love doesn’t disappear. It can turn into hate. And hate can turn into love. But those feelings won’t ever turn into indifference. ~

I honestly hope s4 gives us a rekindle of that bond they share. These two deserve to be happy and with each other. Especially, Oswald, dammit. “You cannot have one without the other.”