lucifer jacket

Lucifer & Red Lipstick

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word Count: 352

Warnings: fluff

(gif belongs to creamystreamy)

You walked into the bunker after a night out with Sam and Dean.  You and Sam were practically carrying Dean.  Sam nodded his head towards the library, noticing that Lucifer was sitting impatiently in a chair.

You sighed, making sure that Sam could carry his older brother on his own.  You were sure that he did this many times before.  You padded into the library, taking off your jacket.

“Hey Lucifer,” you greeted with a smile.  “You’re here late.”

“I was waiting for you [Y/N],” Lucifer muttered, getting up from his seat.  That’s when he noticed the bright red tint on your lips.  He tilted his head lightly, sauntering up to you.  “Is that red lipstick?”

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minho: *takes off his jacket during lucifer*
me, outside: 😨😱😨
me, inside: 😵💥😱👅🔥🔥💦💥🚒‼️⚰️❗️🔥🚨💥🔥☄️🚨‼️⚰️💦🔥🐍💦⚰️🚨🔥🐍💦☄️🚒💦👅😱😵👅☄️🔥💥*remember fan site gonna releases minho dancing whole performance with sleeveless tshirt* 💦💦💦☄️😵❌❌🚒🐍🔥🚨⚰️😵❌🚨👅💦💥🚒‼️⚰️❗️🔥🚨💥🔥☄️🚨‼️⚰️💦🔥🐍💦⚰️🚨🔥🐍💦☄️🚒💦👅🚨🔥🚨💥❗️‼️🐍💦💥🚒‼️⚰️❗️🔥🚨💥🔥☄️🚨‼️⚰️💦🔥🐍💦⚰️🚨🔥🐍💦☄️🚒💦👅

I’m honestly still in a state of shock that Cas called Dean a lumberjack… Can we talk about that. We go over how Dean has such a ~thing~ for how Cas dresses (whatever he says) but oh my god has poor Cas been suffering ALL THIS TIME?