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I’ll be writing my Thor smut fic and Sam Wilson smut fic from my death bed. Also feel free to send in supernatural requests. I’d like to write some of those as well.

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Gif 4 Fic #Dos

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Oh my god I totally didn’t realize how much I would like the idea of this story that I wrote. If you want it continued please please please let me know because I would totally write another part! :D
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 Word Count: 2083

There were so many things that could happen in the life of a college student. Maybe a lot of things, but because you are one tho likes to spend your free time in the library clearly there wasn’t going to be a whole lot that happened. That was until one day Sam freakin Winchester walks in with some random guy behind him. Yeah, you knew Sam Winchester. You were obsessed with the books so if you saw him there was no denying that it was indeed him. But why? And who was that guy behind him? Why did he have a white shadow instead of a black one? You noticed that everyone else around you saw you staring at the two. You looked back at the computer screen and pulled up the homepage of your supernatural blog: and started a text post. You titled it: White Shadow. You looked up to see that am and his new friend were walking around in the mythology section. Typical. Wonderfully typical. Why would he be looking anywhere other than that or History? You looked at his friend and saw his lips moving, but couldn’t hear anything. He must have said something offensive because Sam looked at him with a disgusted expression. Then he spoke.

“I’m not in the mood. I have a case.” Then your eyes darted to the other man and his lips moved, but again you heard nothing. 

Confused you looked to everyone else for a change in their behaviors and everyone didn’t seem to notice or care for the two. Of course, you were staring at two complete strangers. So if anyone was being weird it was you. With hesitation you looked back at the computer screen and took a deep breath and started the post:

There he was like usual in the library brow furrowed, a hand rested on the edge of the table, and three or four Mythology and Religion books scattered open in front of him. Sam Winchester was looking for more lure on the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Lucifer, and Gabriel. Not once did his concentration break as his shadow taught him. It all started about a month ago. While Sam was asleep in a motel room in Oklahoma. He had just brought on the Apocolypse and there was no need to be a hunter if it was he who brought this end to the world. 

You looked up to find Sam and his friend. Both were sitting at a table and the shadow from his friend towered over the two of them in some kind of bubble. You looked to the girl at the table on their left and she didn’t seem to be affected by it. His friend spoke again. Still no audible words. You watched closely as Sam didn’t move at his friend’s words. The man let out a sigh, but still no audio. You clearly were losing your mind because there was no way that someone could be making such a fuss over whatever it was he was fussing over and not make a single noise. You shook your head and cleared your throat as you turned back to the computer and read over your little paragraph. You frowned at your words. 

“Mr. Edlund would not approve of such a bizarre event. I should…hmm” You spoke in a hushed whisper to yourself and hated that you were so dead set on writing stories that could have little to nothing to do with the Winchesters. 

“As if Sam would be the one to start the Apocalypse anyway. It would clearly be Dean. He’s so reckless anyway. Sam, he tries to be good so clearly he shouldn’t be the reason is all happens. Or maybe he should be…” you giggled at yourself as you looked at the computer and smiled even bigger knowing that only you could finish this story and despite getting hate for the amount of evil you throw at Sam everyone still loves a good angsty read every now and again. 

Even if Sam wasn’t hunting he could at least read up on the events and educate himself on the archangels. He had never thought that there would be a day when the Apocalypse would come and yet here it was. He needed to get information to Dean somehow and the more information he could accumulate the better for Dean. Sam took a moment to look up from his books as his shadow gave him reason to look up. It was cast large and blindingly over his reading. Narrowing his eyes to focus on something in front of him he realized that there was no escaping his shadow. He let his head fall and looked at the photo of the Angel Lucifer. With a sigh, Sam ran his fingers over the page. He looked up again and asked into the open air;

“Is this really what they look like?” He wasn’t expecting an answer, but he smirked at the idea of getting one. 

You looked up again and your eyes went to Sam and his friend. You exhaled and placed your elbow on the desk while watching the two. The man that Sam was with. He was unusual in the sense that not only did he have a white shadow, but that shadow seemed to grow and cover him and Sam. He moved around in his chair and let out a groan. Your eyes grew wide. and your elbow slipped from under your chin. You let out a gasp and caught yourself before your head hit the desk. The man across from you gave a concerned look then shook his head. you looked away then back at Sam and his friend. 

“Saaaaaammmm. Pay attention to me. I’m bored.” Your eyes grew even wider as the words hit your ears. 

Not because you could hear him but because he was so loud. He could be kicked out. Sam could be kicked out and you looked for the librarian who wasn’t phased by the man’s voice. 

“Come on Sam! Pay attention! Ugh!” The man slapped the table and you turned back to the computer as he did. 

You weren’t sure what was going on and as you looked to the guy in front of you, he too wasn’t phased by the man’s words. You looked at your computer screen and read the final sentence over. 

“Will you quiet down?” Sam was hushed as he closed the book.

You jumped at his voice and watched as Sam stood up and put the book back. 

“He speaks. Great. Now tell me, Sam. Are you ready to say "yes”?” He asked and Sam shook his head no. 

You furrowed your brow at the conversation and looked back at your computer.With a sigh, you saved the document to your flash drive then closed everything out. As yo packed your things you felt a presence behind you. It was most likely someone who wanted to get on the computer, but when you turned around it was Sam’s friend. Your eyes grew wide and he smiled big. 

“Oh, Sammy. This lovely someone wants to talk to you. She can see me, Sam.” His voice grew darker with each word and you couldn’t help but shiver as his eyes looked from you to Sam and back. 

Sam rushed over to you and turned your shoulders to him.

“You can see him?” His words were shaky and as you were internally screaming because Sam Winchester was touching you and asking you a question all you could do was nod once. 

“How…wait. We need to leave.” As he spoke he looked around at everyone in the library who was giving the two of you dirty looks. 

You felt embarrassed and agreed that they should leave. Once outside Sam turned to you and his eyes seemed to be lost. 

“What’s going on?” 

“Oh, nothing special for Sammy here, but for you. Oh, you, my dear. You are…Special. Very very special I might add.” The man has said and Sam turned to the man in one quick motion and started talking in a dark tone at him.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on her. She is not doing a damn thing for you. And yo aren’t going to do a damn thing to her. Got it?!” He got louder and it scared you. 

His anger was described so perfectly in the books and you felt intimidated and completely fearful of what could happen next. 

“Should I go?” you asked and your voice broke after each word. 

Sam turned back to you and his face was soft again. You couldn’t believe how quickly he could change his attitude. 

“After you answer one or two questions.” You nodded and Sam looked at his “friend” then back at you. 

“Do you know who this is?” You shook your head no because you honestly don’t know you had never seen him before. 

“How can you see and hear him?” Sam’s eyes were hurt and scared when he asked and you felt his pain as you looked from him to the other man. 


“It’s because she’s my soulmate, Samuel. There is no other explanation. I can hide myself from her all day long, but if she says my name then my magic and angel abilities have no effect on her.” The two of you looked at him and you pulled your head back in disgust at the idea of falling for someone like him. 

“What are you talking about? What’s a bunch of horse shit.” Sam barked and the man laughed. 

“No, it isn’t. Tell me sweetheart. Did you say my name at all while you were on the computer?” Your heart dropped as you thought about your fanfiction and remembered talking about the archangels and then you looked at him with wide eyes. 

“I know about this word being inhabited by Demons, but Angels? Really? Sam. they are real? Like wings and grace and all that?” You looked to Sam for the answers and his expression fell confused as you spoke. 

You then pursed your lips and chuckled a little. 

“I uh. May or may not have read the books that Mr. Edlund wrote…” You looked at your feet and heard the discomfort in Sam’s exhale. 

“Yeah. Angels do live among us.” He let out another breath as his friend chuckled. 

Your eyes went to him and you saw the white shadow behind him become bigger and stand as if it was its own three-dimensional being. You took a step back and Sam watched you then looked at his friend and back at you.

“What’s going on? What are you doing?” He asked and his friend chuckled again.

“She can see my grace.” Sam looked at you with wide eyes and you nodded slowly unable to comprehend these events. 

“What’s my name?” He asked with a smile and you shook your head no.

“Who’s name did you write on that computer?” Sam’s hands were on your shoulders and you felt the tears well in your eyes. 

“I wrote a few name, but I…how is this possible?” You looked into Sam’s eyes and he clenched his jaw as a tear rolled down your nose. 

“Who’s name did you focus on sweetheart?” His voice rang out and you shook your head as you took Sam’s wrists and pulled him away. 

You walked to his friend and you exhaled as you looked into his eyes and felt a sudden urge touch him as the white shadow (or his grace as he called it) moved from behind him to behind you. You held your hand out and he smirked as he took your hand in his and placed it on his chest. The shadow pushed you closer to him and you felt a chill as you looked into his eyes again. 


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Pleased to Meet You

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“I want to give you a gift. I want to give you everything.”

Finished it! Probably with a little help from Morningstar, because usually I work much much slower:)

Since it is still the year 2014 and Supernatural hiatus continues, I went on a trip down the memory lane and guess who was waiting there? Lucifer wearing Sam Winchester’s body suit. Jared was absolutely brilliant portraying him, wasn’t he?

With a little nod and wink towards DC Comics Lucifer, because I adore those comics. And a little nod towards The Rolling Stones.