Another Patreon sketch for auronlu! This time of young Lucil and Elma with a chocobo chick. I really enjoyed this one. :D

I like to think he’s the same one they have with them later, which would explain why they’re so attached to him and also why Elma calls him a little guy. She knew him when he was one!

sharks-are-frickin-rad asked:

Can you make me a pixel shark wallpaper? I fucking love your work.

Thank you!

Although I don’t mind making free little requests, a wallpaper would take too much time to make and thereby be a commission work, not a request. If you really want one, you can contact me at lucile.patron [at], so we can talk about it.


The Crew

First post for the blog, all of my current BJDs. Hopefully I be a little more active here. :>


Zak Shan - Iplehouse Chase

Mahir Zaman - Iplehouse Tedros

Hassan - Iplehouse Arvid

Sa’at Zakariah - Iplehouse Claude

Damsel - Little Monica Blossom Lucile

Winchester Gavril - Iplehouse Rex

Duke Lionel - Iplehouse Leonard

Rasmus Falkner - 5th Motif Venitu

Zul - Iplehouse Rebecca


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By the time Virgil was born, Jeff and Lucille Tracy found they had very few “nocturnal visits” from their offspring.  Scott took his position as big brother very seriously and was always on the spot when little brothers had nightmares, or were frightened by noises.  

He didn’t need a stuffed toy - he had little brothers to snuggle with.  And was never happier than when he was curled up in bed with at least one of his little brothers (preferably more).

He really suffered when he left home to study as he discovered that he really had programmed himself to sleep better with his baby brothers nearby.  He developed a habit, no matter where he was, of calling them when it was bedtime for them (no matter where they were) just to say goodnight.

Stormy Weather ||Luci&&Adam

Lucille shoved her cellphone in her pocket and went to check on Athena, who had been curled up on Luci’s bed in a blanket. “I’m gonna go now, Athena.” She told her, before kissing her on the head. Lucille had wanted to take Athena, but she didn’t want to risk anything with Athena being scared and all. Plus, Athena was going to be with Tony. The redhead grabbed a light jacket and put it on as she made her way to the living room to grab her car keys. “Hey, Tony? I’ll be gone for a while. Going to Adam’s.” She told her roommate. Walking out of the apartment and the building a few moments after, she lifted up her hood to avoid  her hair getting wet.

She quickly made her way to her car and hopped in. The rain was pouring quite hard and the wind didn’t make it easier. Luci carefully made her way to Adam’s apartment. She was always scared of driving in a storm like this, luckily there wasn’t a lot of people out driving. Only a few cars. Reaching Adam’s apartment complex, she quickly parked next to the sidewalk, and hurried herself inside the building. Taking the elevator up to Adam’s floor, she took off the hood from the jacket to notice that it didn’t do a great job. Her hair was a bit wet. Reaching the floor, she made her way to Adam’s door and knocked. “Adam?” Lucille slowly opened the door and peeked her head through.

A woman (Lucille Ball) single-handedly made sure that Star Trek got put into production and become more than a two-pilot never-been a group of men wanted it to be.

A woman (Bjo Trimble) orchestrated a letter campaigns when the show was in danger of cancellation after its first season.

Three women, (Joan Winston, Eileen Becker and Elyse Pines) was instrumental in creating the first ever exclusive Star Trek convention. Winston even wrote a how-to guide about it in 1977.

So tell me again how women are fake nerds and pushing in on men’s spaces in the Star Trek fandom. You wouldn’t even have one if not for women.