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Things Fangirls Say Regarding Color Symbolism of the Ghosts in Crimson Peak

You really need to pay attention to the color symbolism, particularly with the ghosts in Crimson Peak.  These aspects are made so much more clear in the novel and the visualization of them are so important and meaningful.  If you love the movie and haven’t read the novel you really need to– the way it presents the ghosts is awesome.

Thomas: White

In the novel he is described as redeemed.  His ghost being white reflects that in some way he has found peace in death and he died without the madness and darkness overtaking him.  We were gifted with a lot of foreshadowing regarding this change in Thomas when he was reading Edith’s novel and she discussed her characters and the concept of choices.  Her character of Cavendish is literally Thomas.  Ultimately, Thomas decided to choose love and to do the right thing even knowing that he would likely hang for his involvement in everything that had happened at the house (something his sister often uses against him when he showed signs of wanting to back out).  His eyes are also described as golden in the novel, giving more credence to his redemption– it represents the idea of ‘light’.  The house, or the entity that has become the house (recall their discussion of the house becoming a living thing), literally claims that Thomas is no longer part of the house or the family because he chooses to leave– he chooses Edith.

Crimson Peak Ghosts: Red

The ghosts of the house are lost souls who are attached to the house after death due to their gruesome end.  They are unable to move on because they are essentially trapped there and are buried, or kept, in the vats of red clay, and are seeking a form of vengeance.  Their souls were not prepared to death.  Their color is both representative of their connection to the house, their vengeance/rage, and reflective of where their physical bodies were placed after death.  These ghosts have lingered a long time and along with the gruesomeness of their deaths causes them to look as they do.

Lucille: Black

The ghost of Lucille despite having died at Crimson Peak is not red.  Instead, her ghost is black and the symbolism in this is amazing when you read the novel.  There are paragraphs where an entity (the house) literally claims Lucille as the one and only Sharpe, a representative of all the evil that has taken place in the house because of her  willingness to give into the darkness and do its biding.  She gives herself to the darkness even going so far as to kill her own brother, the only person who loved her.  Her soul is blackened by the evil of the house and as such her ghost is black.

Edith’s Mom: black 

 She suffered from an illness that actually turned her skin black. It represents sickness as well. Physical sickness in the mother and a sickness of the soul or mentality in lucille. It is also a means of foreshadowing. The messager reflects what they are warning edith about—lucille…its not the land and it’s ghosts (crimson peak) that she is being warned about, but the house of crimson peak or more specifically lucille as she is described as being taken in or becoming the entity of the house . One black ghost warns of the dangers of the other.

In the novel the house becoming an actual narrator is amazing– seeing it think about how Thomas is no longer a sharpe and actually hearing it decide that Lucille is all that is left, the one it finds pride in for her actions as she gives her soul to the house– by killing her brother. The ghosts are also narrators– the novel has sections that begins with “It watched…” as it shows the ghosts observing the happenings within the house.

Things Fangirls Say Regarding Moth/Butterfly Symbolism of Crimson Peak

Outside of the lighting in the film and the color of the ghosts the other huge symbolic factor, which is made more clear in the novel again is the butterflies and the moth.  However, they do bring this into the film well as well, there are just extra factor sin the novel that make it more clear.

After first meeting the Sharpes, Edith has a discussion with Lucille regarding Butterflies and Moths.

Lucille informs Edith that the house and the area surrounding it can only sustain the black moths.  The harshness of the house, the darkness, kills the butterflies.  The butterflies are too delicate and innocent to survive there.

She also notes that the moths eat the butterflies– it is why she is collecting the cocoons.  

This symbolizes Lucille’s plans for Edith in bringing her to Crimson Peak.

The differences is further emphasized by the clothing of the two women.  Edith wears bright butterfly like colors or warm earthy colors.  This emphasizes her warmth, innocence and light. Meanwhile Lucille wears dark moth like colors (or red…that symbolism should be obvious) which emphasizes her harshness, cold, and death.

In the novel there are mentions of Lucille collecting beautiful insects…Thomas notes her killing them and pinning them to the display boards.  We also see her collection of hair from her victims in the same way  

We see other hints of this throughout the set design of the house…note the butterfly on display. 

Yet the whole house is taken over by this wallpaper that on closer inspection is clearly moth patterned.

“The mad head of the house was rotting, and night was dragging her wings across the moon, tracing filigree on the floors. In the attic, more black moths were dancing because it was cold, because it was dark. Because they were hungry. For the butterfly.” – novel

The novel notes that the moths are most prevalent in the attic…where Lucille and Thomas were kept as children.  This is where the madness and darkness in Lucille first began to fester.

This is also where Edith learns the truth.

Then in the end the symbolism becomes so fantastic.  The butterfly is the one to survive– the innocence, the light and love symbolized in the butterfly survived, killing the  dark and ugly nature of the moth.

Again the final imagery of each character representing the butterfly and the moth.  Edith is continued to be seen wearing white/light airy innocent colors.

While Lucille’s ghost takes on the color of the moths the infest the house (the house that infested her heart and mind).


Part 1

Since two days you’re waiting for him and the longer you wait the more angry you become.

Does he really ignores you, because of the three little words?

You know that it doesn’t mean something for him since he told you about Lucille. People say stupid things during sex and you’re sure Negan is no exception.
Even when your bond is with him is special.
Or was.
A frown appears on your face as the door opens and a guy, you don’t know, comes in.
“Negan sent me.” He says and puts a bag on the table. “Some food, water and woman stuff.”
That must be Simon, his right hand man.
“You want me to change your bandage?” He asks and you shake your head, sending him a questioning gaze. “Sorry sweety, but I’m not allowed to tell you anything. Just a reminder not to leave the rooms.”
Disappointed you shake your head, but it isn’t his fault. Grateful you squeeze his arm before he goes and he smiles warm.

You wait two more days until you’ve enough.
At first you wanted to go in the factory and slap Negan until your other arm falls off, but you decided against it.
Instead you take the bag, Simon brought, and put some supplies in it. You survived on your own before and can do it again.
With shaking hand you leave a note that he doesn’t need to look for you.
You’re a survivor and know how to cover your tracks.
One last time you look back to the bed, feeling regret that the sex destroyed that bond between you.
Quietly you sneak out of the factory, waiting until the guard of the roof is gone before you start running. Tears in your eyes make it nearly impossible for you to see something, but you don’t stop.
Your shirt is wet from sweat as you take a break and you’ve the feeling that your lungs want to burst. You let yourself fall on the ground and take greedy a gulp from the bottle of water.
Maybe you should continue your way toward DC like you’ve planned before a walker had bitten you and you met Negan.
If he’ll freak out when Simon tells him that you’re gone?
Hell yes, he will.
Your legs still feel sober as you stand up and start walking, but this time more slowly.

Of course you didn’t reached DC.
Exhausted from your running you follow the guy you’ve just met one hour ago.
You’re not stupid and know how dangerous it can be, but one look in his eyes and you knew he’s truthworthy.
And he seems to think the same about you or maybe your condition has awakened his protector instinct.
“Not everyone of us can fight, but you can.” He says and you nod. “Good that I found you.”
He sends you a serious gaze and you nod again, looking ashamed on your feet. Living with just one arm is more complicated than you thought.
At first you lost the gun and later half of your water when you ran away from a horde of walkers. That were the moment you met Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia.
As soon as he saw you and the walkers behind you he took your hand and started running with you.
“We’re almost there.” Paul says and grateful you look at him which makes him chuckle.

“Do you want one?” Paul asks as you’re looking at the tomato plants and you nod with a smile.
You were expecting a small community, but not this. Hilltop is wonderful and the people who live here are friendly.
As soon as you passed the gates Paul brought you to the doc who cleaned your stump and made a new bandage around it before he introduced you to Gregory.
You felt kind of uncomfortable around him, something is wrong with him, even when you can’t define what.
“Can you stay for a minute?” Gregory asks Paul and you leave the room.
Not knowing what to do you look at the pictures on the wall while you wait for Paul.
Quietly cursing he comes out of the room and you send him a confused glare, wondering what’s going on.
“I’ve to go on another run tomorrow. This guy never gives me a break.” He says angrily and you take his face in your hand so that he looks at you.
‘I come with you.’ You form slowly with your lips and he shakes his head.
“You don’t have to. You’re new here.” Paul says and you shrug. “And again, good that I found you.”
You send him a wink before you let him show you where you can sleep and he brings you some clothes and something to eat.

You give Paul a high five during the drive back to Hilltop.
The run was a full succeed and now you can’t wait to get back and take a hot shower.
Lost in thoughts you look out of the window, thinking about the silly claims Paul did all the time.
Since you’ve met him you don’t have to think about Negan anymore. Only when you close your eyes you see his eyes right in front of yours.
“Shit. What are they doing here?” Paul tears you off your thoughts as you’re seeing a bunch of cars in front of the gates.
He doesn’t have time to explain anything and he hasn’t to. It’s more than obviously that Hilltop is one of the communities Negan talked about.
Your heart jumps in your throat as Simon comes to the car and knocks on the bonnet.
“Chop, chop Jesus.” He grins before his gaze wanders to you and he freezes in his movements. “Get out, Jesus. And you stay in there!”
Panic rushes through you and Paul looks pale as he does what Simon said, sending you an apologetic gaze.
“Have you any idea what you did?” Simon asks as he sits down behind the wheel while you stare at your fingers. “I’ll take you with me.”
Your eyes widen at his words, but you don’t move. There’s no way out of this, no matter what you’d do and you don’t want to risk the lifes of the Hilltop people by trying to run away.

Nervous you nibble on your nails while you get closer to the factory. You didn’t even had the chance to say goodbye to Paul.
“Wait here.” Simon says as he stops the car and you nod.
To make sure that you don’t run away again he locks the car and you roll your eyes.
After a few minutes you see Negan how he comes with fast steps towards the car and fear rushes through you as you notice Lucille in his hand. His hand is shaking as he opens your car door.
“Out!” He barks and you quickly following his order, falling almost on the ground.
‘He will kill me.’ You think in panic as he lifts up Lucille a bit, but instead of smashing your head he throws her at the ground.
Suddenly he grabs your neck and crashes his lips on yours, wasting no time to slip his tongue in your mouth.
“I’ll not fucking apologize for what I did.” Negan says rough. “You fucking knew what kind of man I am and ran away like a motherfucking baby?”
You shot him an angry gaze and before you can control yourself you slap him in the face. Instead of starting a fight or something he kisses you again, pressing his body on yours. Your panties soaking wet as you feel his erection on your crotch and you open the door of the backseat.
A dark laughter leaves Negan’s throat as he notices it and he opens your pants.
“I should fucking tease you.” Negan says as he plays with the fabric of your panties.
Cocky you raise an eyebrow, knowing that he doesn’t have the patient to wait.
“Yeah, you know me too well.” He chuckles and pulls down your pants and panties.
The leather of the seat feels pleasant cool in contrast to your burning core as you lie down on them and Negan follows you. Your eyes fall shut as he fills you out, feeling how his cock throbs in your warm wetness.
All the things that happened are forgotten as you feel him like this.
Like the last time he watches you with glowing eyes which seems to say so much more than lust.
You grab his shirt and pull him down to you, wanting to show him that you feel the same way by kissing him passionately.
And it works as he let out a groan in need while he pounds faster in you, bringing you closer to your release.
“I’ll never let you go.” Negan whispers groaning as you’re growing tight around him.
You bite your lower lip and send him a small smile in joyous expectation for your future.

But you know that the life, especially in an apocalypse, isn’t a fairytale.

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