anonymous asked:

what are your favorite blogs and why?

So I basically just started actually using this tumblr/following people so like the majority of the blogs I like are people I’m friends with in real life:

+leilasartsandcrafts  (my twin sister’s art/craft blog, new to tumblr!)
+babydaphdaph (bffs personal blog, sassy & cute, rock n’ roll princess punx)
 & photographyshmotography (bffs new art blog!! mainly photography)
+hellbentforheather  (wrestling, funeral stuff, x-files, bdsm) 
+luciferskittin  (spooky psychobilly babe new to tumblr!)
+dirt-whiskey  (super sweetheart, forest babe, cats, anti-cop, stoner punk )

other blogs: 
 ( d.i.y. witchy stuff, interesting/resourceful )
(spooky & informative, good master posts, paranormal games)

RECOMMEND ME MORE BLOGS TO FOLLOW!! punk/rock n roll babes, d.i.y paranormal things, girls, hair/make-up/nail inspiration, spooky/swampy, ect.