lucifers sigil


‘Lucifer’ dress

This is a unique dress with many possible options! The only thing that is consistent is the main part of the bodice - scoop neckline at the front and backless with sigil of Lucifer detail (made from stretchy faux leather)

You can choose from the following: Peplum top, Skater dress, Bodycon dress, Maxi dress, or Fishtail dress

You then get to choose which fabric you want (velvet or scuba jersey), whether you want sleeves and whether you want a peplum (only available on the bodycon dress and fishtail dress)

Available in sizes 8-22 and custom sizing also available!

For more details and to buy, visit our Etsy shop:

Dresses, model, hair, and make-up by Heidi (haus-of-grotesque)

Photo by Nik (hart-heart)


What can I say? It has been a while since I started this project and there were ups and downs in the process. Tried to have it 3d printed in the first place… not possible… too small. So back to the drawing board. Laser-engraving was the solution. And now it is finished. The black color in between the design is colorit. Very durable and amazing to work with. This comes in every possible color there is. So this absolutely amazing piece is now available. It can be made in every size you like. I guess “Lou” himself would be pleased to call one of those his own! If you want one, just hit me up!

Please reblog this and share. This is at the moment the only ring with this design in a decent quality so spread ghe word! HS

oh the uuuh, the pendants on the foreheads of the coyotes are 2 cool sterling silver and moonstone + clear quartz sigils of lucifer marli bought back when we got rly interested in like, eosphoros/lucifer and related wicca practices and now they aesthetically rest there looking awesome on the faces of my coyotes

 i also sometimes put my headphones on dolly when i am not using them it looks cool as shit these animals are cool ones