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Kings : Deleted Scene from "Javelin"

I just watched the deleted scenes from the last disc for Kings, which includes this very crucial scene between Jack and Lucinda.  Had this scene remained in the episodes, not only would it have completely changed our understanding of the relationship between these 2 characters, it also would’ve made Thomasina’s comment to Jack in the finale (“locked away with someone you can’t stand the sight of”) complete and utter BULLSHIT given how Jack is with Lucinda in this scene and the honesty that they have between them.

So, here it is, word for word:

Lucinda is in the kitchen, back to the camera, and Jack comes in, puts his hand briefly on her shoulder in comfort, then comes to stand next to her (for context, this scene comes right after Lucinda’s uncomfortable encounter with Rose)

Lucinda:  "So many peoples names to remember, all those ministers…“

Jack:  "You don’t have to get a perfect score to make her happy”

Lucinda:  "Its not her I want to make happy"

Jack:  "You know you deserve better.  You’re a good person.  Run while you still can.  Find the life you want to be happy"

Lucinda:  "I’m not going"

Jack:  "You want fame that much?“

Lucinda:  "Not fame”

Jack:  "You can’t actually ever have me.  You know that.“

Lucinda:  "I know, thats the horrible thing, isn’t it?  Because I love you.  I wish I didn’t, but there it is.  I’ve waited my whole life to feel it, and now I do, and there’s no good to come of it.  I love you and I’m stuck.  So I’ll take the crumbs, and I’ll even take your mother so long as I’m near you.

Jack looks at Lucinda with sympathy.

end scene

My Comment

After seeing this scene, it changes everything I thought regarding the relationship between Jack and Lucinda.  Well, not everything, because I never felt for one second that Jack "couldn’t stand the sight of her”.  But this scene makes it perfectly clear that there is honesty and respect between Jack and Lucinda, and she knows perfectly well who he is.  But she loves him, so she makes the CHOICE to stand by Jack, even when he warns her away, and tells her that she deserves better.  Even when he specifically tells her that she’s “a good person”.

I’ve always felt when watching Kings that the finale of this show felt thrown together, and felt incongruous with the episodes that came before, particularly when it came to Jack.  And I watch a scene like this, one that is really very poignant and honest, and one that actually shows Jack’s compassion for Lucinda, and I feel even more certain that massive last minute changes were made to the finale eps to wrap the show up.  

And I also weep for the loss of the character depth and development that this scene showed for Lucinda.  


Lucinda: So many people’s names to remember… all those ministers.

Jack: You don’t have to get perfect scores to make her happy.

Lucinda: It’s not her I want to make happy.

Jack: You know you deserve better. You’re a good person. Run while you still can. *Find the life you want to make happy.

Lucinda: I’m not going.

Jack: You want fame that much?

Lucinda: Not fame…

Jack: You can’t actually ever have me. You know that, too.

Lucinda: I know and that’s the horrible thing, isn’t it? Because I love you. I wish I didn’t but there it is. I’ve waited my whole life to feel it and now I do. There’s no good to come of it. I love you and I’m stuck so I’ll take the crumbs. I’ll even take your mother. So long as I’m near you.

Kings - Chapter One - Deleted Scene

With & without text

(* sounds weird but double checked by subtitle)

We deserve to actually have him because we love him.