Re-blogs are a sensation

For someone that loves and mains Lucina in Smash Bros and never finished Fire Emblem Awakening, I surprisingly barely even draw her.

I’m in that phase that nothing motivates me.


Behind Her Mask.

A Fire Emblem, Awakening Comic. Final Chapter, END (5/5)

Well… here it is. The end. Or perhaps the beginning? In any case, this is the story I’ve been wanting to tell ever since I started this project about a year ago…and ever since I experienced the game’s story and characters firsthand.

For those who have been reading it since– or those who just hopped on and plan to read the entire story from beginning to end– thank you, Thank You deeply and sincerely for joining me along this ride. It’s the most dedicated I’ve been to a single fan-project– 107 pages total, 48 on this chapter alone.

I genuinely hope it was enjoyable for you as well. :)

Feedback, if any, is appreciated! In meantime, excuse me as I can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Thank you!

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