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Masterlist - by character/actor

I’ve been asked to do a masterlist by character so here we are :)

Dean Winchester

More guys like you - Dean x Reader (mini one shot - Fluff)

Tell me it’s not true - Dean x Reader (mini one shot - Angst/fluff)

Come back to me - Dean x Reader (one shot - Fluff)

I’m sorry - Dean x Reader (mini one shot - Angst/fluff)

A hell of a Winchester - Dean x Reader (one shot - Smut/fluff)

I can’t do this anymore - Dean x Reader (mini one shot - Fluff)

Playing a dangerous game - Dean x Reader (one shot - Smut)

I wouldn’t go to hell for just anyone - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Heat of the moment - Dean x Reader -(one shot - Smut)

You shook me all night long - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Just In Case - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Always - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)

Not While I’m Around - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)

There’s No Place Like Home! - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

I Knew You Were Waiting - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Angst/Fluff)

Mine - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

A Weekly Thing - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Please Don’t Leave Me - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)

Life Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)

My Baby - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Please Forgive Me - Dean x Reader - (Angst) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, (Complete)

Forever And Almost Always - Dean x Reader - (Angst/Fluff) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (Complete)

Two Can Play At This Game - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Men Like Me - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Intervention - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Angst/Fluff)

No Surprise - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Angst)

Sam Winchester

I’ve got something to tell you - Sam x Reader (mini one shot - Fluff)

He’s all yours - Sam x Reader (one shot - Smut/fluff)

Please wake up - Sam x Reader (mini one shot - angst)

Forever Yours - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Yes! - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Perfect - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Anytime - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Unexpected - Sam x Reader - AU - (one shot - Fluff)

Carpet Burn - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Love In An Elevator - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Starts With Goodbye - Sam x Reader - (Angst/Fluff) - Part 1, Part 2,

Downtown Girl - Sam x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

It’s Not Over - Dean x Reader - (Angst) - Part 1

Maybe Baby - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)

Hot Blooded - Dean x Reader - (one shot - Smut)


Sleeping masks - Cas x Reader (one shot - Fluff/funny)

I think I’m in love - Cas x Reader (mini one shot - Fluff)

There Must Be An Angel - Cas x Reader - (one shot - Angst/Fluff)


Fancy a fag and a chat? - Crowley x Reader (mini one shot - Fluff)

I Guess Hell Isn’t So Bad After All - Crowley x Reader - ( one shot - Fluff)

Dream A Little Dream - Crowley x Reader -(Mentions of Smut/Smut) - Part One, Part Two,   


You to me are everything - Gabriel x Reader (one shot - Fluff)

Feels like home - Gabriel x Reader (one shot - Smut/angst/fluff)

Adam Milligan

Stay with me - Adam x Reader (one shot - Implied smut/fluff)

So This Is Heaven - Adam x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)

Comfort Me - Adam x Reader - (one shot - Fluff)


Right where you are - Lucifer x Reader (mini one shot - Fluff)


Jensen Ackles

The Power of Love - Jensen x Reader - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four,  Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty ThreePart Twenty Four, Part Twenty Five, Part Twenty Six,Part Twenty Seven,  Part Twenty Eight, Epilogue Part 1,Epilogue Part 2. - COMPLETE

Finally - Jensen x Reader - (one shot - Smut)

Master list!

As I said, here’s the master list, and I honestly don’t know why I was putting off. Anyhow, it’s a bit unbelievable to me that I’ve written a lot, because I had never written this much before, and really it’s you guys who keep me inspired and motivated to do this, so thank you! 

Dean Winchester 

Sam Winchester 


Kevin Tran

Adam Milligan






  • Getting Caught I’m not that sure about fluff, but it sure as hell it’s angst
  • Kitten (Sequel to “Getting Caught”) Angst



Supernatural Theme Songs Pt. 1

Masterlist Request Requirements Fandoms

Dean Winchester

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Welcome to the Black Parade: My Chemical Romance | Had Enough: Breaking Benjamin | The High Road: Three Days Grace 

Sam Winchester

Originally posted by soluscheese

My Demons: Starset | Just Like You: Three Days Grace | Good Intentions: Dappy 

John Winchester

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Talking to the Moon: Bruno Mars | The Void: Andy Black | Crimson Day: Avenged Sevenfold 

Mary Winchester 

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Boats and Birds: Gregory and the Hawk | Safe and Sound: Taylor Swift | Proud Mary: Tina Turner 

Adam Winchester

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Missing: Evanescence | Is Anybody Out There?: Madilyn Bailey & Corey Gray | Adam’s Song: Blink 182 

Bobby Singer

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Life is a Highway: Rascal Flatts | You’re the Best Around: Joe Esposito | Let Them Be Little: Billy Dean 

Ellen Harville

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Not Ready to Make Nice: Dixie Chicks | I Will Follow You Into The Dark: Death Cab For Cutie | Beam Me Up: Pink 

Jo Harville

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Amsterdam: Imagine Dragons | Awake and Alive: Skillet | Cry: Rihanna 


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How You Remind Me: Nickelback | Viva La Vida: Coldplay | Break Your Halo: Andy Black (Biersack) 

Charlie Bradbury 

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Secrets: One Republic | Kings and Queens: 30 Seconds to Mars | Walking on Sunshine: Katrina and The Waves 


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Whiskey Lullaby: Janet Devin | On My Own: Ashes Remain | Savin’ Me: Nickelback 

Jessica Moore 

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Russian Roulette: Rihanna | If I Die Young: The Band PerryI Will Always Love You: Whitney Houston


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Troublemaker: Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida | How to be a Heartbreaker: MATD | Never Close Our Eyes: Adam Lambert


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Evil Angel: Breaking Benjamin | Behind Blue Eyes: Limp Bizkit | Drown Me Out : Andy Black (Biersack)


I am a new writing blog who would really love love love some requests.


(if you cant think of something consider one of many of these!)

[inspired by this]

  • actually… i just miss you.”
  • “alright, i’ll leave you alone.”
  • “and slowly… i was forgotten.”
  • “and then everything just disappears.”
  • “and where do i go?”
  • “anyone could tell from here.”
  • “are you finishing that or…?”
  • “are you stupid or stupid?”
  • “anything, just call me, okay?”
  • “bitch better have my money.”
  • “bro… that’s so… not cool…”
  • “but did you do it?”
  • “call me now. it’s urgent.”
  • “can’t you listen to me?”
  • “cross that. don’t answer that.”
  • “don’t even think about it.”
  • “don’t you dare walk away.”
  • “do it. i dare you.”
  • “did you think i forgot?”
  • “eventually… you just move on.”
  • “even if you still do.”
  • “everything will fall into place.”
  • “fight me, you attractive stranger.”
  • “for once, i need you.”
  • “for once… i was right.”
  • “for once… i was wrong.”
  • “forget i even asked you.”
  • “forget it. you fucking suck.”
  • “fuck’s sake, what’s your problem?”
  • “fuck off. i mean it.”
  • “give and take. that’s life.”
  • “great. perfect. nice. fuck this.”
  • “have you lost your mind?”
  • “hello? it’s me. i was-”
  • “hey… that wasn’t so nice.”
  • “here’s a glass of whatever.”
  • “how about a hug, hm?”
  • “how about you make me?”
  • “i haven’t forgot you yet.”
  • “i can’t be around you.”
  • “i don’t need you, really.”
  • “i don’t need this now.”
  • “is this your first time?”
  • “it’s just a cut, really.”
  • “it wasn’t me, i swear!”
  • “i said i love you.”
  • “just don’t fuck it up.”
  • “just… come back alive, okay?”
  • “just make sure you’ve eaten.”
  • “kick his ass for me.”
  • “killed him? wait, what, literally?”
  • “life really sucks. feel better.”
  • “letting go hurts… a lot.”
  • “let me live, will you?”
  • “no, i don’t need you.”
  • “nothing can hurt me now.”
  • “nothing matters anymore to me.”
  • “okay it was me… so?”
  • “people lie all the time.”
  • “pipe the fuck down, asshole.”
  • “please, you can’t die now.”
  • “please don’t leave me alone.”
  • “quiet. they can hear us.”
  • “quick! give me your phone!”
  • “quicker, you freaking piece of-”
  • “quit it or i’ll bite.”
  • “quit staring! they’ll notice us!”
  • "really? do i look stupid?”
  • “real smooth, tripping over air.”
  • “rise and shine, sweet thing.”
  • “rise and fucking shine, motherfucker.”
  • “seriously? give me a break.”
  • “so… what are we now?”
  • “so… did you miss me?”
  • “so… can we go eat?”
  • “so… when’s the next flight?”
  • “so… how did everything go?”
  • “sometimes, i wish you died.”
  • “so what? you did it.”
  • “time passes slower without you.”
  • “then what do you suggest?”
  • “the fuck? who are you?”
  • “then you tell me why.”
  • “this is not working out.”
  • “this isn’t what i wanted.”
  • “this is all a fucking disaster.”
  • “when did it all happen?”
  • “who knew you’d be here?”
  • “why do i even bother?”
  • “why do i love you?”
  • “why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “you’re just… so, so stupid.”
  • “you can’t be here now.”
  • “you look like an accident.”
  • “you really need to go.”
  • “you know who to call.”
  • "zero fucks given. next please.”
ALL THAT MATTERED(Michael x reader)

A/N:This also for @imaginesofthelord‘s 200 followers celebration! My line is “You can’t die. Please don’t die” with Michael. And reader is a half Winchester sister.

Word count:1803

It was a normal day in the bunker. You and Dean were watching Game of Thrones. Sam was reading a book. Castiel was also reading a book. Like I said, normal day.

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Touched (preview)

(gif belongs to @faith-in-dean)

“Ooo, Right there” you groaned as Mick’s thumbs slid up either side of your spine and found the tension between your shoulder blades.

You were surprised, given how soft his hands were, that they were remarkably strong and agile, his thumbs working in tight circles over the spot that had been troubling you were for awhile now and you melted into his touch.

“Mmm, that feels so good” you moaned throatily, a satisfied smile slipping to your lips as your eyes fluttered shut.

“So you’re enjoying this, then?” Mick asked, hints of a smug grin seeping into his words.

“Oh, yeah” you replied dreamily, gasping as he pressed his touch into your muscles a little harder. You could feel him tremble behind you and you started to get the impression that he was enjoying this nearly as much as you were.

Full fic coming soon

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Forever and Always

Title: Forever and Always

Word Count: 2,015

Warnings: PTSD, mild swearing, slight self-harm(digging nails into skin)

Summary: After Sam and Dean managed to pull Adam from the cage, they call up a long-term friend (The Reader) to watch over him while they head out on a hunt. Though the Reader is a little reluctant at first, she agrees. Little did she know, she and Adam have a history that she’s been trying to move on from for a long, long time.

Pairing: [Adam x Reader]

Original Request: Adam one-shot where Sam and Dean ask the reader for help as they’ve just pulled their brother out of the cage and he has PTSD and they ask the reader to look after him for a while as they have a case and when they arrive she recognizes him as her boyfriend who went missing and there’s lots of fluff?

Author’s Note: I tweaked the request a little bit… I hope that’s okay! Hope this was up to your expectations, anon! Request things!


              You gripped tightly on the gun in your hand, rounding the corner of an old alleyway, your eyes peeled for any movement. You saw a shadow slip by against the brick wall, your eyes narrowing. You flipped the safety off your gun, holding it up into a kill stance. You were about to pounce, when you felt a vibration in your back pocket. Your eyebrows furrowed but realization hit you when you realized you were wasting time. “Dammit,” you muttered, pulling your cellphone out of your pocket and answering it, pressing the phone to your ear. “Hello?” you hissed, keeping your voice down in hopes of not drawing attention to yourself. You were currently hunting a shape shifter and you were hot on its heels.

              “Y/N? Y/N, its Dean Winchester,” the voice spoke in the receiver.

              You stayed quiet for a moment, your breathing being the only way Dean knowing that you were still on the line. The Winchesters and you hadn’t parted on good terms the last time you saw each other. The last time you saw them was when the whole apocalypse was happening and your long-term boyfriend, Adam, jumped in Lucifer’s cage with Sam. You had known that Sam was released from the cage years ago, only to find out that they didn’t save Adam in the process. You immediately demanded them to lose your number. You knew they had done their best to free him, but that wasn’t enough in your eyes. You were still in deep depression over the whole ordeal. You mourned him every day. You tried everything to free him, but you knew it couldn’t be done.

              “Y/N?” Dean’s voice echoed through your eardrums.

              “Shut up!” you scolded in a whisper like tone. You saw the silhouette of the thing you were hunting glide along the brick wall once more, its footsteps sounding. You immediately took off into a run, your gun pointed with one hand up at the monster whereas your other hand gripped tightly onto the phone pressed to your ear.

              The shifter continued darting across alleyways, making it easier not to be seen by bystanders. You came to a steady halt when you saw that the shifter was trapped by a dead end. “Dumbass,” you muttered before aiming and firing three shots of your silver bullets into its chest.

              “What was that?” Dean questioned softly, concern leaking through his voice.

              “I’m multi-tasking, Winchester.” You flipped the safety switch on, slipping the gun into the waist of your jeans, fluffing your shirt and jacket over it to mask it. “What can I do for ya?”


              “This is so stupid,” you grumbled, tearing the keys from the ignition, opening the car door and slamming it shut. The gravel crunched beneath your boots as you walked from the secret spot the Winchester’s directed you to park your vehicle. You walked the decent distance to the entrance to the bunker, pounding against the door. Within seconds, it sprung open, Sam standing there to meet you.

              “Hey,” he greeted, opening the door wider for you. You stepped inside through the doorway, glancing around at the unfamiliar scenery, nodding your head in slight approval.

              “Nice place,” you commented. “Now, what research did you need me to look at?”

              Sam rubbed the back of his neck, averting his eyes away from yours. “Well… actually-”

              “Y/N, follow me,” a voice sounded. You recognized it as Dean’s. He stepped into your view, his arms crossed against his chest.

              You looked back at Sam, raising an eyebrow at him. He simply nodded encouragingly at you. You began to step towards Dean, folding your arms across your chest. Dean turned on his heel, stalking down a long corridor before stopping in front of a closed door. “Be gentle with him, alright? He’s been through a hell of a lot… I’m surprised he’s still in one piece.”

              “What are you talking about you?” you asked, flicking an eyebrow up for added effect.

              Dean licked his top lip, sighing quietly. “If I would have told you, I didn’t think you would believe me. So I told you there was research to look at to get you over here. Just… like I said, be gentle with him. He’s been through Hell… literally. I’ll give you guys some alone time.”

              And with that, he glided past you down the hallway and out of sight. You furrowed your eyebrows together. You hesitantly stepped to the door, placing your hand on the brass door handle, slowly turning it. You peaked inside, your eyes softening at the scene in front of you. Never in a million years would you have thought you would see this exact moment. Never. Your lips parted in attempt to say something, his name forming on your tongue, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say it.

              Adam sat there, staring blankly at the ceiling. He didn’t make any movements to indicate that he acknowledged your presence. His head rested limply against the headboard. Bags hung under his eyes. Cuts and bruises coaxed his skin, you only guessing he had inflicted the injuries onto himself. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot, as if he hadn’t had any sleep for a few days. A tray of food was placed on his bedside table, though it was untouched. His fingernails pierced the skin of his forearms. He flinched every so often at an unknown cause.

              It pained you to see him like this. It pained you to see the man you once loved—still loved—in such agony. All you wanted to do was comfort him, but Dean’s words echoed through your head. Be gentle with him. He’s been through Hell. You couldn’t begin to imagine what he had endured all those years in the cage with both Michael and Lucifer.

              “Adam?” You were finally able to bring yourself to speak, though it came out as barely above a whisper. It seemed to not have affected him though because he still continued to stare up at the ceiling. He seemed to be mouthing something, but you were unable to decipher what he was saying. You noticed how his nails dug deeper into his skin, the crimson liquid being to trickle down his arms and onto the bedsheets in small droplets.

              You pushed the door open fully, cautiously stepping inside and shutting it behind you with a soft click. You stayed put by the door, unable to take a step towards your lost love. Adam was muttering something to himself. His eyes squeezed shut in hopes of blocking something out.

              “Adam?” you murmured once more, taking a small step towards him. To your surprise, his head snapped down to face you. His face was streaked with wet tears. His nose was crinkled and his eyes were narrowed towards you.

              “It’s not real,” you heard him whisper to himself. “It’s not real.”


              “It’s not real! None of it is real!” he shouted. His nails dug deeper into his flesh. Tears continued to pour down his face. Adam’s body shook violently, his teeth barred and breathing shallow and rapid.

              You weren’t sure what to do. Do you approach him? Do you leave? But before you were able to contemplate on a decision, your feet instructed you forward. You stepped closer to the bed, setting your weight down onto the mattress. “I’m real, Adam. I’m right here and I’m real.” You placed a gentle hand on his knee, staring directly into his eyes with a soft expression. “It’s okay. You’re safe now.”

              You noticed his grip loosen on his arms, his fingers now lying limply on his skin. His eyes softened, his irises swimming in a pool of remembrance and safety. You scooted your weight closer to him, swinging your legs onto the bed. You carefully moved your hand up to brush his cheek, your nimble fingertips grazing his unshaved face. His eyelids fluttered shut at your touch to your surprise. He leaned his body into yours, inhaling your scent.

              “Y/N,” he croaked, burying his face within the crevasse of your neck. Adam’s breathing steadied and he body began to calm itself. You felt his tears prickle against your skin. Despite you begged yourself not to, salty tears began to well within your Y/E/C irises.

              “You’re safe,” you whispered, pressing a soft kiss on the top of his head. “I’m not letting anything happen to you ever. You’re never leaving my side, you got that? Ever.”

              “I missed you. It felt like centuries…”

              “You don’t have to talk about it. It’s okay. I’m here now. It’s all over,” you soothed, slowly running a hand through his blonde hair in hopes of comforting him. You felt his body relax further into you, his hand droopily wrapped itself around your waist, his fingers curling along your hips.

              “I love you,” he breathed. His breaths phased into deep, longing ones and the softness of a snore echoed through the room.

              You heard a miniscule knock sound through the hatchway, the door creaking open. Dean peered inside, noting his brother’s sleeping figure along with you. Dean halfheartedly smiled when he stepped fully into the room, leaning his weight against the dresser along the wall. “We’ve been trying for days to get him to sleep.”

              “Days? How long has he been out?” you interrogated, slight anger boiling inside you. The Winchesters knew how much Adam meant to you. They knew how much you suffered without him when he died… both times.

              “About a week,” Dean simply answered. You could sense the sorrow in his voice. The guilt. But you ignored it.

              You shook your head, prying your eyes away from him and onto Adam’s slumbering form. “You should have called me immediately.”

              “We know. We know that now,” Dean defended, a soft sigh following his words. “We weren’t sure how he would react to you. Hell, when he first got back he attacked Sam. We wanted to make sure you weren’t in any danger. But we heard him calling your name out for about the hour of sleep he got last night… so Sam and I decided to call you. We just didn’t want you or him to get hurt, that’s all.”

              “It doesn’t matter now.” You blinked away the tears that threatened to spill, turning your attention back onto the eldest Winchester. “I’m here now and that’s all that does.”

              Dean pursed his lips tightly together, nodding his head. “It’s good to see you again.”

              “You, too,” you replied, turning your head to gaze down at your love once more. You grazed your thumb along his cheek bone, a soft smile on your lips. You didn’t even notice Dean had left you both until the door clicked shut. You felt a small grin grow on Adam’s features against your neck, a wider smile phasing on yours. “I’m gonna keep you safe. Never will ever, ever happen to you as long as I am around, you got that? I love you, too, Adam. I love you, too.” You leaned your head on top of his, fluttering your eyes closed. A sense of security you felt with him washed over you. You had always believed you would never feel this way again. But here you were, feeling safe and secure within a broken man. A broken man whom you vowed to pick up the pieces forever and always. You silently promised to him, as well as yourself, that you would never leave him through this time. You would never leave him. As he told you before he went to say yes to Michael, despite your protests and pleads, for you knew what it would mean, I’m with you forever and always.

              Though you were still irritated with the Winchesters, you mentally thanked them. They had freed Adam and brought him back to you. You weren’t sure how they did it. Hell, you didn’t even care. But you thanked them for their courage to bring their brother home. You thanked them from freeing him from his Hell. You thanked them for bringing your own broken self back together. Forever and always.

Hallucinations [Part 3]

Lucifer x Reader

Author: @justcallmeyourgoddess

Word Count: 1869

Warnings: Swearing

Reader: Female

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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How you met-Dean Winchester

Dean: You being the fifth archangel meant having a lot of responsibility. So when you’re siblings started dying you felt the need of stepping in. Going to earth you found Lucifer, Michael and Castiel in a graveyard. But they weren’t alone. Some old dude and a handsome young male were also there.

(Y/N P.O.V)

“Castiel. Did you just Molotov my brother with holy fire?” Lucifer asks pissed.

“Um, no?” Castiel says uncertainly.

“No one messes with Michael, but me”

He raises his arm to kill his younger brother and that’s where I stepped in.

“Lucifer!” I say.

He turns around, shocked. With a snap of my fingers, Michael is back.

“Y/N?” Lucifer and Michael says.

“I leave and you start killing each other”

Turning to the humans.

“You should leave. This is angel business”

I go to teleport them away but the handsome dude stopped me.

“I ain’t leaving without my brothers!”

“Where are they?”

“Your douchebag to brothers is wearing him”

“Get out of them!” I say angrily.

“I can’t,” Michael says. “We’ll make them blind“

“Fine. You, with us” I say and snap my fingers.

My brothers, I and handsome teleported to Heaven.

“Who are you?” the human asks.

Before I can answer Michael interrupts me.

“She’s out of your league!”


“No, I agree with him,” Lucifer says.

“I’m Y/N, the youngest archangel. Who are you?”

“Dean Winchester,” he says with a sexy smirk. “My brother Sam is in Lucifer and my half-brother Adam is in Michael.”

“Now tell me what happened!”

And they did. From the first seal to the graveyard.

“I’m gonna have a little heart to heart with both of them. I apologize.”

I removed Dean’s eyesight, made my brothers leave and the Winchester boys were united. I gave Dean’s sight back before leaving.

The last thing I did was whisper:

“Pray to me later” in Dean’s ear,



Pairings: Adam x reader x Lucifer

Word count:1035

Request:Maybe an Adam x Reader x Lucifer, and Luci shows his wings to Adam and Reader.

Summary: Instead of Sam falling into the pit, reader falls instead leaving her and Adam inside with a very angry Lucifer. Sam’s not the one who will return soulless.

Warnings: Mention of torture, graphic, gore.


Your breath jolted in your chest as your eyes twitched underneath your scarred lids.


There it was again.

The cold, metallic bang hit the bars of the steel cage that trapped you to your fate. You shuffled closer to the warm body that gave you the tiniest bit of hope and comfort. A shaky hand clasped yours, your bloodied knuckles heavily grasping the frightened hand as you refused to open your eyes.

Warm breath fell across your cheek as you stopped. You just stopped and broke. Your twitching eyes stopped, your shaking body stilling as his breath ghosted over your skin.

“My, my’‘He hummed, tutting as his boots clacked off the ground. ’'Such a shame to ruin such a pretty face”. You jumped harshly when his cold fingertips grazed your chin.

You clutched harder at the shaking hand that grasped yours, your fingertips pressing into the sweaty skin as they tried to give some comfort back to you but it was hard when you were being picked on.

“(Y/n)’'He purred, ’'open your eyes’'he chuckled. You shuffled back, squeaking when a cold hand grasped the back of your neck and stopped you from moving.

’'Leave her alone!”

You jumped, shock and surprise filling your body when you finally pried your eyes open to see Adam being stupidly brave. Adam sat in front of you, his arms were wide open to push you back behind him.  

You wished you had never opened your eyes, instead of seeing the comforting eyes of Dean and Sam, the tall goofy moose studying through his books and Dean slopping eating his burger whilst Sam glared, all you saw was darkness.

You were surrounded in a cage, the bars were scratched and rusty. Screams echoed from time to time and gave your bones a chill when you felt a shiver run through you.

Every time you closed your eyes you thought of Sam and Dean, a hope burning in your darkness to try and get you to not break. To not give up. They were you reason for carrying on.

You thought about them a lot, thought about what they were doing, how they were, whether they were panicking and mourning over you or whether they had decided to take the normal life. You knew it was selfish but you hoped they were trying to find a way to get the two of you out.

Lucifer snapped you back into realisation as he growled. His eyes lit red as a sudden rage filled him.

“DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!’'He yelled, screaming as he beat his chest and roared angrily. You and Adam both shuffled back, you grasped his shirt, pulling him into you to try and protect him. The two of you shook as a sudden flap sounded a wings echoed.

You glanced over at him, your breath caught in your throat as he stood, wings spread, eyes red. He really was the devil. He was pure mad and insanity mixed together.

With a snap of his fingers you were no longer clutching Adam’s shirt. You gasped, stuttering as you shuffled backwards with wide eyes. Where was he?

’'Relax, doll’'Lucifer chuckled. His wings were now put away as he crouched down in front of you. ’'he’s with Michael, I’m sure he’ll make him feel just as much agony as I’m gonna give you’'He smirked, his teeth pulling into a frightening smirk.

’'See, me and Michael both fought over who got to rip you limb from limb. We both wanted the pleasure of hurting someone who’s loved by Winchesters. But I won. So… you know’'He shrugged playfully before he gripped your collar.

It had been so long you had lost track of time. You hadn’t seen Adam in ages, the comfort and hope had started to fade as you no longer had his warm body beside yours to make you feel safe. You tried your hardest to close your eyes and think about the brothers, but all you could feel was pain and pain took everything away from you.

You didn’t know where Adam was but you could hear him. You heard him all the time and it broke your heart. But you knew he could hear you too.

You were numb, you sat in the corner as Lucifer arose and continued his merciless acts. He suddenly jumped back, a bright light entering the cage as a figure stepped through.

You cowered away, tucking yourself in as a hand clasped your shoulder. You peered open your eyes, the touch felt familiar and safe.


Castiel gave you a smile and a nod. Lucifer stepped back, his eyes were wide and full of fear. Castiel tried to pull you through the vale. And he did.

But only your body.

You peered out as darkness consumed you still. You were confused as a laugh echoed around the room.

’'Oh, stupid little boy’'Lucifer chuckled, clapping his hands together. ’'The idiot’s only pulled out your body. As if I was scared of him’'He laughed loudly. You watched in fear, your eyes bulging out of your head as you tried to shuffle back but you already had indents of the cage across your back from how far back you were.

’'Now the idiots gone and returned you to the world soulless. I wonder how Dean and Sam’ll take that. Soulless (Y/n). Wow. Now that I wish I could’ve seen’'He chuckled shaking his head.

You locked your jaw, your eyes watering for the first time. Lucifer made you hurt but you refused to cry in front of him. But knowing that a soulless you couldn’t be a good one and being with Sam and Dean, you were scared about what you would do to them. How you would treat them.

’'Now. Where were we?’'Lucifer cackled as he crackled his knuckles. ’'Oh yes… I remember’'He grinned, walking towards you as his wings lit up on the cage walls.

You stared at the long feathered shadow across the cage walls as the devil approached you closely. You thought about how you were soulless, you thought about the Winchesters. You thought about Adam.

And you finally excepted you were never going to leave.

He won.

He had broke you.