Taemin’s stage presence is so incredible, his visuals are out of this world. He has a VERY androgynous vibe and the fact that he’s being totally comfortable and natural with it especially in this comeback makes me so SO happy. The way he shakes his hips, the extra sass, the delicate moves when he touches his face and his gentle moves, he has this maturity and femininity about him which he embraces and puts into his performances and it’s very effective and he isn’t really afraid to release differently among others. The female backup dancers are moving with him in the same way smoothly rather than the male performer being rigid and masculine while the female dancers are fluid around him. He always pushes the boundaries of how much you can cross the invisible line of looking “too something” with his dancing, clothing and singing. The choreography plays up to Taemin’s strength quite well, which are androgyny and sensuality. This is how you make a choreography to elevate the artistry of the song. Taemin has my respect, I’m so proud of my baby he deserves everything :(


Week Ending October 16th, 2017

  1. BTS
  2. EXO
  3. GOT7 +1
  5. Girls’ Generation
  6. Monsta X −1
  7. Taemin +9
  8. SHINee +1
  9. Twice −1
  10. B.A.P
  11. BLACKPINK −5
  12. Wanna One −5
  13. NCT 127 −1
  14. Red Velvet +1
  15. DAY6 −4
  16. VIXX −3
  17. Big Bang −3
  18. NU'EST +2
  19. NCT Dream
  20. Super Junior −3

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

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