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Did it hurt?
did it hurt being cast out of the only home you ever knew?

Imagine the dizziness satan must have felt when he stood at the edge of heaven; looking down at humanity.
The only evidence that God could be defeated.

Imagine how he felt hurling past dust and comets.
Wind rushing through his ears and his beautiful
becoming colder as each one of his wings ripped off and used as constellations.

The devil did not become the devil when he became woke.
He became the devil halfway through his fall as he watched reality become closer and illusion grow smaller and smaller behind him

The love he had for his father was replaced with bitterness.
Hatred was pushed into his soul where compassion should be.
Every child who has been abandoned by his parents has felt what the devil felt in that moment.

We know this story.
We do not have to think before speaking it.
This feeling of sudden aloneness.
The moment our consciousness is thrown into existence.

Why are we here?
What are we doing?
Why is everybody looking down?

This feeling has been passed down from generations.
We ignore that satan was gods favorite angel and go straight to the part when he is falling from the clouds.
He must have lit up the sky with his demise.
He must have shined so brightly that surely Eve wrote love songs about the sun never comparing to the white hot flame of lucifer.
And Adam was jealous but oh there was no better way to turn our attention to the sky for the first time.

—  The sky is bright tonight. The sky is bleeding hearts of strangers tonight. So it goes that new love comes with new hands that desperately try to erase past fingerprints.

Lilith // לִילִית‎ Lîlîṯ is the name for a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud, who is generally thought to be in part derived from a historically far earlier class of female demons Līlīṯu (the mistress of winds and night) in Babylonia. She’s better known as the first wife of Adam, before Eve or the lover of Lucifer.

Her will of never being subdued to any man or authority, made her an icon of feminine power and freedom and caused her to be cast away from Heaven, although without losing her immortality. After that, she became the first among the demons in both power and savagery.

Urushihara Hanzo Headcanons

Lucifer is an animal lover. He especially like birds.

Lucifer has abandonment issues. (I think we all can agree on this.)

Lucifer actually loves humans, but pretends to not care about them to avoid being made fun of by other demons.

Lucifer loves the rain. It makes him feel as if someone is crying for him because he won’t do it for himself.

Despite loving the rain, Lucifer hates storms because he is afraid of thunder.

Lucifer likes to sing, but will only do so when alone.

Lucifer is prone to nightmares.

Lucifer has claustrophobia, because he is so used to being able to move around freely.

Lucifer has social anxiety, which is part of the reason he stays indoors so much.

Lucifer dislikes being touched because he is afraid of people getting close to him (physically and emotionally) due to possible betrayal and/or torture and abuse.

Lucifer actually likes to cuddle.

Lucifer loves to write. It’s the only way he feels he can express himself.

Lucifer has a tumblr.

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My life as wallpapered by David Bowie cultural imagery. There are more. These are just the easy ones. I hope to see what else people add.

[Image transcription:

  • Ziggy Stardust with large forehead gem, Pearl (Steven Universe, y’know, the show about glittery gay immortal aliens)
  • Thin White Duke with orange hair holding a a soda can, Lucifer (Sandman/Vertigo) holding a cocktail
  • Thin White Duke (monochrome), Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (stated costume decisions, and Doctor Who and David Bowie are practically cribmates, culturally)
  • Two vampires in sunglasses whispering to each other in a club (The Hunger), two vampires in sunglasses whispering to each other in a club (Only Lovers Left Alive)
  • The Goblin King releasing bubbles on the wind, Lord Morpheus releasing dream sand on the wind (Sandman)]

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oK SO CHICA, YOUR IMAGINES ARE LIKE A BLESSING LIKE I HAVE READ ALL OF THEM LIKE GOD BLESS AND I JUST STARTED FOLLOWING YOU YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! can i just say, your imagines are the best things ever, and i love how fluffy you make lucifer out to be (◕‿◕✿) (he's my fav tbh) i am in love w/ your entire blog ⊂(´• ω •`⊂)

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Thank you so much for your kind words !!!! I’m glad you discovered my blog !!! Lucifer lovers should always stick together !! 😈😈


“So what changed?” “I don’t know.” “…or won’t say.” “I don’t know, maybe I changed…because of you.”

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