Christmas Time with Boyking!Sam

The first thing that Sam had done when he had took over Hell, with Lucifer at his side as his consort, he had re-organized the whole place so that it ran like a business. Paperwork was essential. One of his daily tasks were to review the records of the recent souls brought down, to ensure that they actually belonged there and had not been a mix-up, and any petitions.

Meg had tossed a woolen sack onto his desk. He looks up and scrutinizes it, “What is this?”

“Fan letters for Lucifer, I guess. Found them at the post office” She shrugs.

Sam sighs and digs his hand into the sack to pull out of these letters to see for himself. The cover of the envelope was clearly by a child’s hand and read that it was to “Satan”. It was strange because while there certainly were insane satanists that worshiped his lover, they were all adults or teenagers, not someone so obviously young.

He tears open the letter to peer at the contents inside. It was a wishlist for Christmas presents. Apparently the child was dyslexic or wrote it too hastily so they ended up writing down “Satan” instead of “Santa”.

“They’re letters for Santa but the kids misspelled his name.” Sam informs her and she lets out a laugh. Probably because imagining Lucifer wearing a Santa costume would be hilarious, though ill advised because of his hatred of humanity. Sam had been proven to be the only exception to his loathing.

He felt somewhat bad for the children and decided to clear out his schedule the week before Christmas to give something back to them. Then he carefully told Lucifer about his plans, ensuring not to mention the best part for what he had in store, and, as his lover hardly ever could deny him, reluctantly agreed.

Sam was the king of the Hell and, even though the letters were addressed to Lucifer, he decided that he would be the one to take on the form of Santa for his appearance at the local mall, handing out presents to all the children that sat on his lap. Now, he could have just made Lucifer one of his helper elves but Sam was not always so kind.

He was waiting expectantly outside the men’s restroom for Lucifer to appear in the costume Sam had given him. The angel finally steps out wearing a red and white bonnet over his head and a modest red dress. It looks surprisingly good on him and Sam considers that he should put him in women’s clothing more often, though perhaps something much more revealing like lingerie.

“Is this necessary?” Lucifer raises a brow at him, picking at the fabric.

“I needed someone to play Mrs Claus and thought you would be perfect. Or should I have considered someone else to be my spouse? Maybe Ruby?” Sam teases, baiting his lover, knowing how jealous he could get. Icy blue eyes illuminate with grace and he can see his wings in the non-physical plane flare out in anger. Even though Lucifer looked about ready to smite somebody, Sam had no fear as he knew that he would never hurt him.

“You wouldn’t dare.” He growls out and pushes Sam until he is up against the wall. Wings curl to wrap around him possessively. One thing had always been absolutely clear, Lucifer may have given Sam complete control outside and inside the bedroom but he was no pushover. He could easily flip the tables at any moment if he so desired because, underneath the submissive exterior he presented for Sam, he was still a fierce archangel.

“No, I wouldn’t.” Sam confirms, pressing his mouth to Lucifer.

“Don’t tease me like that.” Lucifer tells him when they break out, his eyes no longer shining with grace.

“But when you get protective like that, it reminds me that I’m yours and no one else’s.” Sam smiles as he digs his face into his shoulder.

The mall event had gone without a hitch. Every child had been eager to get their present and a picture taken with Santa. At the end of the day, Sam asked the photographer to take a photo of him and Lucifer as a memento, if only for him to laugh at his lover’s costume.

Though Lucifer did not like being made a laughing stock and the boyking had no doubt that he would find some creative way to get back at Sam for embarrassing him.

And so he did, a week later. Sam had woke up in his chambers one morning tied to the king sized bed and Lucifer, with a sadistic smile on his face, hovering above him.

Needless to say, he did not get out of bed that day and his duties had been neglected as his lover rode him several different ways into the mattress and denying him release until the very end.

anonymous asked:

human!AU where Sam and Lucifer are the long-term established couple and are stuck exasperatedly dealing with all the dramatic shenanigans their siblings get into trying to find their own significant others.


  • The middle child. Works as a lawyer (prosecutor for the DA). Met Lucifer during a case.

Lucifer (Luke or Nick):

  • The second oldest child in the family. Was stuck helping Michael with raising their younger siblings due to their absentee father. Works in law enforcement.

The Siblings:

  • Michael, as the eldest of Lucifer’s siblings, is very picky so it is hard for him to find anyone that meets his unrealistically high standards. He also comes off as very rude and condescending to others so he has left all of his exes on bad terms.
  • Raphael, the third oldest, gets her serious disposition from Michael but she is not as rude. However, she is married to her job so she considers that more important than finding someone to settle down with. Though, she has had her fair share of suitors.
  • Gabriel, one of the youngest, has commitment issues so he prefers to have sex with a lot of different people without settling down. Though, this has led to a lot of jealous lovers and fights between them.
  • Castiel, another one of the youngest, is just a totally oblivious virgin. He doesn’t know what flirting is even if you outright asked him for a roll in the hay.
  • Balthazar, Anna, and the other angels are Lucifer’s cousins.
  • Dean is a ladies’ man but is struggling with his attraction to other men and admitting that he is bisexual.
  • Adam, Sam and Dean’s half brother, is just a beautiful cinnamon bun too good for this world. He is just sick of everybody else’s shit. Despite Michael’s personality, he gets on surprisingly well with him, though even he finds him to be a bit of an ass at times.

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I like thinking about boyking!Sam having all the control partly because Lucifer wants to see what he will do as king since, prior to Sam, Lucifer had ruled for so many years and knows what to expect under his command. But he relinquishes control freely because he knows that he can trust Sam, which speaks volumes in it itself. Of course, even with Sam on the throne, the demons never forget who their creator is.

I agree with your idea. Boy King Sam can rule Hell but demons still worship Lucifer.

At the begining demons just took Sam for Lucifer’s favorite, but they soon realize that Sam was almost as powerful as the Devil and he can be as ruthless and crual.

Lucifer doesn’t particularly like demons. Like humans they are flawed. But he trusts Sam completely. So demons don’t have one ruler as they had before, they have two now.

And also I have the headcanon that Sam likes to be called Boy King, especially by his lover, but Lucifer takes no title. It is not “the king of Hell”, because kings can fall and be replaced but not him.

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(Part 1/?) Lucifer sucked in a breath to puff out his chest to appear more confident than he actually was as a grinning, gangly boy strolled down the street with a small gaggle of friends. God dammit, why did the guy have to travel in a pack? How the hell was he supposed to ask him out if he was always surrounded? Lucifer panicked internally as Sam approached quicker than he had anticipated, causing Lucifer to curse his moose legs.

(Part 2/?) Lucifer’s internal monologue was going haywire, his leather jacket was making his sweat buckets under the sun, did Sam even like leather jackets? He hoped he didn’t have any visible sweat patches, what if he had something stuck in his teeth!? He damned every piece of spinach in existence. Sam laughed at something his friend had said, head thrown back, dimples on full power… wow… Lucifer forgot everything he had planned on saying, all his breath pushed out in one long wistful sigh.

(Part 3/?) Sam walked past him with a small wave and a gorgeous smile which Lucifer dopily returned. Before realising he had yet again missed his chance to ask Sam on a date. Crap. Once Sam rounded the corner Sam let out a sigh and his friends rolled their eyes “Do you think he likes me? Was the wave a good thing or was it just awkward? Oh god I bet my hair is a mess-” Charlie flicked him on the forehead “Duh, idiot, the guy’s head over heels for you, everything’s fine”

(Part 4/4) Charlie pointed in Lucifer’s direction “Go ask him out already! He’s clearly chicken and it driving me mental! You just stare at each other!” Sam scowled at the floor and huffed running his hand through his hair just to make sure. “I cant, he’s just- ugh, you don’t get it” Charlie rolled her eyes “Yeah, trust me, I really don’t” Sam pouted at her. “Come on then, before we’re late” “Late for what? You staring at the back of his head all day?” Sam scoffed “Shut it” Charlie laughed

Aaaah cute fluffy high school au yay :D

But is there more? :O Is one of them gonna ask? Tell meeeeeee :D

Pleased to Meet You

by Eiande

“I want to give you a gift. I want to give you everything.”

Finished it! Probably with a little help from Morningstar, because usually I work much much slower:)

Since it is still the year 2014 and Supernatural hiatus continues, I went on a trip down the memory lane and guess who was waiting there? Lucifer wearing Sam Winchester’s body suit. Jared was absolutely brilliant portraying him, wasn’t he?

With a little nod and wink towards DC Comics Lucifer, because I adore those comics. And a little nod towards The Rolling Stones.