you wanna know what my problem with supernatural is?

i feel broken and powerless, like energy is suck right out of me and i watch supernatrual

i feel sad, super sad and i watch supernatural

i feel bored and i watch supernatural

i feel lost and i watch supernatural

i feel any kind of bad and i just watch supernatural

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and those little sons of bitches show up and i feel better

i feel lost and i watch supernatural

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and redheads find me

i feel alone

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and angels are watching over me

i don’t understand and i watch supernatural

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and a prophet explains

i don’t know what to do and i watch supernatural

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and demons help me out

It’s home, you know

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it’s where i feel safe

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it’s where my family is

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and if i can say that without having Internet friends it must mean something.

this is home and it’s hard to find something like this. so i’m not letting it go

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“Darling Please”

Prompt: Your Sam and Dean’s litter sister. You were a bad ass. You loved hunting. Around your brothers you would talk. But when others outside the hunting group would try to talk to you, you closed up. What happens when you get kidnapped by the king of Hell and he tries to get you to talk?

 Pairings: Crowley X Reader, Sam, Dean 

Warnings: Smut, fluff, anxiety of new people, Dom! Crowley, Sub! Reader, fuffly sex 

Requested by: @becausefeelsthatswhy

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You are Sam’s and Dean’s little sister. You were a bad ass. You had decided that you were going to join them on the hunt for the cult to kill Lucifer. You had decided to spilt up, you decided to take south of Kansas Sam and Dean went north. You had been out alone before. You were a survivalist. A professional. 

You walk down the dark alley way. The Demon was supposed to meet you here. You knew working with demons were well messy but you guys were desperate. You were meeting a demon from Germany. His name was Beleth. (Yes that is an actual demon I looked it up. Yes I do research it is very interesting)… He had come here to collect ancient artifacts he supposedly had the cult. You were standing in the alley way your demon blade in your pocket. You looked around. You hear a cough. You turn and look at the shadowy figure. The man steps out. He was a shortish stocky man, blackish brown hair, with greenish brown eyes. You squint, next thing you know everything goes black. 

You wake up tied to a chair. You growl and curse under your breath. You start trying to understand where you were. You see the man steps out.

“Beleth, you didn’t have to kidnap me you know that right”, you day chuckling nervously. 

You had previously spoke with the demon, you knew who he was. The man chuckled.

 “Darling please, Crowley, actually. I heard from Beleth that you wanted the cult. Well he is dead now, and your kidnapped, so you can tell me answers. Now why do you want the cult", Crowley asks. 

 You look down and freeze, not speaking. Crowley tilted the demon knife in his hand and set it down. He smirked at you.

 "Not much of a talker are you, darling", Crowley says.

 You shake your head. You sigh and hang your head. Crowley smirks and walks over to you, untieing you. You feel your wrists.

“Darling I will get you to talk,” Crowley says picking you up and setting you on the table.

You shake your head and look down. Crowley touches your chin and kisses you softly. You kiss back. You pull away. Crowley smiles and his eyes flashed a red, black. Your breath hitches. Crowley smirks kissing you again, this time stripping your shirt and bra off. He smirked taking your nipples in his mouth, sucking on the bud. You let out a whine. 

 "Sam", you whine.

 Crowley smirks. “Now we are getting somewhere”, he though to him self. 

Crowley took your belt off and took your pants off. He feels your core through your soaking panties. You whine as he takes them off. He licks his his lips, feeling down and taking your flap in his mouth he sucks, you gasp. 

 "Dean", you gasp.

Crowley continued sliding his tongue in and out of your core. You gasp moaning in pleasure. You feel your walls convulse and cum, Crowley licks your juices up and looked at you. 

 "Now darling for the fun part", he says. 

Crowley unbuckles his belt, pulling his pants down, along with his underwear. His member hit his stomach and he smirked at you. You look at him worried.

“Darling.. It will only hurt for a little bit”, he says kissing you softly. 

Crowley slowly slides into you and stays in you. You whine pushing your hips on him. You smirks and starts thrusting into you. You whine looking at him. His eyes flashed again. You throw your head back. 

“Use the cult”, you gasp as he continues to thrust into you. Crowley smirks, he hits your g-spot you gasp again screaming aloud this time.

“Fuck…. To kill Lucifer”, you whine.

Crowley smirks and slams into you, making the table shake. You let out a cry cumming on him. Crowley thrusts into you harder, his thrusts got slower and he cums. He kisses you softly. You kiss back entangling your hands in his hair. He helps you dress your self. 

“Good girl. Now here. Don’t miss. There is one bullet left,” he says kissing your head. 

 He hands you a case with the gun in it and the one bullet. He smiles and winks at you. He opens back door of the basement. As your walking away you hear his voice call after you. 

 "Until we meet again", he says.

“Darling please”, you say winking. 

Prompt: “You’ve been pouting ever since I went on that date, what’s up?”

Characters: Crowley x reader


This ended up being pretty long lol

Prompt came from THIS if you wanna send one in :)

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During a hunt you had run into an old flame of yours, who happened to also be a hunter. You had split up due to different beliefs. But he had asked you out on a date and you agreed. You were curious if the spark was still there.

Walking out of the bathroom you didn’t notice the black suited visitor leaning against the wall. Slowly he let out a wolf whistle. Turning quickly, you see Crowley smirking at you while looking you up and down. “You didn’t have to get dressed up for me darling”.

Rolling your eyes you continue getting ready “What do you want Crowley.”

“You. Is that so much to ask for?” he was still smirking while practically tearing your clothes off with his eyes. 

“Sam and Dean are in the next room over, why don’t you go bother them. I have a date to get ready for.” at the mention of a date, Crowley straightened up.

Date? Tell me, darling, who is this date?” he had a glint of suspicion in his eyes, along with…jealousy? You weren’t sure. 

Ignoring it you turn to grab your bag. “No one I want the King of Hell to know about.” you leave him in the room as you go to the impala. Dean had graciously let you borrow it, but not before he made you agree to a couple favors first. But you couldn’t stop your mind from wandering to Crowley, sure he was attractive, and he flirted with you all the time, but you never thought he was being serious, he wasn’t actually jealous was he?

After a 20 minute drive you pulled up into the restaurant parking lot. Going inside you saw your date sitting at a table. Noticing you he waves you over. “You look great” thanking him for the compliment you sit down.

You ordered and ate while talking about what had happened in your lives since the last time you saw each other. “So, hunting with the Winchester brothers, that must be cool?” he seemed so awed at the idea.

Yeah, they’re like brothers to me now.” he seemed relieved at this comment.

“Do you remember why we broke up y/n?” he was looking you in the eyes, he slowly reached over and grabbed your hand. No spark.

Uh, yeah. We had different…opinions on how to deal with certain people”

“Monsters” he corrected you. Flashing back to all the times he would do that, correct you, made you slightly irritated. You suddenly started remembering all the reasons why you left.

Not all of them were monsters Eric” you remember the day you left, he killed a child. The child didn’t want to hurt anyone, he wanted to be human, but Eric didn’t care, he killed the child, and showed no remorse. That’s why you had left. you almost forgot about it.

“Are you kidding?” he seemed agitated.

“Lets not, Eric. Lets just…move on from that and enjoy our dinner” he seemed irritated at you avoiding the subject but agreed. The rest of the night was alright, with an air of awkwardness. While waiting for the bill, which your date had so graciously offered to split with you. You thought you heard a familiar British voice from somewhere in the restaurant. 

Looking around you thought you saw Crowley but as a person walked in front of him, he had disappeared. Glaring your eyes at where you thought you saw him, you couldn’t help but feel a little irritated. Was he following you now?

“You alright?” Eric asked

“Oh, yeah sorry I thought I heard a familiar voice.” you said turning back to him

After you parted ways in front of the restaurant you went back to the motel and fell asleep. The next day you had managed to hunt down the creature and kill it. All the while, Crowley was helping, kind of. He gave you guys the information you needed to kill the monster. But avoided you while doing so. He disappeared for a few days afterwards, which was weird, he had been coming around for weeks, and now nothing?

After a few days he showed up again to give some information to the boys. After they left he was left in the bunker with you, avoiding you gaze, he started to walk away, before he could disappear you spoke up.

“You’ve been pouting ever since I went on that date, what’s up? your curiosity had only grown over the last dew days.

Crowley looked up at you, “I don’t pout.” raising an eyebrow at his childish remark you crossed your arms. “I’m not jealous of you and your friend Eric” he turned away from you

“I didn’t say you were jealous, and I didn’t tell you his name. You were at the restaurant weren’t you.” you moved in front of him. 

Instead of avoiding you gaze he looked into your eyes. And that’s were he caught you off guard. “I wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt you.”

“What? Why would he hurt me? And why do you care?” you definitely weren’t expecting that, he wasn’t jealous, he was..protective?

“After you left for your date I asked around, learned all about your precious boyfriend, he’s a pretty violent man y/n, nothing like you” you could see in his eyes he was telling the truth.

“I know he is, we use to date” he cocked his head at this “I broke up with him after I finally got tired of his violent hunting habits got worse. He’s not my boyfriend anymore, and he wont be again.”

Crowley stared at you for a moment before nodding “Good.” 

Good, that’s all your gonna say?” he turned towards you

Walking up to you he got a little closer than usual “What else do you want darling?” you hesitated and before you could say anything Crowley grabbed your hand and kissed it. “Maybe next time you feel like a date, I could be the one to take you, I know this beautiful little cafe in Paris you would love” he had taken a step back. Winking at you, he disappeared. Considering his offer, you wondered when the next time he would pop in would be.

Mr. Crowley

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The requested part 2 of Demon’s DealI hope I managed to catch at least some of the vibe of part 1.

If your interested in more SPN: Then check out Big brothers blues. ;)

You slipped in and out of consciousness, glimpses of hazy shadows and white rooms swam by. When your drugged mind registered the brightening colours, fluttering eyes found two constant figures hovering near you. The feel of a warm hand on top of your’s, the scent of flowers, sounds of drums and guitars accompanied them. Hushed voices sometimes coming from far away, other times crashing like a tide over your head.

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Yanos with blindfolds

Yino: YANNNOOOO, there is a dead human in our house!

Yano: OH, hey.. how did he get here..?

Yino: YAAANNNOOO what did you do?!

Yano: What, me? I didn’t do this..

Yino: Explain what happened Yano.

Yano: I have never seen him before in my life

Yino: Why did you kill this person Yano?!

Yano: I-i do not kill people-
Yano: That is, That is my least favorite thing to do..

Yino: Tell me what you where doing before I got home.

Yano: Okay, I was sitting upstairs
Yino: Okay
Yano: Reading a book.
Yino: Go on.
Yano: And well, this guy walked in.
Yino: Yes.

Yano: and I walked up to him and stabbed him 37 times in the chest-

Yino: That kills people!!!

Yano: Oh, I didn’t know that-

Yino: Wha- how could you not know that?!

Yano: Yeah I’m in the wrong heir, I suck..

Yino: What happened to his hands?

Yano: His what?

Yino: His hands
Yino: Why are they missing?

Yano: Oh well I kind of cooked them up-
Yano: and ate them.

Yino: …

Yano: What? I was hungry for hands-
Yano: Give me a break.

Yino: Oh Lucifur..

Yano: My stomach was making the rumblies-

Yino: Oh Lucifur-

Yano: That only Hands could satisfy.


Request: The reader being the Winchesters sibling and having problems recognizing faces of people they’ve only met a few times. So when they see their brothers talking to Crowley (who they’ve only met once before) they assumes he’s a stranger and makes a remark about that hot British, demon guy.

Characters: Crowley x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: None

Sorry it’s short, I couldn’t quite think of how to expand it :/

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You woke up due to the sound of an annoyed British man talking loudly in the main room. Listening for a moment you thought you recognized the voice but you weren’t sure. Slowly walking into the room you watched as you saw your brothers talking with a dark coated man that disappeared as soon as you entered the room.

Your brothers turned to see you standing in the hallway, before they could speak, you did “Who was the hot British guy?”

Your brothers made a face at you “Crowley’s not hot!” Dean said as if he was offended.

“Crowley?” you asked confused

“Yeah, Crowley the King of Hell, you’ve met him before” Sam said not surprised that you didn’t remember his face, you did that a lot.

“Oh…still hot” you said walking past your brothers, earning a disgusted face from Dean as you passed him.

“Why thank you” 

You turned quickly as Crowley spoke. Standing at the end of the room with an amused smirk on his face.

“I remember you” he said pointing at you “Didn’t get to speak much though, shame really" he said in a flirty tone.

Studying him for a moment you took a step towards him, keeping eye contact with him “And why exactly, is the King of Hell here?”

Crowley took a step towards you as well, still smirking at you “Your brothers here needed my expertise”

“What expertise is that exactly?” you asked, challenging him.

Sam and Dean exchanged confused glances behind the two of you.

“What easier way to hunt a demon than to ask the King of Hell?” he said as if he knew he was impressing you

Shrugging in agreement you turned away from him “Wouldn’t really call that expertise but, you know, whatever creams your twinkie”

You heard him chuckle behind you “I like you”

“Yeah, that’s great, I’m glad you two are getting along, now give us the information and you can go” Dean said walking towards Crowley

“Now now boys, who said I wanted to leave?” he asked glancing at you “I might just stay a while, see how things work out”

“Things aren’t gonna work out, not today at least. We ain’t hunting these demons until we have all the information” you said picking up your research books

“Well then. Let me help move things along then” Crowley said approaching you, before walking past you and into your library space.

Glancing back at your brothers you rose your shoulders in a ‘might as well’ gesture before following the Demon, while thinking to yourself “This might get interesting”

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Crowley Masterlist

Supernatural List  | THE List

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All Hail the King by @letsgetoutalive
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Battle Scar - Crowley x Reader by @angelcatsiel
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Confessions by @mostlycrowleyoneshots 
Different Masterlist by @tssweetsfanfic *Mermaid!AU
Echo Home by @roxy-davenport 
Fatherhood Changes a Man: Tickle Me Elmo by @roxy-davenport
Goes Red Again Pt 1 by @deals-at-crossroads
Hell on Heels Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 by @oriona75 
Imagine by @flannels-and-rocksalt *not x reader
One Hell of a Boyfriend by @sdavid09 
One True Mate by @theinsandoutsofcastiel *A/B/O
Papa Don’t Preach by @roxy-davenport
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What Lies Beneath by @roxy-davenport
What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar by @docharleythegeekqueen

WTf why does sam or dean always cry of happiness when the other one comes back to life, they’ve died so many times its like a casual routine.

It should go more like this:

Sam: Hey Dean, you missed dinner again. Where you been?

Dean: Oh you know, the usual. Just done my monthly cycle to hell and back.