lucina tag


I realize I draw them a lot, cut me some slack! They’re my favorite power couple ;u;

might draw some fem!rob x lucina down the line, but I opted to draw m!robin since there isn’t much love for him here.

I might do more of these for other smash characters, actually. Anyways, enjoy these! Took me roughly four hours to work on these.

Hello everyone! We’re in the last 5 hours of the round 1 gauntlet- if you haven’t chosen a side yet, please consider supporting best girl Lissa! If you have already chosen but probably have to choose another for round 2, please support Lissa as well! >w< 

I’m gonna do my best for Lissa too! :D 


he’ll get promoted soon

i didn’t expect him to somehow make his way onto my main team tbh


this started off as a joke, but the more i worked on it, the more emotional i got. anyways, i’ve been meaning to do something this this quote from evangelion (all jokes aside, this is one of my favourite quotes from it) and the kids for a while now, but it was only when i finished the future past dlcs that i had the inspiration to do something like this. i like to think that they all find morgan passed out in a field, and then everyone is alive and happy.

in other news, i’ve opened up commissions again. please check them out if you’re interested!