Four-Part Mini Documentary of Empire’s Lyon Family In the Style of VH1′s Behind the Music

Everybody involved with this show is on some next level creative shit. They make it feel so believable. Can’t wait until it returns.

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

10 Reasons We Love Cookie Lyon

1. She is a class act - no matter what she does

2. She only speaks the truth

3. She still comes across as caring and loving no matter how offensive her words are

4. The word “fear” might as well be gibberish to her

5. So might the word “shame”

6. She  always reminds others to act better

7. She is forgiving

8. Or at least tries to be…

9. She will protect those she loves - no matter how different they are

10. And no matter how hard she works, family is her number one priority

Fierce, courageous, loving, and protective, Cookie has proven that she is the real Lyon in charge. The Lyon boys might be the ones in competition to replace their Dad, but they will never be able to replace their Mom. After all, none of them would be where they are today without Mama Lyon. They need Cookie and, more importantly, WE NEED COOKIE!