lucinda holmes,

The Mysterious Case of Mr. Lehman

The amount of paperwork that Carolyn had had to fill out after the onboard death of Mr. Lehman had been astounding. She had spent weeks going to the police, obtaining records from ATC and medical personnel in Boston. All the reports had agreed it was an accident and time had passed. Carolyn didn’t like to think about the repercussions legally and financially that could have come to fruition, but every so often she was wary of people who became interested. She was very good at telling the official story, but still didn’t want to risk any details that could implicate Arthur and his role in the accident. He was an idiot and she shuddered to think about what would happen if had to go to prison.

The first time Lucinda Holmes had entered the portakabin asking questions, Carolyn gave her the official story without showing any cracks in her protective mask. Mrs. Holmes had promised to keep her updated with the case. On a normal Tuesday afternoon, after just returning from Prague, Carolyn listened to the voicemail on the office phone. It was Mrs. Holmes with news. She immediately returned the call. “Hello, Mrs. Holmes. This is Carolyn Knapp-Shappey returning your call.”