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Poetry Tag Statistics March 2014

I have already posted my weekly sonnet, so I’ll use my Monday-evening-post to finally get the poetry tag stats for March done.

My weekly poem, which is totally meta and cool and also describes the process how I write sonnets, can and should be read here:

How To Sonnet (A Sonnet)

Seriously, check it out!

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And now let me present you March stats. A comparably slow month, judging from the total number of featured posts. Maybe I wasn’t the only one taking a vacation.

Total number of featured posts: 1028

  • The top 10 contributed 12.5% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 23.6% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 37.4% of all posts.
  • 437 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 2.35 times on average.
  • 201 contributors have been featured multiple times, 236 only once.
  1. renebofene, 19
  2. uutpoetry, 16
  3. r-ybanez, 14
  4. lulu-llama, 13
  5. labelledamesansdice, 13
  6. wordrummager, 13
  7. mickeymichal, 12
  8. viperslang, 11
  9. victim-of-convenience, 9
  10. chucklingpecan, 9

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Poetry Tag Statistics January 2014

I’d like to start of this month’s statistics with a few additional stats about myself. I’m trying to post a new sonnet every week now (Monday evening seems like a good time) and of my last 8 sonnets, 7 have been featured. So thank you whoever was responsible for that.

My longest feature streak was 5 and the current is 2 (unless some editor decides to feature Locked Away which would combine them to a streak of 8).

I have recently reached 400 followers and I thank you all for your support. If you want to further support me, recommend me, reblog me, , follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. You know, those places that are not as cool and friendly as tumblr. I really don’t seem to get any exposure there at all.

So without further ado and rambling, here are the stats for which you’ve come here in the first place. (I hope you stay for my poetry though.)

Total number of featured posts: 1465

  • The top 10 contributed 9.6% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 19.9% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 32.1% of all posts.
  • 629 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 2.33 times on average.
  • 266 contributors have been featured multiple times, 363 only once.
  1. viperslang, 20
  2. wordrummager, 16
  3. mickeymichal, 16
  4. mj-orchard, 15
  5. the-art-of-misdirection, 14
  6. esn13, 13
  7. vagabondkingpoetry, 13
  8. inkskinned, 12
  9. loqui, 11
  10. ladymycroftmansfield, 11

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Exorcisms: Spring by Lucille Berkowitz

Congratulations to Lucille Berkowitz, the winner of The Adept Writer’s First Annual Flash Fiction Contest. I was amazed by the power of Lucille’s vision. Her work is darkly humorous, clever, original, and muted. I hope that you’ll hit the heart and share this powerful work on your feeds.


A bloodstain is growing out of an indentation in the wall. Howls of laughter come with it. The Girl is traipsing throughout this little house. Dusting off what winter left. She never cleaned a thing once the air started to frost over. The ice would stick her to a chair on her patio. 

She has a gentleman caller. Meaning that he calls her on the house telephone to breathe heavily into the receiver. She enjoys the rhythm of it.

A murder of crows all died in her greenhouse.

She should call someone to find out what to do about it. There is a red fox who sometimes stalks through the backyard. The Girl liked him although she didn’t know him. Moss grows in the gaps between the paneling of her house. Under her floorboards something is starting to smell.

Architects used to put virgins in walls. They would still be alive when this happened. This was done for good luck. The Girl thinks we are very homicidal as a species. She doesn’t mind that. “It’s just the way things go” is what she would say if someone was ever at her home to talk with her.

The only other person here is the demon in the wall. He doesn’t shut up. She has asked him to leave many times. He just says things like, “Ms. Rosenberg, we will be shutting off your power on the 23rd of this month due to lack of payment of your electrical bill" or even “Ms. Rosenberg, can you open up? It’s your landlord. I’m going to need your rent by the 30th. Also February’s rent as well”. The Girl studied witchcraft in the hopes it may help the situation.

Eventually she fell on a stainless steel kitchen knife from one of those infomercials. After that the demon stopped talking. The fox found its way in through the dog door she had no purpose for and he ate her up.


Be sure to follow Lucille at If you want to get in touch with Lucille to congratulate her (or if you want to publish more of her work) - email her at