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My OTP Tomarry! The source for these comics is the tumblr user incorrecttomarryquotes (amazing blog BTW). However, i did put some changes in the words so there not exactly direct quotes. Also, these were all done in pen so sorry if its bad and unorganized. (I probably will redo some) Side note: i tried to put numbers and lines to make it more organized. And sorry if the handwriting is bad or too small. Anyways i hope to do more (hopefully better) comics of these two! :)



Lucious: Well what do you know about it Y/N? filthy little mudblood

The Marauders: *Abruptly standing up from the table you’re sitting at*

Sirius: *GIF* The bloody hell did you just say to her?!

Lucious: What, that’s all there is to her, *looks at you* isn’t it?

James: *GIF* Walk away Malfoy, or you’re going to regret it.

Sirius: *Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth*

Lucious: *looking at the marauders a little intimidated, murmuring* ..Whatever *walks away*

Remus: *GIF* I can’t believe that he had the nerve to talk to you that way Y/N

Y/N: *sighing* It’s okey guys

James: *sits down again with the rest of the guys* No it’s not Y/N!

Sirius: I swear to god, I’ll wipe that stupid smirk off his face if he ever pulls something like that again *still clenching his fists*

No Red Ink

Who else out there has to go to this website called No Red Ink for English? Whether you’re in high school *cough* me *cough* or collage or just love writing. I don’t know.

Well anyway, for the people who don’t know what No Red Ink is, let me explain for you. No Red Ink is this website where you practice grammar, spelling?, well things like that. Basically the website helps you to become a better writer. The cool thing is when you sign up for it, they ask you to pick out some of your favorite things if they have it. For instance, some of you favorite tv shows like Sherlock (thats one of the shows i can remember at the top of my head), Gravity Falls, etc, but they also have famous actors and actresses, movies, authors, video games, superheroes/villains, Disney, sports, etc. You can even add your own friends, family, and pets.

Well anyway, I use No Red Ink for home work and thought that some of the sentences they used for problems were pretty funny, so i thought you guys might like them, too.


Day 18 of inktober. Heres some Tomarry comics inspired by incorrecttomarryquotes except the situation harry one which was inspired by a random other post i saw. Anyways my pen ran out of ink and i tried to use bigger paper to make bigger art plus my bad handwriting so if it looks bad now you know. :) However, i hope you do enjoy this like how i enjoy Tomarry. And as i said i’ll redo and create more of these comic things. (Also im having some problems uploading so if it comes up twice. Pls forgive)

Jason Isaac gives his opinion on how his Harry Potter character, Lucious Malfoy, would react to Donald Trump as President: “I think he’d put a little white pillow case on his head and charge right up the hill behind him.”

He also goes on to talk about how recognizable Lucious is as a racist, supremacist, and eugenists who acts out of fear, scared of muggles and the future and how you don’t have to look too far to find politicians standing on those platforms today…

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tonights instalment of ‘Shit I Found on the Internet’ some of these may have been on yesterdays and if so who gives a fuck you get to see them again. Enjoy 



*during a party in one of the commonrooms*

Lucious: *walking up to you, drink in hand* Would you like a drink?

Y/N: *slightly shocked until you see Narcissa watching, and you understand what’s going on. A smug grin play at your lips as you glance at Sirius and then back at Lucious* Only if you join me on the dancefloor.

Lucious: How could I say no?

Y/N: *smiles and leads Lucious into the crowd*

Sirius: *GIF, watching from the other side of the room* Really? Well two can play at that game.

You and Sirius continue to flirt with other people during the party, but almost always keeping a watchful eye on the other until Sirius gives in and takes you back to his dorm..

Torture or Love: Draco Malfoy

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a draco x reader where bellatrix is torturing you for the location of harry potter (your cousin) but draco can’t take it anymore so he escapes with you? thanks ❤️

“Let’s see what her last spell was, I’m on to you little missy,” Bellatrix seethes, stopping however when she spotted Godric’s sword hanging on the waist of a snatcher. “Where did you find that?”

“We found it on the prisoners when we searched the pretty one’s bag,” the snatcher holding the sword exclaims,” I reckon it’s mine now.”

Bellatrix immediately retaliates against the snatchers and send them flying to either side of the large drawing room. She orders Lucius to take the unconscious men to the courtyard and bound them, implying that she would deal with them later. Bellatrix then orders Greyback to take all the prisoners down to the dungeons.

“Wait. Leave her,” Bellatrix seethes out, her bony white fingers pointing out (Y/N) Potter.

“No! You can have me, keep me instead!” Ron Weasley shouted, struggling against the hold on his body. Bellatrix saunters over to the frazzled teen and ran her fingers along his face before grabbing his chin in her hand tightly.

“If she dies under questioning, I’ll take you next. Blood traitor is next to Mudblood in my book. Take them away, Greyback, and make sure they are secure, but do nothing more to them,” She instructs as she slowly steps back from the ginger, cackling in the room while doing a small happy dance.

Once the boys were dragged from the room (Y/N) stood in front of Bellatrix and the Malfoy family. Her eyes scan the room momentarily and meet the icy grays of Draco, they lock on hers for a moment before they flicker away and look at anything else in the room.

“Let’s have a conversation! Girl to Girl!”  Bellatrix says, pushing her body up into (Y/N)’s personal space and grinning wildly.

(Y/N) was spread out across the dark marble floors, her arms laying out beside her form and Bellatrix straddling her torso. The witch’s wild mane brushes against (Y/N)’s forehead, sending a shiver down her body, but she was more worried about what the evil torturer would do to her than a mess of black curls.

“That sword is meant to be in my vault in Gringotts, how did you get it?” Bellatrix whispers out harshly to the whimpering girl beneath her. A cry came from (Y/N)’s lips and she shakes her head in a motion of not knowing what she was talking about. “How did you and your friends take it from my vault!”

“I didn’t take anything,” (Y/N) whimpers out, her (color) eyes pooling with tears. “Please,” she chokes out between sobs. She kept repeating that she didn’t take anything but Bellatrix was having none of that, she knew she was lying and she was going to somehow prove it. Grabbing her wand, she presses her right hand into the side of (Y/N)’s face and then used her other hand to carve painful words into (Y/N)’s left arm. Draco has to turn his head away when he hears the tortured scream of the young Potter, the sound echoed through the room and bounced around the inside of his mind. He knew if his crazy aunt kept torturing the Hufflepuff with the cruciatus curse she would either go insane or die from the immense pain.

He felt the bile rising in his throat, the smell of blood thick in the air; it smelt of copper or something metal. Narcissa raises an eyebrow at her son, he’s never reacted this way to someone being tortured before. His father had forced him to stay and watch many of the dark lord’s tortures, usually he had a blank face or seemed simply bored but now he was squirming and turning a pale green. He heard (Y/N) scream that the sword was a copy, Bellatrix then sending the boy to fetch Griphook, who would be able to confirm if the sword was genuinely goblin-made. Draco was glad to be away from that part of the house and hurried down the stairs to fetch the goblin, coming to the dungeon gates he motions for the goblin to step forward, he made eye contact with Harry for a moment and they seem to have an unspoken understanding.

Draco stands close as the goblin inspects the sword, turning it around in his hand, hoping that he would say it was a fake and Bellatrix would stop her insane torture. The sound of apparition echoed through the now silent drawing room and Bellatrix demanded that Peter Pettigrew be sent to investigate the noise. The hunched, wart covered man, slowly descended the stairs and as his form disappeared into the dungeon Griphook lies to Bellatrix, saying that the sword was a fake. She immediately presses her dark mark, signaling Voldemort.

“Draco, take the girl,” Bellatrix commands and the shaking Slytherin immediately does as he is told, stepping forward to pick the girl up. Just as he goes to bend down Harry and Ron burst into the room, Ron immediately disarms Bellatrix and Harry stuns Lucius. Bellatrix snatches up the poor girl who could barely stand and hold her short silver knife to (Y/N)’s throat, Harry and Ron immediately surrenders their wands to Greyback. Draco steps forward, wand raised, to cast a curse at his aunt but then the crystal chandelier comes falling to the floor and Bellatrix pushes (Y/N) away so to jump out of the way.

Draco immediately reach out to catch (Y/N), her body easily falling into his arms. With the debris flying everywhere Draco’s face was scratched and now littered with minor cuts and scrapes. Harry stuns Greyback and Ron disarms Narcissa before she could curse anyone. Seeing this as his chance Draco disapparates with (Y/N), Harry and Ron along with Griphook and Dobby following soon after.

(Y/N) wakes up, her head pounding and body aching with continues pain. She found herself staring up at a white ceiling, the smell of salt and seaweed wafting in from the open windows around the room. The material that she was laying on was overly comfortable, the soothing coolness of the sheets easing the discomfort. 

She hears the bedroom door open and close before the ocean scent was replace with waffles and (fruit) syrup, her favorite breakfast meal. Since she couldn’t move she waits until her cousin comes into view but instead of seeing a head of messy brown curls and forest green eyes she sees Draco. His white blond hair was shaggy and casting over his eyes which were red and puffy as if he has been crying. 

(Y/N) immediately starts to squirm and try to get away from the Slytherin but he simply sets the tray down on a table and sit down beside her to change the bloody bandages. They both stayed in an awkward silence, at least it was for (Y/N), and when Draco was finish he helps her sit up in the bed and cut the waffles into small bites for her to eat. 

“Why are you doing this?” She questions and eyes the food in front of her as if it was poison. She reluctantly opens her mouth and allow Draco to feed her the syrupy goodness. 

“I’d rather be tortured than watch it happen to you.”