[ENG] 170218 NBN Derusata (Key, Minho, Onew, Taemin Cuts)
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[ENG] 170218 Derusata

The Simple Stuff

Smut doesn’t seem to want to come out of my brain today so here’s a fluffy Taemin.

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Before you knew it, the night had fallen upon the tiring day. In your double bed, you watched and listened as the relaxing pitter patter of rain hit and drizzled down your window like a poetic chasing of lovers; the droplets always trying to catch the others. The TV was on very quietly in the background and as you felt the other side of the bed move, you smiled to yourself. That night, Taemin was sleeping over. His warm arms glided around you and held you close to his naked body, slightly pressing you against him. You felt his charming smile on your shoulder, his hair slightly tickling your face as he softly uttered:

“I love this. The simple stuff. Listening to the rain and being close to you…it’s perfect.” 

He was right. You didn’t need hearts and flowers to be romanced. With Taemin, the simple stuff was all you wanted and needed to feel complete. Turning your body to face him, you allowed him to kiss you delicately yet passionately. The feel of his lips upon yours gave you goosebumps; It was that magic feeling you only read about in romance novels. Taemin took your hands and held them affectionately. You adored the feeling of your fingers being touched by Taemin’s cute, boyish hands. He liked feeling manly, especially when you’d lay your head on his toned chest like you did that night. Taemin wanted to protect and cherish you, running his fingers through your hair, almost sending you to sleep. With loving eyes, he explored your naked body, each curve you had, the way your chest moved when you breathed and how your toes curled when his hand got a little closer to your behind. Taemin wasn’t the type to do outlandish acts of romance, you knew that when you started dating. Instantly, you knew he was the type to enjoy the minimalist life and you, as a whole, was all the love he needed and it was the same for you. The fact he would be there when you needed him, held you protectively through your rough nights and kissed you sweetly when he made you breakfast in the morning proved he loved you a huge amount. Like Taemin said, it was the simple stuff that was romantic. 

The wind blew stronger, causing the rain to smack your window harder. You were glad Taemin was there, nuzzling his face in to your neck contently, scattering kisses on your skin every now and again. You could spend hours passing the time like that, allowing your fingers to explore the other’s bodies like they were a hidden adventure. Though your eyes were heavy with sleepiness, you didn’t want to fall asleep. You only wanted to gaze in to Taemin’s deep, dark brown, dazzling eyes and keep on kissing his pillow like lips. He couldn’t stop smiling every time you kissed him. It was the kind of moment where you were aroused but too tired to have sex; sleepy but too much in awe of him to close your eyes. You knew you’d make love in the morning; you were excited for that. Until then, you tried desperately not to fall asleep as the rain sang you a lullaby. 

“It’s okay jagi. You can fall asleep. I’ll still be here.” 

Taemin said it like he knew you were worried that one day you’d wake up and it’d all be just a dream before he kissed your forehead. It was crazy how something so simple as listening to the rain and cuddling was so heavenly and angelic. Heaven was some thing like a place on earth with him. 


[ENG] 170218 Derusata - Minho eating during Taemin’s Solo Stage