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So, early access was AWEFUL/exhausting (dont get me wrong, its beautiful, I’ve just never been so stressed about Queues before) and I was a little out of it, and I wanted to do something calming, so @sacha-desyreffxiv gave me permission to doodle their beautiful character OF WHICH I HAVE SECRETLY ADMIRED AND LOVED FROM AFAR FOR SEVERAL MONTHS NOW (is that creepy? I hope thats not creepy.) By all means go check out their beautiful painter cat! HES GORGEOUS.

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Ozai for the headcanon meme

What I think realistically:

Ozai was never a good father or husband. There was a time before he had picked a favorite, when he prized both of his children, but he always regarded them as things to be used, and saw them as worthy or unworthy because of what they could do for him.

What is hilarious:

Look I have had really long long hair before. Maintaining hair like Ozai’s involves a lengthy and stingent hair care routine. The man spends a lot of time and effort on his lovely lucious hair. It’s clearly very important to him.

What is soul-crushing:

When Ozai had his own children, he swore to himself he wouldn’t repeat his father’s mistakes. He would judge his children as worthy or unworthy based on their merit and not on the order of their birth. It never occurred to him that he shouldn’t be judging his children as worthy or unworthy at all.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Zuko is a duitiful son who ensures that Ozai’s hair and beard care is maintained in prison. He sends a barber into his cell every day to shave him and trim any split ends. Ozai is convinced this is some kind of mockery.

how to grow your fucking pixie out

Okay listen up bitch if you just got a pixie or planing to get one; I’m sure you’re thinking u dont need this advice bc you’re gonna keep up with it or whatever BUT in time that decision will in fact change so keep this post saved for that time

Growing out ur pretty locks is goddamn difficult so here is some advice on how to grow it from a human who is currently going through it for your benefit -I’m actually growing my pixie bc its expensive to cut it all the time.

1. Touch it all the time : like seriously this one is a huge tip. When youre at home and reading a book/surfing the net/or doing anything besides eating -ew its unsanitary, don’t touch your hair when u have food on ur hands u gross human being- comb your hair with your fingertips. Sometimes I like to massage the roots gently; it really helps and it also relaxes u

2. Condition the fuck out of it : You aint going anywhere without this thing. use hair masks, extra virgin olive oil,coconut oil,avocado masks, or even get supplements especially for growing your hair out!!!!!!!!!!! Conditioner is great, I usually apply some on damp hair and leave it overnight, and then I wash it and get smooth and hydrated hair. Just dont apply too much!!

3. Dampen your hair as often as u can: It’s very helpful and it comes from a hair stylist -a failed one but still,she wouldn’t lie to her own daugter like that. Okay so my mom hated styling her hair but she went to a cosmetic school thingy where the girls didnt have a lot of actual living models to practice on, so they used one another as hair styling guinea pigs. Their hair was constantly sprayed with water, and my mom told me that her hair was growing at an alarming rate.

4.Patience,bobby pins, maybe even anger management to deal with the shaggy disgusting mullet phase. Its hard, but what isn’t in this world?? Trust me it will pay off. Hair grows quickly if you dont want it to but it seems like it’s stuck in the same length if you do. There are so many people who are going through this if that helps. It will not grow overnight, but over time

I don’t think this list is the best one out there, but keep these 4 things in mind.

The Larents, part 5. Bedtime Stories.

more larents

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"albino asian draco" UM YES

V.V I’ve neglected this baby.