lucille ostero

a definitive list of who can and cannot get it at the oscars
  1. Ellen dressed for a vegas production of Les Mis can get it
  2. Emma Watson can get it
  3. Jared Leto’s mom can get it
  4. Jonah Hill’s teeth in Wolf of Wall Street can get it
  5. Michael Fassbender cannot get it because he is a terrible person IRL but i wish he could get it
  6. Jim Carrey in Warby Parker glasses can get it
  7. Kerry Washington can get it
  8. Meryl Streep and Pharrell can get it
  9. Bono cannot get it
  10. Channing Tatum’s melon skull can get it
  11. Judy Greer in that Tropicana commercial can get it
  12. Kim Novak can get it
  13. Matthew McConaugheyheyhey can get it I guess
  14. Zac Efron you cute but you can’t get it
  15. Karen O can get it
  16. Ezra Koenig can get it
  17. Whoever is named Anders can get it
  18. The brief shot to Mads Mikkelsen can get it
  19. John Stamos clapping can get it
  20. Darlene Love can get it
  21. Angela Lansbury can get it hashtag the harvey girls forever
  22. dang Ewan McGregor can always get it
  23. Viola Davis especially in that color can get it
  24. to be clear Bono cannot get it
  25. blue streak Liza can get it
  26. Veronica Mars can get it
  27. Michael B. Jordan can get whatever he likes, like really even the stuff I said I wasn’t into
  28. Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron cannot get it because the amount of therapy I’d need to feel better about myself afterwards isn’t worth it
  29. Ellen as Tom Jones can get it
  30. oh jesus Christoph Waltz can always get it 
  31. Lupita Nyong'o can get it
  32. Amy Adams can get it
  33. Filler free Bill Murray can get it
  34. Ronan Farrow on twitter can get it
  35. Lucille Ostero can get it
  36. Benedict Cumberbatch cannot get it
  37. Glenn Close can get it
  38. Bette Midler can definitely get it
  39. my husband cannot get it due to his comments about Wind Beneath My Wings so if you think you can be the wind beneath my wings and like to get it, let me know
  40. Jamie Foxx can get it
  41. Jessica Biel can get it I mean like if there’s nothing else to do
  42. Lupita’s lip balm can get it
  43. this sexy black man can get it
  44. those typewriters can get it haha jk i’m not Ezra from Pretty Little Liars
  45. Spike Jonze can get it sorry Sofia doesn’t want to get it anymore
  46. Sofia Coppola can always get it except in Godfather 3
  47. Cate Blanchett can’t get it anymore, sorry boo
  48. Matthew McConaughey can’t get it when he talks about god
  49. Matthew McConaughey can get it when he says ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT
  50. Steve McQueen can get it
  51. To be clear, Benedict Cumberbatch can never get it