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“The Lovers”

“The Lovers represent perfection, harmony and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another gives them strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles in life. The bond that the two lovers has created is incredibly strong and is often reflective of a marriage, soul mate connection, or very intimate and close relationship.
The Lovers can also indicate a very strong sexual connection that goes beyond instant gratification and lust to suggest a very deep desire and passion that exists between two beings. The physical attraction is strong and so too is the desire to be intimate with one another.” - Biddy Tarot

Shout-out to the lovely @kanshou87​ for her suggestion/ request for me to make a Deckerstar Lovers tarot card.

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Samifer - coffee aesthetic

Did it hurt?
did it hurt being cast out of the only home you ever knew?

Imagine the dizziness satan must have felt when he stood at the edge of heaven; looking down at humanity.
The only evidence that God could be defeated.

Imagine how he felt hurling past dust and comets.
Wind rushing through his ears and his beautiful
becoming colder as each one of his wings ripped off and used as constellations.

The devil did not become the devil when he became woke.
He became the devil halfway through his fall as he watched reality become closer and illusion grow smaller and smaller behind him

The love he had for his father was replaced with bitterness.
Hatred was pushed into his soul where compassion should be.
Every child who has been abandoned by his parents has felt what the devil felt in that moment.

We know this story.
We do not have to think before speaking it.
This feeling of sudden aloneness.
The moment our consciousness is thrown into existence.

Why are we here?
What are we doing?
Why is everybody looking down?

This feeling has been passed down from generations.
We ignore that satan was gods favorite angel and go straight to the part when he is falling from the clouds.
He must have lit up the sky with his demise.
He must have shined so brightly that surely Eve wrote love songs about the sun never comparing to the white hot flame of lucifer.
And Adam was jealous but oh there was no better way to turn our attention to the sky for the first time.

—  The sky is bright tonight. The sky is bleeding hearts of strangers tonight. So it goes that new love comes with new hands that desperately try to erase past fingerprints.

‘Will you be my pizzaman, Dean? This, us… it could be a good thing.’ 
‘You’re kinda in my face—’

in which Lucifer abuses fanfiction tropes and Dean isn’t too convinced

In the Dark

Submitted by @medicated-for-public-safety

(Ah, hey Rae…! You said you were in some serious need of Lucifer vibes, and I thought I would try to give you some since your fics always manage to cheer me up.
This is my first time actually writing Lucifer and, even though I don’t usually post my stories online anymore, I don’t mind you posting this or keeping it all to yourself. Hopefully it helps you out…!)

The room had become cold some time ago, the single candle on the coffee table having snuffed under the unrelenting pressure of absolute power that came with the temperature drop. That only left brief flashes of lightning to tease light upon the room from the storm outside, but you somehow just couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Just like you couldn’t bother about paying attention to your current guest.

A part of you knew that there would be consequences for such a thing, but yet again; no concern seemed to be able to reach you in that moment of time. Too much stress had built up within you for who knows how long now and you couldn’t contain it all any longer. You were pretty sure all of the poor chemicals in your brain had fried themselves as a result.

There was no immediate thought to your own well-being or how the looming presence in the room was becoming stiff with agitation. Hell, you probably would have welcomed the pain at this point. At least you would be feeling something.

“Little one,” A red hue illuminated briefly from your right when that voice you loved so much, all honey and cyanide, drawled dangerously. His biting breath against the skin of your neck elicited the only movement you’d made in well over an hour that wasn’t blinking, a second shudder spilling through your spine as his finger languidly travelled up your bare arm, “You’re not making this any fun for me right now. You know I don’t like that.”

Those words, that tone, let you know that the ice was growing thin. Your body’s immediate response was to erupt into goosebumps at the proximity of the being that could easily end your life with a flick of the wrist. He seemed to notice this, giving a knowing chuckle and brushing your hair back in order to nibble behind your ear.

“Would you care to change the situation…? I might let you off easy this time if you’re a good girl.” He purred his words and for a short moment you almost wished that the sofa wasn’t separating most of his body from yours. Maybe if you felt more of your angel against you, you might be able to start feeling things inside of you again too.

The shiver-inducing palm slipping up beneath the hem of your shirt and brushing your side caused those thoughts to vanish within the next instant. You’d grabbed the wrist of that hand tightly without really thinking, stopping the advance dead in it’s tracks in a way you never had before.

“No,” Your voice cracked when it finally came out, eyes finding his face as a flash of lightning lit up the room briefly. It was quick, to the point where you couldn’t see if he was angered by your action or not, but you hardly thought on it long when he allowed you to gently push his hand out from under your shirt, “Not tonight, Lucifer. Please, just…I can’t. Not now…”

There was silence for what felt like an eternity, crimson flashing within the darkness moments before Lucifer was crouched before you and cupping your face, “…Someone upset you.” It was a statement more than anything, but his hands cradling your cheeks actually had relief washing through you.

Unfortunately, tears building up in your eyes and clinging to your lashes accompanied that very relief. Illumination from more lightning made them shine like stars for him, if only for a moment.

“Answer me, little one.” Lucifer urged you so say something, anything. His thumbs caught the few tears that fell and you leaned into his touch. Your emotions hadn’t returned to you, exactly, but your body was acting like they did. Or were you silently crying now because you were with the one being that made you so complete and you couldn’t feel that flooding warmth now…?

“Y/n,” The archangel started once more by actually calling out your name, his voice growing firm when you didn’t speak. You could feel his hands twitch as if he was restraining his physical strength, and his eyes began to glow again while practically searing though the darkness and into your own, “Answer. Me.”

It took you a moment to realize that he wasn’t going to let you shake your head like you originally wanted, so you opted for a soft hum instead, “No one upset me. Well, not quite, anyway…it’s just–”

“Let me guess; pesky human emotions running amok in that delightfully disturbed little mind of yours?” He cut you off, talking about your emotions almost mockingly. He did this a lot, so it hardly bothered you even when you hadn’t fried the feels switch in your brain. The mind comment would have been nice if you actually could muster enough to gush.

“I’m not really feeling anything right now,” You admitted. He hadn’t moved his hands from your face, fingers caressing the skin beneath them in what was perhaps an attempt to soothe your tears away. It was working enough for you to try to explain to your internal issue to the archangel, “I’m pretty sure I overloaded and fried the wiring in my brain a bit. It doesn’t happen a lot unless I get really frustrated or upset, but usually passes after a few hours.”

“I’ll never understand why father made such an obvious design flaw.” Lucifer gave a short click through his teeth. You were going to ask which ‘design flaw’ he was referring to this time, given how you knew he believed humans had quite a number of them, but he hardly gave you the chance to so much as part your lips.

Lucifer had you pressed back against his chest within the fraction of a second, so fast it had your head spinning. A gasp only left your mouth when the candle on the table ignited of it’s own accord and the archangel pulled you with him while he reclined against one of the arms of your old sofa.

His chuckle tickled the side of your face along with his slight scruff, lips meeting your forehead tenderly when one hand cupped your chin in a silent urge for you to dip your head back for him.

A warmth flooded into you from the point where his lips touched skin as he did so. It was the familiar sensation of Lucifer’s grace, mostly lingering within your head, both hot and cold in a tantalizing contrast along your frayed nerves.

Little by little, the absent emotions buried within began to return. Tears started to fall again when the stress that was the cause of this entire mess was one of the first to hit you, but Lucifer caught and flicked them away without pulling any part of himself from you.

One arm continued to hold you to his pleasantly chilly vessel, the hand on your chin now tracing imaginary circles along your jaw and up the back of your ear, all while his grace alleviated as much of your mental pain as it could from the inside out. The potent combination of these things had you melting into him and relenting entire control of your every molecule to Lucifer’s mercy with a quivering sigh. The stress was coming and going, but not quite fast enough for your liking as it drained what little energy you had.

Sensing this, Lucifer tipped your head back further and claimed your mouth with his own. The angle allowed him to slip his tongue past your already parted lips, working you dizzy with his deliberate and precise movements. His caresses remained, as you pleaded earlier, above your clothing and non-advancing.

That didn’t stop his tongue from all but making love to your mouth, though. The way in which he did so with such simple movements soon had you needing to break away for air. You’d forgotten all about the stress at that point.

“You see, I would have made humans much differently,” Lucifer mused, watching you lay limp against him with his smugness returned in full. He thoroughly enjoyed your dazed expression as his large hand began to idly play with your hair, “But I suppose you’re as close as dad got to perfect with this little runaway experiment of his.”

“If anyone is perfect, it’s you…” You distantly recalled yourself replying before he laughed and nudged your ear with the tip of his nose. The hand at your chin wiped the remaining tears against your cheeks away, leading you to realize that you’d stopped crying at some point.

“The fact that you’re pointing out the obvious lets me know that you aren’t feeling completely better yet, little one.” His grace began to fade away from you, leaving a soft buzzing behind that tingled all the way down to your toes and even more so where his body continued to touch yours.

Shifting so your side was resting against his front comfortably, you reached up to bump your nose lovingly against the scruff on his chin, “You stole what remaining working brain cells I had left with that damnable kiss of yours.”

“Not that you had very many to begin with,” Lucifer teased. He kept playing with your hair and the sensation started to cause you to doze off right there in his arms with the distant sound of thunder rumbling just outside your window perfect background noise. The low, lulling cadence of his voice only aided your exhausted body’s attempt at a factory reset, “Now rest, my little lamb. You’ll be back to your usual emotional mess in the morning.”

“Thank you, Luce…” You managed to murmur with a smile while what felt like a blanket was pulled over you. It was hard to believe that the archangel currently allowing you to fall asleep against him was suppose to bring about the apocalypse and hated human beings with the fire of a thousand burning suns. It was…nice…

Before you drifted too far near slumber while surrounded by the scent and chill of your lover, Lucifer drew you out of it with the backs of his fingers rushing your cheek, “Oh, and little one? When you are feeling better, I will do well to remind you that it isn’t just going to be your phone company and plumbing that’s going to pay for the twenty minutes you spent ignoring me.”

You suddenly weren’t as sleepy anymore when you looked up at him with an expression of mild despair.

“Lucifer,” Your tone was a mixture of a warning and some sort of plea, already feeling the smugness oozing off of him in waves now as Lucifer knew he’d just become the number one thing under your skin. It didn’t make you feel any better, considering you had a pretty good idea of what he’d done; even in your fatigued state, “Please tell me that you didn’t try flushing my cellphone down the toilet again.”

“You’ll get your answer if the room starts flooding in, say,” He deliberately looked at an imaginary watch on his wrist is such a nonchalant way that you nearly wanted to scream, “Five, maybe ten minutes?”


Okay… I have read this a few times and it is literally the most amazing thing ever and I am just so freaking happy!!! It’s totally me in a nutshell and Lucifer would just make this so much better! You got his character perfectly and I was grinning like an idiot reading this!

Thank you so freaking much for writing this and I am absolutely in love it and you!!


not0a0mundane  asked:

I need to say two things to you dear Scout. 1: happy late birthday wishes. 2: in God n' Gabe 3 do we get to know where Mike and Adam had been?

castiel–lover said:

What do you think Michael and Adam are doing down in the pit all alone? Do they get along without Lucifer there to torment them?

ohhh, i should add this to my faq!

OK SO. i think when mike took adam’s body, he left adam in heaven. so, michael had no reason to keep adam cooped up in there for no reason, and adam would be more willing to give up his body and stay with his mom?? so i’m like 99% sure mike is just sitting in the cage alone like

Anonymous said:

Scout, one question that has plagued my mind is…what is you true form like?

oh, you’ve seen it quite frequently! it’s basically just 

Imagine Dean and Sam having to drag you through the portal…

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You stood with Dean and Sam, watching your lover and Lucifer bicker, you wanted nothing more then to punch the devil for the awful things he had said about you love.

And that is when you saw the angel blade, and the panic set in. He then slightly turned his back, “Bye boys. Take care of her.”

“Crowley No!” You screamed as Crowley buried the blade into his chest. Your own knees buckling under your weight as both Sam and Dean caught you.

“Crowley.” You whispered as you watched him drop. It was then that you tried to attack Lucifer, so preoccupied on your own struggle to get free of the boys you failed to notice Castiel charging the Devilish Archangel. Dean’s screams for Cas to stop drowned out your screams for freedom, as Sam tried to drag you both back through.


Later in the impala you sat beside Jack, who was taking in the sights, as you observed a world that was a little bit darker without the King of Hell in it.

Second in Command

Pairing: Casifer x Demon!Reader
Word Count: 1,676
Summary: Lucifer is topside again, and this time he promises not to hurt the demons. Most of them follow him, after all, he’s Lucifer. But not you. You’re Crowley’s second in command, and Lucifer wants you - in more ways than one.
Warnings: SMUT, fingering, oral (reader receiving), unprotected sex (cover it up kids), forced orgasms, language
Tagging: @smolbeannova @abaddonwithyall

A/N: Honestly this is straight porn. No shame though. It was hella hot to write. 

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The Forgotten Sister

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary: The long lost sister makes her return.

Warnings: Angst, a little violence.

Word Count: 578

A/N: I don’t know what this is. So I’m just gonna leave it here and pretend like it didn’t happen…

Originally posted by casclarenceunicorn

People always say that where there is darkness there is light. But they always seem to forget the all important shades of grey, neither dark or light, but neutral. You had always been forgotten, swallowed up by the mists of time. Your brother and sister were both remembered. Your brother, created man kind and had a whole religion dedicated to him that called him God. Being all good and humble he know goes by Chuck. Now your sister, well she’s another story. She was the darkness to your brothers light, so much so that Chuck locked her up, which effectively took away your happy ending. When Chuck imprisoned your sister he bound her to The Mark and gave it to Lucifer. History had recorded this but what what they didn’t record was that you and Lucifer had been lovers. He was your one and only love but when that mark was placed on him, he changed. Darkness crept into him and he eventually fell, becoming the father of all evil. 

The entire time you just stood by and watched. You equaled Chuck in power but you would never oppose him. Your neutrality on the matter made Lucifer become bitter and spiteful towards you. When he fell, he vowed that he would some day make you pay. 

As the eons passed your heart never healed. Lucifer was eventually captured and placed in the Cage. And Chuck took a vaction away from Heaven. Now all you did was exist. You had no real purpose, no reason to really live. Your lover was gone, your brother and sister were gone. You had nothing.

Time continued to pass and you watched as the humans continued to evolve. They were morally corrupt and often leaned towards bad choices. But they never received any interference from you or your brother. You were so sick of always being neutral. That had always been your purpose but you had long since been forgotten and you were bored. You had all this power at the tips of your fingers and now it was time to play. 

With the snap of your fingers you took yourself to a beautiful lake surrounded by snow capped mountains. With another snap of your fingers Lucifer stood in front of you, freed from Hell. Lucifer turned and faced you, his eyes were filled with fire as he stalked up to you. He reached out, grabbed your neck, and with a quick twist he snapped your fragile neck. Falling to the ground you laid there for a few minutes letting your physical form heal. Getting back up you looked at him, amused. “Now that you have that out of your system, are we good?" 

Lucifer just pulled you into his arms and placed a fierce kiss on your lips. "We’ll never be good.” He growled.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Because I’m sick and tired of being good. I have lived in the shadows for to long and now I want to have sine fun. Now tell me lover, what shall we do first?”

Lucifer looked at you cautiously. “You should see the sights this world has to offer.”

You smiled at him. He so reminded you of the angel you had known so long ago. But it was all an illusion, underneath all that charm he was still a monster. You grabbed his hand, “then let’s go show this world what the forgotten sister and the fallen angel can do." 


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