luciferslittleprincess replied to your post: Teen Exorcists has majorly pissed me off. Not only…

This. Is. Perfect. I’m Australian and watched some of it online and ended up having to turn it off because I was scared I might actually break the laptop out of disgust for the crap they were putting on my religion.

Oh my god it was like watching a train wreck. They blamed Harry Potter for “corrupting the masses” and I’m just sat there like, dude. Witchcraft has been around longer than your fucking book has.

And then they had the audacity to basically force this guy to break an ouija board he carried around with him, after “blessing” it. And then the exorcisms. Fucking hell. Fake as can be. And this one woman who wanted to be exorcised fucking knew it when her “exorcism” didn’t go how it’s usually shown; she didn’t shout or convulse like the rest.