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The January adaptation of books and comics:

1. War And Pears
Premiere Dates: 03.01.2016
It is based on: Leo Tolstoy «War And Peace»

2. Cheese in the Trap
Premiere Dates: 04.01.2016
It is based on: Manhwa «Cheese in the Trap»

3. The Shannara Chronicles
Premiere Dates: 06.01.2016
It is based on: Terry Brooks «The Elfstones of Shannara»

4. Teen Wolf
Premiere Dates: 06.01.2016
Book based on the serials: Nancy Holder «On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel»

5. Shadowhunters
Premiere Dates: 12.01.2016
It is based on: Cassandra Clare «The Mortal Instruments»

6. The 5th Wave
Premiere Dates: 14.01.2016
It is based on: Rick Yancey «The 5th Wave»

7. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Premiere Dates: 21.01.2016
It is based on: DC Comics

8. The Magicians
Premiere Dates: 25.01.2016
It is based on: Lev Grossman «The Magicians Triology»

9. Lucifer
Premiere Dates: 25.01.2016
It is based on: DC Comics

My TV Schedule is more intense than my school schedule

Monday nights:

  • Supergirl at 8
  • Lucifer at 9
  • Blindspot at 10

Tuesday nights:

  • The Flash at 8
  • Shadowhutners at 9 
  • iZombie at 9 (I’m behind by 2 weeks)
  • Agent Carter at 9 (Need to watch episodes 6, 7 and 8)
  • Teen Wolf at 9 (I just need to watch yesterday’s)
  • Shannara Chronicles at 10 (I’m behind by 3 episodes)

Wednesday nights:

  • Arrow from the 17th and 24th
  • Supernatural from the 10th, 17th and 24th
  • Suits at 10pm (Need to watch the past 2 episodes)

Thursday nights:

  • Legends of Tomorrow at 8
  • The Blacklist at 9
  • How To Get Away with Murder at 10 (Watching last weeks tonight)
  • Elementary at 10 (Have to catch up on episodes 12, 13 & 14)

Friday at home/school:

  • Grimm (Need to watch the past few weeks)

Originally posted by trixie537

  • Koç: Game of Thrones
  • Boğa: Friends
  • İkizler: American Horror Story
  • Yengeç: Once Upon a Time
  • Aslan: Shameless
  • Başak: 2 Broke Girls
  • Terazi: Sherlock
  • Akrep: How to Get Away with Murder
  • Yay: Shannara Chronicles
  • Oğlak: Lucifer
  • Kova: The Big Bang Theory
  • Balık: Shadowhunters
Your guide to the new shows of 2016

So we are 2016 and you know what that means. New shows to chose from. Here is small guide to what you can expect.

We start off with

The Shannara Chronicles

Premiere: The first two episodes are already out

Plot: It’s about a post apocalyptic world where we have destroyed ourselves and for some reason there are elves and dwarfs and demons fighting each other in the middle of old car wrecks and fallen skyscrapers. The humans there are as primitive as anybody else and we are refereed to as Ancient Humans. The series is kind mediocre and the first ten minutes gives you false hope about how the female characters will be treated which was disappointing

Who should I watch out for: The cast is mostly unknowns but we do have Crixus from Sparatcaus /Slade Wilson from Arrow playing a druid


Premiere: The first episode is out

Plot: Aliens beat the shit out of us and now they rule the world. But they do it indirectly using humans loyal to them to enforce order. The aliens have also  built huge walls around human cities and have many active drones following our every move. We don’t really see any aliens. The main hero is some old FBI agents or something who is trying to find his kid and ends up in between the Collaborator ruling humans and the Resistance.

Who should I watch out for:  Sawyer from Lost, Lori from The Walking Dead, Taub from House M.D


Premiere : The first episode is already out

Plot: Apparently demons exist and there people who can fight them using tatoos or something. Girl has her 18 birthday finds out about magic, missing mom  , endless love triangles and so on. It’s not a very good show so far either writing or acting wise  but who knows it might get better

Who should I watch out for: Old Spice Dude! This show is now diamonds! I am on a horse

Legends of Tommorow


Plot: Heroes team up and time travel but who cares Sara Motherfucking Lance is back!

Who should I watch out for: Sara Motherfucking Lance!!!! Rory from Doctor Who, Dudes from Prison Break, Sydney Bristow’s dad and Sara Motherfucking Lance!! WATCH IT

The Magicians

Premiere: First episode is out. Officially on January 25

Plot: Harry Potter set in univeristy. It’s a VERY Sy Fy show but it looks watchable

Who should I watch out for: No one really jumps ou


Premiere: January 23 but the pilot has been leaked

Plot: Lucifer gets bored in hell so he takes a vacation and goes to L.A. God is annoyed and sends angels to tell him to get back to work.  Meanwhile some cop  investigating a murder turns out to be immune to his powers so he follows her like a puppy. Looks like it would be just another procedural but it looks fun

Who should I watch out for: That cute blonde who played a lesbian in the Firefighter show


Premiere : February 14

Plot:The music business in the 70′s

Who should I watch out for: OLIVIA WILDE in the 70′s. Also Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger are involved


Premiere: February 16

Plot: James Franco travels back in time to prevent the JFK assasination…I don’t know it’s weird

Who should I watch out for: It’s made from Stepehen King and J.J Abrams

LOVE(Netflix show)

Premiere: February 19

Plot: Show about dating and whatver. But it has Gillian Jacobs in it!

Who should I watch out for: Britta Perry from Community! Also Judd Apatow is directing it or whatver

That’s enough for now. I hope you enjoy at least one of these. Also feel free to add more

bigfanofpuns  asked:

It's always nice to visit other fandoms. Besides Gotham, is there any other TV show or something that you recommend?

Hoo boy here we go, there’s so many I recommend;

Teen Wolf
The Flash
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Van Hellsing
2 Broke Girls
Big Bang Bang Theory
Man with a Plan
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Stranger Things
Shannara Chronicles
Mortal Instruments

There’s a lot more but hope that’s enough to recommend for now!