Moral Support (Sam x Reader)

Request: Can u do a fic with sammy where he’s really stressed with a hunt and he’s freaking out a little and reader just waits for him to just ‘hush’ and gives him a big hug :D fluffy? thank you <3 <3 <3

Title: Moral Support

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Just some fluff 

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 You slumped back into your seat as you watched your boyfriend, Sam, pace around your motel room.

You were out on a hunt with him and Dean and the case was turning out to be complicated than you all thought. It was your fourth day on the case and you still couldn’t figure out what the hell was killing things.

Dean had left earlier in the morning to go back to the coroner’s office, leaving you and Sam behind to do research.

“Maybe it’s a demon and we just missed all the signs.” Sam suggested, not even bothering to give you a glance.

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Shared Spaces, part 2


Part 1



“I think my brothers are starting to suspect something.”

Lucifer turned, spotting Sam and Dean huddled together in the library. When his (your) eyes met theirs, they turned back, sharing a look of their own.

“Do you think they’re going to cause a problem?”

“They’re Winchesters. Of course they’ll cause a problem.”

Lucifer stood (with your legs) and stepped down the hall towards your room. He carefully shut the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to cause problems for you and your brothers.”

“It’s fine, Lucifer. Really.”

Lucifer shook his head. “I need to get out of here.”

“Where are you going to go?”


“Lucifer, stop pacing. You’re going to wear a path in my rug.”

“Gabriel! Get down here now!”

Gabriel appeared in the room at that moment. “My ears are ringing!”

“Gabriel, I need to get out of here. Now.”

“Why? I’ve never seen you look better, Luce.”

“Sam and Dean are starting to get suspicious. I can’t have them cause a problem for Y/N.”

Gabriel studied Lucifer. “What does Y/N want to do?”


Gabriel held his hand up. “Y/N? If you speak, I’ll be able to hear you. What do you want to do?”

You thought for a moment. “I… is Lucifer’s vessel repaired?”

“Almost. Father should have it ready in two days.”

“I think we can hold my brothers off until then.”


“Lucifer, please. You don’t have anywhere else to go. We’ve made it this far.”

“It’s only two days, brother.”

Lucifer sighed. “Fine. But if things go south, you better come down here and explain.”

“Done and done.”


The following morning, Sam found you in the kitchen while you were drinking your morning coffee. Lucifer had grown to tolerate the taste. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Sam. What’s up?”


Lucifer studied the man as he leaned against the counter. “What were you and Dean doing yesterday? You looked pretty invested in something.”


At that moment, the feel of cool metal surrounded your wrist, accompanied by a soft clicking sound. Lucifer looked down, finding himself handcuffed to the chair. “What the hell?” Looking up, he found Dean stepping to your other side, handcuffing the other wrist in the blink of an eye.

“What’s going on?”

Sam started speaking in Latin, staring at you.

“An exorcism? Really?!”

“We know you’re not Y/N,” Dean said.

“She’s in here, too! I just…”

The brothers shared a look. “Who are we speaking to?”

“Go ahead, Lucifer,” you told him. “There’s no point in delaying this anymore.”

Lucifer took a breath. “Lucifer.”

“What the hell?!” both brothers said.

“Lucifer, how the hell–”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing to our sister?”

“You son of a bitch, I’m gonna kill you!”

“How long have you been using her?”

“Guys, calm down,” Lucifer said, trying to remain calm. “If you’d let me speak…”

“I’m sensing some tension,” Gabriel said, stepping into the room.

“Now’s not the time, Gabriel,” Dean growled.

“Actually, I think it’s the perfect time,” Gabriel said. “Before you hurt my brother or your sister.”

“You knew about this?”

“I’m the one who set it up.”

“Why?” Sam asked.

“First, unlock… them? Him? Her?” Gabriel shook his head and gestured to you/Lucifer.

The brothers stood stock-still for a few moments before Sam held his hand out. Dean didn’t want to hand the key over but Sam managed to wrestle it from him. He undid the handcuffs and Lucifer stood, stepping over to his brother.

“Now,” Gabriel said. “Let’s all have a nice, calm conversation about this.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Dean asked.

“Okay, not so much for the calm I see.” Gabriel pressed on. “So. Lucifer’s vessel needed some work. Since we archangels need a special brand of vessel, one called Winchester, we talked to Y/N. She agreed to help us out.”

“Why?” Dean asked, turning to your vessel.

“Because we need to help the angels out,” you said. “They’re some of our most valuable assets.”

“She says because you need to learn to help us out because we’re valuable assets to you guys,” Lucifer said.

“Like I’m gonna believe anything you say.”

“It’s true, Deano. Heard it myself,” Gabriel verified.

“Y/N, did you think this through?” Sam asked. “It’s a big change, letting someone take over your body.”

“Everything’s fine, Sam. I trust Lucifer.”

“She trusts him,” Gabriel said. “And look, this arrangement is only temporary. In fact, I’ve talked to daddy dearest and he said he’ll have Lucifer’s original vessel repaired and good as new by tomorrow morning!”

“I don’t like this,” Dean said.

“You’ve made that clear,” Lucifer retorted.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” Sam said, resigned. “It’s Y/N’s body, so it’s Y/N’s decision.”

“Now if only the politicians could understand that,” you said to yourself.

“Fine,” Dean relented. “But you are not leaving my sight from now until then.”

“Even during shower time?” Lucifer asked. “That seems a little gross.”

Dean scowled and stormed out of the room.

“He does know that completely undermines his previous threat, right?”


Supernatural Poetry Challenge | @vintagesam vs. @deanghostchester
Prompt: First Lines - “With the rising of the morning sun
Pairings: Sam Winchester/Lucifer
Beta: @trisscar368

With the rising of the morning sun,
I remember you;
my angel,
my Morningstar.

I remember your eyes,
golden like the sun you resemble,
but brilliant in your own way.
Let me stare forever.

I remember your scars,
tainting both your mind
and your grace.
Let me be your healer.

I remember your wings;
with errant feathers,
like scars in themselves.
I can mend them back to beauty.

I remember your mind;
millennia of knowledge,
trapped in a tarnished vessel.
Let me be your temple.

I remember your words,
like raindrops
falling from darkened clouds.
Let me listen forever.

I remember your grace,
flowing between us like silk,
and shielding me from danger.
I will always be protected.

I remember your love;
warm despite the ice
always in your breath.
I love you, my Morningstar.


Knights of the Round Table. Had all of King Arthur’s knights, and they were all on the quest for the Holy Grail. And I remember looking at this picture of Sir Galahad, and, and, and he was kneeling, and— and light streaming over his face, and— I remember… thinking, uh, I could never go on a quest like that. Because I’m not clean. I mean, I w— I was just a little kid. You think… maybe I knew? I mean, deep down, that— I had… demon blood in me, and about the evil of it, and that I'm— wasn’t pure?

Dean was yelling at Mary, telling her about how he hates her. And he keeps using examples including his brother’s struggles.
Sam lost the girl he loved.
Sam was tortured in hell.
Sam was possessed by Lucifer.
Sam lost his soul.
And then I realized. Dean was abused and traumatized and broken down so many times. He knows that what he went through is fucked up. He might not recognize the severity, but he’s not stupid. He knows his life was never fair to him.
But he’s still more angry about Sam’s trauma than his own. He still thinks Sam is more important. To his mother. To the world.
That makes me really sad.