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I waited//Negan

35. “I waited and waited, but you never came back.”

Lucille didn’t die by some miracle and joins Ricks group. When Negan comes and speaks of his other wives, Lucille is heartbroken.

Warnings: Swearing

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Negan, the name was one that haunted me. I was married to him, still am but I lost him a long time ago. He killed two of my group and I wanted to see him. I wanted to see what happened to him, I wanted to just see him, he is my husband after all. 

I was watching Judith while Rick and Aaron were out on a run. I noticed Carl hadn’t been around much but I let it be, he’s old enough to take care of himself. Judith was so much bigger than when I first met Rick’s group.

“What’s in here?” I heard a familiar voice.

Chills ran all over me and I closed my eyes. Negan. But it couldn’t be him.

“It’s just a water heater” Carl lies for Judiths protection.

No one knew I was married to Negan, they didn’t need to know. I was told Negans bat was named Lucille but I played it off as a coincidence. I never bothered Rick or the others to see when he’d visit again or if I’d ever get to see him. I couldn’t seem desperate.

“Cut the shit, kid” He answered and I heard the door open.

I sat on a chair facing away from the door, Judith in the crib.

“Damn” he whispered.

I knew it was him now, by his presence, just everything, I had a tear falling.

“Me and Amber could never have a kid, wouldn’t want Sherry and the other wives getting jealous” he spoke to Carl but mostly to himself.

I felt as if I was just stabbed.

“Lucille, you okay?” Carl asked me.

“Lucille?” Negan questioned.

“Yeah, she’s right there”

I felt footsteps approaching and then felt a hand on my shoulder. He came to eye level and looked at me, his mouth agape.

“Lucille, baby?” He asked stroking my face.

“You don’t- I, you have other wives, Negan. You don’t need me”

“Baby, I waited and waited, but you never came back”

“It’s fine Negan, I’ve got a life here anyways, you can be with your wives if that makes you happy a-”

“I still wear my ring, I named my bat after you, not a day goes by when i don’t miss you. Even if I see a woman who looks any bit like you, I think of you. Why won’t you take me back? Not even givin me a chance”

“Because we lead different lives and I’ll leave it at that”

Part two? Let me know pls !! I bet no one will want a part two but I’ll probs write one anyways. lol.

Me Listening to Melanie Martinez’s ‘Tag, you’re it’ and getting to the Eenie Meenie Minie Moe part

Melanie: Tag, you’re it, tag. tag you’re it

Me: Man, I love this song!

Melanie: Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe

Me: *Violently thinks of Negan and the Lucille scene* oh god no…

Melanie: Catch a lady by the toe, if she screams don’t let her go

Me: Melanie stop…

Melanie: Eenie meenie minie moe my mother said to pick the very best girl…


Melanie: And I am-

Melanie: *gets Lucilled*

Me: Well, at least it wasn’t Glenn. *shrugs*

so how exactly did they think a cliffhanger would work?

comic fans are pissed because they ruined one of the most iconic moments.

there is no emotional payoff or ability to see the reactions of the others.

the victim is going to be super obvious the moment that filming starts up again.

and it is so, so obviously cheap. viewers don’t tend to like being teased like that. it feels forced and gimmicky, like a desperate attempt to boost the already monstrous ratings.

enjoy your backlash, guys. you’ve earned it! 

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Lucille walked down the streets hastily, hoping to get home before her brother. She knew she would likely get distracted, and she was right. "Oh my, God, I am so sorry!" she exclaimed, after crashing into some poor young man who seemed quite busy. ((@lucille-carraway))

“No, no, I should have watched where I was going Miss, here let me help you,” he said rather apologetically helping them.

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Hey guys, first of all, thank you all for being so cool. I mean, besides a few bad apples, this fandom has been amazing and so incredibly chill. I got a little over excited on Lucille and followed more people than I could handle. I really love the people that I’ve followed though, and I would hate to have anyone think I didn’t like them, so I’m just going to shuffle Lucille over to somewhere new. I am going to be shifting over to Mutuals only over on the new blog.

This was no ones fault, and was really just a personal decision. I’m going to have this post going around for a days or two just to make sure everyone sees. Thanks guys!

Special Room Pt. 5

Summary: Negan finally reveals the purpose of this ‘run’ and tells her his story. 
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 2074
Authors note: Literally like the first little paragraph is a full-on innuendo and I am LOVING IT.  I need ideas for the next part so leave some comments and ideas
Parts: 5/? -  (Part One)  (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)
Quote of the story:  “So, let me give it to you.” 



An awkward silence began to spread out across the cab. You sat there silently with Lucille propped up between your legs.  For you, having Lucille resting between your legs gave you some sort of small high. This thing that Negan prided himself with and was one of his most powerful possessions, was all yours, for now at least. It was there for you, sitting between your legs, ready for you to use at any moment if you wished to use it. And oh how you wanted to use Negan’s most prized and powerful possession for your own pleasure and entertainment.

So…as mad as I still am that Glenn did die by Lucille, it reminds me that the ‘clues’ they put in (him holding a bat in 5x09, seeing the polaroids of the Lucille victims in…6xsomething) were legit foreshadowing and there for a reason. So, I must ask the question, why was this in 4x16??:

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✗ and ♦

muse headcanons

✗: something my muse hates or gets angry about

 “Nothin’ pisses me off fucking more than when someone treats a woman like shit. Woman, man, I don’t give a damn. You treat a woman with disrespect constantly, expect Lucille and you to have a little chat..” 

Get to know the rper - RP related

Send me a ♦ for me to describe a plot that I’ve been wanting to do.

/i’d have to say i am all for negan falling in love again. no i don’t think he’ll fall in love the same way like he did with lucille, but i feel like if he met the right woman, he’d fall in love in the best way he could. so yeah, total whore for that to happen. like my occ is interacting with @neganspeepeepantscity‘s negan and oh my god. so much has happened and i’m so attached to both of them. 


Lucille 2: Oh, hello, Lucille.

Lucille: Hello, Lucille. Having a good time with my son?

Lucille 2: Actually, we’re having a wonderful time.

Lucille: You know, he’s damaged goods. He was born with a hole in his heart.  

Lucille 2: Listen to me, Lucille, I’m going to fill that hole, ’cause we’re in love.

Lucille: Oh, please. You’re no more in love with him than I am.

Buster: Okay, we’re all saying some things we’re going to regret.

-Arrested Development, “Storming the Castle”


Oh, I really want to draw a lot of them!XD

You cann’t imagine how much I love this cartoon!
It is so amazing!

Oh my God I’m incredibly in love with this song!
She is the most amazing!
I am ready to listen to it all day and I do not get bored!

Ah … I’m incredibly like Francour and Lucille~ !
They are incredibly cool together in the execution of this tune!~
Heh this cartoon really gives me an exciting emotions!
I am feeling all the emotion and joy and sadness at some point!!!

Oh, how I love cartoons whose homeland is France!>U<~


*~*Gentle Lullabies*~*

“I told you to stop poisoning her.” Thomas whispered harshly to Lucille in the quiet kitchen.

The tea pot on over the fire, and the smell of dinner was cooking on the stove. Lucille sat at the table, cleaning the dishes and wiping them off. “I have Thomas.” She said and looked at him, “Unless you decided that it was a good idea to kick her off finally. Perhaps you’re as sick of her cheery little face as I am.”

Thomas made a face at his sister and shook his head. “No Lucille, I wouldn’t dare.” He sat down beside her and she shrugged a shoulder.

“Oh trust me, I know you wouldn’t.” Lucille growled at him slightly. “I’ve only given her the mix from the blue vines from the garden. Its a sedative that keeps her from take off like she wanted to, but her throwing up I had nothing to do with.” She muttered and Thomas sighed. Placing her face in his hands on the table.

He knew that Lucille had grabbed and knocked Edith out so she couldn’t go running away, the last thing they needed was for people to be coming and snooping around their home. Not that any bodies would be found, but there was paperwork that would lock them away without needing bodies to prove how guilty they were of the horrors they committed. But now Edith was getting sick, and he would normally have pointed a finger at Lucille for it. Lucille wasn’t to prone to lying to him, so he was inclined to believe her when she said she was no longer poisoning Edith.

“The sedative would just make her tired….it shouldn’t make her sick.” Lucille muttered as she looked a plate over and sat it aside. “And there is only so long we can keep her drugged and locked in the master bed room….” Thomas looked at Lucille as she spoke, looking at her hopefully. She always had a plan, she always had an idea to get them out of trouble or how to hide their darkness from the world. And he could see that Lucille was thinking of something, some reason that Edith maybe getting sick………oh….crap.

They seemed to come to same conclusion at the same time, they were so toned to each other they didn’t need to speak. Lucille turned to look at Thomas and her eyes were big as she gripped the cup she was holding it tightly and her body started to get tense. Thomas physically shied away from her and moved away slightly in the chair beside her. “Lucille…I…” He said, his blue eyes meeting her own in mild horror as his sister turned an accusing eye to him.

“I knew it!!” She snapped and threw the cup as it shattered across the room and Thomas recoiled at her as Lucille stood. The chair screamed against the floor and she whacked Thomas across the face. “I KNEW When you stayed at the post office you were out FUCKING her!” She growled and looked close to flipping the whole table. “How dare you! Make a mockery of what we have!!” Lucille turned away from him and looked at the knife on the table.

Thomas grabbed it first and threw it into the blazing fire place as Lucille turned on him. “Lucille please! It’s not like that!!” He begged, not even phased that Lucille had gave him a good pop in the mouth. He grabbed Lucille as she looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

“Don’t you love me anymore Thomas!” She pleaded and gripped the front of his shirt. “Do you want to leave me here alone!! You promised you’d never love anyone else!! You promised we’d never be apart!! To never be alone!!”

Thomas felt his own tears and hung his head. “Yes Lucille…I love you!! MY love for you hasn’t changed….I know I promised you all these things and I don’t want to break them! I want you…you know that….but….” He swallowed hard. “I…I love Edith too…..please Lucille….I don’t love one of you more than the other…..I don’t…..I love you both in different ways….” He said as he held her even as she tried to escape. Lucille’s anger melted into pain as she fell into Thomas. Gripping him so tightly in an embrace it was almost painful. Thomas held her back, and kissed her head. “Lucille I’m so sorry….” He said lightly. “….Maybe…..maybe she is just ill…..” He muttered….

“That changes nothing….” Lucille said softly as she laid her head on his shoulder “You still slept with her. You admitted to me your feelings for her. It’s all in the open now…so if she is….it doesn’t change what you told me. She knows to much, so with child or not, she wont be leaving this house and running her mouth. She’ll be quiet….or she’ll be dead.” Lucille released Thomas from her embrace and took a deep breath. Wiping her cheeks as she composed herself. “We’ll check however….Come.” Lucille headed out to the foyer.

Thomas was at her heels quickly and followed her up the steps as Lucille unlocked the Master bedroom doors and slowly opened them.


Glenn better not be Lucille’d. I am so sick of the fandom just making Glenn out to be Lucille’s victim. And the media asking if it’s Glenn pisses me off too.

Start asking about Glenn as a character.

How about when he killed a person?

Or trying to save Daryl from doing something completely fucking stupid? ( thanks Daryl, Darcille 2k16)

Or what’s Glenn feeling now that he’s becoming a dad?

Or about his past?

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Dear Team Delusional Leader, bethgreenewarriorprincess...

Here is your post in response to mine but since you have me blocked I cannot address you on said post so I’ll do it here.

1. TSDF has confirmed the Lucille victims.  Remember the last time TSDF confirmed a death and you didn’t believe it? How’s that working out for you?

2. Yes Beth/EK did get better treatment. She got half a season of story.  Even if the Lucille victim turns out to be Sasha or Rosita or Eugene or Aaron, they will still be getting shit compared to Beth. 

3. I am jumping down you throat because you have invaded Glenn tags with your bullshit.  You’ve taken the story of every other character on the show and warped it so it’s about Beth.  You tell me to stay in my lane while not staying in your own. You know, the DEAD character lane.

4. You got closure.  You saw her shot in the head. You saw her sing Tyrese off into the never ever land and you got to see people mourn her. Just because you didn’t get the closure you wanted (Daryl and Beth screwing all the way to never ever land) doesn’t mean you didn’t get closure.  You have every single one on the show telling you she died and she’s gone. You have EK moving on to bigger and brighter things. It’s all there, you just refuse to acknowledge it. That is not the fault of the show nor of other fans. That’s the fault of your own blind stubbornness and willful stupidity.

5. Your passive aggressiveness does not go unnoticed. Note that on all my posts I directly refer to you. I don’t have any of you simpletons blocked. I’m right here.  How about you try talking to me instead of making posts that refer to my posts?  There is nothing that I dislike more than people like yourself who say shit about other people and then hide behind your block curtain. Next time you have to say about a post I made, come right here and talk to me.

But you won’t of course because chicken shit is incurable.  You may not like what I have to say but at least I say right to you. 


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hey guys for the next few days or so, i’m gonna make basically a masterpost of every character in the line up with evidence for and against them being the character who was lucilled, so please feel free to send me any information (either just basic points or you can link me to a theory, i will be sure to credit you regardless) that you think points to a certain character being lucilled. i would love to share everyone’s ideas and theories around since i am constantly discussing them, as well as seeing so many posts on my dashboard related to who the potential victim was.

i hope it’s a good idea that it helps expand everyone’s mind to whom the character may be or it could just peak your interest in reading alternative interpretations and ideas!