So I realized going up to get this signed by Mark Sheppard was a little weird considering it was Lucifer and Mark S plays Crowley, but he’s the king of hell? (Mark Pellegrino signed it at awesome con, that’s the one on the grave. Mark Sheppard’s is below that) I don’t know. I was also horribly nervous for it because it was the first one of the convention I was getting signed.
So instead of talking about the painting I thanked him for the beautiful answer he gave to my question at his panel. Being pansexual it was amazing to hear his reasoning behind the statement of Crowley being pan and have him answer seriously.
He told me I had asked a brilliant question and at the end of the day, it was no ones business but mine. He also said I had to protect myself a little bit in the world. I thanked him again and left.

Doggy Style

Okay, for this, you have a default eye colour because I do go into extreme detail with how the eyes look. So, I’m sorry if you don’t like that. It goes great with the story. And I’m keeping my laptop PLUGGED IN, so it doesn’t die on me this time and I have rewrite everything all over again. Oh, and I’m probably gonna post like four or five today. One with Castiel, two with Sam, and two with Dean. Fair enough. Alright, enough bickering. Onto the imagine. Oh, and this one probably sucks compared to the other ones I’m going to post because I’ve been writing better than when I wrote this.

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Dean x Skinwalker!Reader

A man in a red and white plaid shirt picked me up. No, no. His companion opened the back door of a vehicle and the man put me in the backseat, it was leather. Cold. Fuck, shit. The car reeked of beer, whiskey, old leather, and salt. Goddamn it, no. The two men climbed into the car, the man in the plaid in the driver’s seat and the taller man in the passenger’s seat. No, fuck. The man started driving, very fast. This is bad.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see it!” The passenger shouted, “It’s pitch black, Sammy!” The passenger looked at him. “It’s a white dog, Dean!” I barked at them and they both glanced back at me, “We’re gonna take care of you, don’t worry."The passenger reached back and pet me gently, I whimpered.

No, no. Just take me to the vet and leave me there. Please. Oh, god.

I must have fallen asleep, like an idiot. I can’t help it, I’m a dog. Or in dog form. I was far too comfortable in the backseat, and what sounded like Carry on My Wayward Son was softly playing in the background.

How could I not fall asleep?

I was in a whole new place, laid on a bed that was fairly comfortable. Nothing like that backseat though. It was warm and it smelled of concrete, whatever air freshener they used, and books. And pie. I didn’t move an inch from where I was laying. Mostly, it was to save energy because my front right leg was wrapped up. I’d rather save energy and not be in pain than get up, try to find a way out, and be in pain all at the same time. A man walked in and I growled softly, "I guess you aren’t hungry.” I immediately stopped growling and whimpered, barking at him in a hushed voice. It almost sounded like I was blowing air at him. He looked at me and smirked, “Want some pie?” I barked and stood up on all fours, but I tucked the damaged leg into my side and hopped off of the bed.

“I could’ve helped you.” I barked at him and he chuckled softly, walking out of the room with me following him behind.

Oh, my god.

I stopped when I saw the angel, Castiel. If my eyes could widen, they probably would have, but isntead, my tail slipped between my legs. I realized who these two were, exactly. Sam and Dean Winchester. Hunters. They are very known with my kind, seeing as they killed an entire group of them in one town.

Of course, I never agreed to what that group was planning. Hence, why I’m on my own.

Dean looked at me, “You alright, girl?” I looked at him and barked to make him feel better, quickly putting on the amazing act I have learned over the years. How to be the perfect dog 101, a book written by me. “Is that a dog?” Castiel’s deep voice made me jump and Dean caught it, “Jesus, Cas. You scared her.” Dean made kissing noises at me and I ran to him with my leg still tunked. “Thought of a name for her yet, Dean?” Sam asked as Dean set a plate of pie in front of me, I began to chow down on it as Dean named off a bunch of things. “Kitten—” I immediately barked at him and they all looked at me, Castiel squinting a bit. He’s onto me. “You like Kitten?” I barked again and he chuckled, “That’s weird, I like it.”

It certainly fits the situation.

“There isn’t a normal thing in our life, is there?” You aren’t the only one.

I finished my pie and rubbed against Dean’s leg gently before sitting next to him, still up against his leg. He patted my side and my tail started to wag without me intentionally making it wag. I gave Castiel the same confused look he was giving me, “Huh. She copies looks, too.” Sam murmured and Castiel shook his head. “This isn’t a dog.” I whimpered and hid behind Dean. Dean glanced back at me and then at Castiel, “Cas, don’t be a dick. What else could it be? A shapeshifter? No, from what I’ve seen, they only turn into other humans.” Castiel glared at me and Dean before he disappeared.

“Maybe she’s a skinwalker.”

“No way. She would eventually have to stretch her human legs, and she didn’t change at all last night.”

Wait. Last night? It’s the next day? Shit.

“How would you know?” Sam asked and held up a silver knife, I growled at him and barked viciously. Dean glanced down at me, “Sammy, put it away.” Dean grumbled and Sam laughed, putting it away. I then realized it was a joke and went back to my innocent self, barking and whining at Sam at the same time. He smiled and walked over, petting me gently. “I know a dog when I see one, don’t worry.”

Sure, you do.


I walked around the grocery store with a bag in my hand. Dean and Sam had left me at the motel alone, Dean made it very clear that dogs can’t come to a crime scene, nor can they go into the morgue. So, I decided that since they were gone for a good few hours, I would kill those hours by going to the grocery store and eating something other than pie and drinking something other than watered down beer.

I grabbed a Nos from one of the coolers and a small pint of ice cream, going behind the man buying something at the counter. “Thanks.” The man turned around and my eyes widened to see Dean staring back at me. He smirked, “Hey.” He murmured and I smiled a bit. “Hey.” He stared at me with that smirk for a little while longer before I heard Sam call for Dean from the entrance of the grocery store.

“Uh,” He glanced over my shoulder and turned around, picking up a bag of dog food and throwing it over his shoulder. Great idea to look normal, gorgeous. “You have pretty eyes.” I smiled as wide as I could and he walked away from the counter, I set down the pint of ice cream and my drink. “$4.23.” The cashier murmured and I gave him a five dollar bill, “Keep the change.” I picked up my items and a plastic spoon, heading outside to see Dean leaning against the impala and Sam filling it with gas. Dean looked at me and I sat down on the bench by the door of the grocery store, opening the pint of ice cream and taking a huge spoonful of it. Dean was walking toward me, I acted like I didn’t notice.

I was mentally preparing myself for the worst.

“Hey.” I looked up at him and squinted, “Hello.” He sat down next to me and I put the spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. “I’m Dean.” Surprised he introduced himself with his real name. “I’m Y/N.” I shook his hand as he stuck it out and he pulled me in, “I know who you are.” He let go and pulled away, smiling at me before getting up and heading toward the impala. My eyes widened and I gulped down whatever ice cream was left in my mouth.

“See you at home, kitten.” Once the impala drove off, I left everything I had with me on that bench except for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I quickly ran into the alleyway between the grocery store and some old abandoned building. I shifted into the white dog I originally met Dean as and took off running toward the motel. Lucky for me, I got there before they did and they left one of the windows open. I jumped into the motel and onto one of the beds, quickly acting like I was asleep just as the door flew open. “Kitten, we’re home.” Dean murmured and my tail started wagging unintentionally.

Goddamn it, body.

My head shot up and I looked at him, panting heavily. Dean set down the bag of dog food he had on the table and walked over to me, petting the top of my head. “Now, we’ve got something to talk about, don’t we?” I gave him a confused look, whining softly. “I always thought your eyes were beautiful.” Sam closed the window behind me and locked it, doing the same with the front door. I started whimpering loudly and jumped off of the bed, backing away from them both. Dean stood up and slowly started walking toward me, “Then, I saw this girl in the grocery store today with the same exact eyes as you and I wondered, ‘She has such beautiful eyes. They look so familiar.’ Then, I remembered.” He was right in front of me and bent down. “How does this pretty girl have the same eyes as my new pup?” Sam pulled out a pair of gray sweatpants, black underwear, a black bra, black socks, and a black tank top. So much black, why.

“Now, I don’t want to hurt you because I love you, so please get dressed.” Dean took the clothes from Sam and stood back up, walking to the bathroom and setting the clothes on the sink. I whimpered loudly, but obeyed and walked into the bathroom after him. “Sweetheart, don’t try to leave. Wr aren’t gonna hurt you, we just want to talk.” Dean stepped out and closed the door. I shifted back into being human and pulled my hair into a tight bun, getting dressed as fast as I could.

I slowly opened the door and stepped out, Dean and Sam were both staring at me. “Okay.” Sam murmured softly and set a chair down in the middle of the room, I sat down in the chair and cleared my throat as they both sat on the beds. “So, why haven’t you eaten our hearts out yet?” Dean asked and I giggled, covering my face immediately as it turned bright red. “Well, Dean, looks like you made your dog get feelings for you.”

“Sam, she’s seen me naked.” I looked at them and bit my bottom lip, laughing a bit. “Can I introduce myself before you guys start questioning me?” I asked and Sam sighed, “Sure.”

“Hello, I’m Y/N. I’m twenty-eight. I’m obviously female. I grew up in Ohio, and I became a skinwalker because I was bitten without consent.” I told them and they glanced at each other before Dean repeated his question, “And why haven’t you eaten our hearts out yet?” I sighed and crossed my leg over the other. Dean was staring at my legs now, bitting his bottom lip. I ignored it. “I don’t want to eat your hearts. Why do you think you guys are in this town? This motel?” I murmured and leaned forward, digging my nails into the bottom of my seat. Don’t kill me.

“I have to eat, but I chose to eat nearly a state over. If I wanted to kill you, I would have.” They stared at me before looking at each other. Sam stood up and slowly pulled out his pocket knife, opening it. Dean stood up and I frowned, my eyes filling with tears. I cleared my throat and looked at my feet, “Make it quick.” I whispered and shut my eyes tightly.

But nothing happened. I felt hands slide up my thighs to my hips and I was pulled from the chair, I opened my eyes to see Dean’s bold green ones staring right at me. “Kitten, we aren’t going to kill you, but you have to stop killing. Is it possible for you to eat dead people’s hearts?” I opened my motuh, but quickly closed it and shook my head. “But I don’t have to eat. I only eat them for strength and energy, which I honestly only need one heart every year.” Sam clapped loudly and I looked at him.

“One heart a year?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you notice I only ate an older gentleman’s heart, too? A reaper tells me when someone is going to die that’s close to me and I go to collect the heart, they go to collect his soul. It only happens once a year.” I explained to them and Sam blinked a couple of times, I smiled. Dean grabbed my chin and turned my head to look at him, “You said you love me.” I spoke before he could and Sam immediately headed for the door, leaving us alone. “I did.”

“Do you really love me?”

“I realized it the second I saw tour eyes in that grocery store.” My breath hitched and he smiled gently, “I’ve had you for two months, kitten. I know those eyes anywhere.”

“You can’t even tell what colour they are.”

“they look fogged, only the iris does. They’re a blue0ish green with a black circle around it and if you look closely, there’s a white circle around your pupil.” I blinked a couple of times and smiled widely, “That’s honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, as weird and sad as that may sound.”

“I know my kitten’s eyes from anywhere. And I think they’re absolutely beautiful, just like her.”

“Fuck off, you sappy son of a bitch.” He laughed and kissed me softly.

  • sam:l-lucifer??? nah what a nerd who would ever— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of lucifer spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign loser i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of lucifer scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen
If I had daughters I would name them Lucifer and Helena

Because if anyone ever came over they would talk to the first daughter and she would say “Hi, I’m Lucy.” And they would smile at her and say “Is that short for Lucille?” And she would look them dead in the eye and say “No. My name is Lucifer.” And then they would move away from that daughter and go up to the other one and say “You’re name isn’t anything weird is it?” And the child would laugh and say “Don’t be silly, my name’s Helena!” And the person would take a breathe of relief until they heard “but people call me Hell.”

And then I would never have to speak to them again.

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Cernunnos, Odin, Hekate and Lucifer please (i´m sorry if i asked for too much..)

Nah, I’ll do ‘em. c:

For Cernunnos, you get one that isn’t already on the playlist (this is such fun): Through the Dark, by KT Tunstall.

Oh what is in store for me now?
It’s coming apart
I know that it’s true
‘cause I’m feeling my way through the dark

Try to find a light on somewhere
I’m finding I’m falling in love with the dark over here

For Odin, Fireshrine by Purity Ring:

Get a little closer, let fold
Cut open my sternum, and pull
My little ribs around you
The rungs of me be under, under you

That I might see with my chest and sink
Into the edges round you
Into the lakes of quarry’s that brink
On all the edges round you

For Hekate, Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene by Hozier:

Calling to join them the wretched and joyful
Shaking the wings of their terrible youth
Freshly disowned in some frozen devotion
No more alone or myself could I be
Looks like I strayed to the arms that were open
No shortage of sordid, no protest from me

Feeling more human and hooked on her flesh I
Lay my heart down with the rest at her feet
Fresh from the fields, all fetid and fertile
It’s bloody and raw, but I swear it is sweet

And for Lucifer, Gold by Sir Sly:

My mouth is made of metal, metal, metal
Pocket full of yellow, yellow, pocket full of gold
And I hope you find, I hope you find your dream
And darling never settle, settle, settle
Chasing down the devil, devil, chasing down the gods
And I hope you find, I hope you find your dream

It’s the push and the pull, it’s the rise and the fall
I don’t owe you a single thing, I don’t owe you anything

song reqs still open!

Sabriel - How it Should Have Started

How it Should Have Started

Gabriel was falling and in a last hope to keep his grace he was sent by god,  to get both vessels to Lucifer and Michael, he never expect to fall in love with the giant which was Sam Winchester, but never the less it happened. Cas had been killed by Michael after he found him with Dean who after losing everything he had and his angel he said yes. Gabe had consoled Sam through it all realizing his feelings and after a kiss between the two the night before the youngest arch-angel with stupidity pushed the clearly head over heals hunter away worrying of what Lucifer would do and he couldn’t put the beautiful moose man through that, and now he was gone to find Lucifer and become his vessel…

Sam was the only thing that mattered at the moment Gabriel had been sent there to find the vessels and end the apocalypse something the angels had wanted to do since the first moment of the fall to end the brotherly squabble and give peace on Earth to all, if that meant angels having one of their father’s greatest destroyed and the beautiful blue planet restored, to an almost heaven like status.

But heaven wasn’t heaven without his lost human, Sam.

Everyday he stayed down on earth his grace weakened but love for Sam increased and if he hadn’t completely ruined moment between them at the camp he would of fell from grace now falling angel had to get without a blink of his vessel’s whisky coloured eyes that had dimmed since he could no longer look at through a mirror due to the fact that a pair of hazel ones wouldn’t be staring back into his. Castiel had died when Michael found him with Dean he had said that he would have protected Dean if it meant death now he was death and one of the only angels whom Gabriel had trusted lied dead next to what remained of the impala, leaving black tips of wings scorched onto Gabriel’s wrist a constant reminder of everything, one left him or died because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut or ran like he had from heaven or loving someone, Sam.

He couldn’t think about that mistake he had in his life so instead he did what he had seemed drink till he hopefully forgot what he was originally drinking for. His alcohol tolerance was one perk of being an angel, drinking as much as he wanted and always enjoyed but as his grace disappeared his lack of alcohol tolerance became his new favorite thing being able to get drunk and pass out blacking out what seemed like days of his existence without a damn.

‘Gabriel, if you can hear this i’m going to say yes to Lucifer cause i can’t bring myself to hurt you cause i fear we don’t feel the same.’ Sam was praying to Gabriel, the sound was quite difficult to hear due him falling. ‘I’ll be at Detroit, you know where if you want to talk but i’m sorry for messing up the celestial plan and your life, i know you were meant to help me and Dean find Lucifer and Sam. I hope you come, be here by three pm.’

The only thing drinking his sorrows has done was give him a slight hangover and loose complete track of time he was only an hour from where he knew the battle was meant to go down and would be there in a second if only he was falling the last time he had flew landing miles away and a twisted ankle he would die before he managed to get to Sam he couldn’t leave his Samsquatch without knowing how he really felt towards him and was worried cause he knew that his older brothers would one day find him and couldn’t bear himself for what they would do to Gabriel for prolonging one of their demises. He ran to the impala that once stood so proud now slightly rusted ever since Cas died and Dean said yes the keys still in the ignition and he twisted them right and though she may be a few months out of use there would be enough gas to get him there everything depended on it. Time passed quicker on the road and the sign Welcome to Detroit - Have a Wonderful Stay taunted him over who and what lay only miles away.

Gabriel had been driving for just under an hour and had no time to find out the time if he had known that Sam had beckoned him minutes from three he wouldn’t have come if he had know as seeing Luci wear Sam was enough for him want to die right then and there.

“Sam, i came.” The youngest arch angel reached out to grab a hold of the Winchester’s arm only to be met with a angel blade to his throat.

“Gabriel, i see you came, here for the show? Or something else…” Lucifer possessing the man looked up and down the angel, “Oh this one, the one Michael sent you to fetch to give me, you poor thing i can’t believe you like him! Your an archangel he’s a… a human god Gabriel your standards dropped even Kali was better than him.” It looked like Sam, smelt like Sam, spoke like Sam but was the literal devil, Satan himself, Gabriel could have done anything else but he just cried in the hope his once jolly giant would return from his older brothers firm grasp.

“Gabriel, I know you were trying to do the right thing with Sam and you were one of my favourite brothers i’ll give you a minute with him say you goodbye’s.” The crying angel was thankful for the mercy his brother showed him knowing he would never see such a thing again.

Seconds passed before a confused Sam appeared, “Gabe what are you doing here, I said yes.”

One minute wasn’t long enough to say everything he needed but he wasn’t not going to try because he needed to explain how he felt for the hunter. “Sam, I’m falling and I think I love you i was so scared when you kissed me i never meant for you to get hurt, i just wanted to protect you i needed to come here but i can’t fly and all i wanted was for you to come with me so that we could try at our happily ever after…” He leaned in for a kiss to show everything he didn’t have time to say Sam’s mouth rampaged onto his realising the urgency of how little time they had left.

“Time up baby brother.”

“No,” Gabe sobbed into Sam/Lucifer’s shoulder and whispered quietly “Expel him.” Gabriel knew Sam couldn’t be that far down and if he could work out what to do then Lucifer would have no body and Sam would be his, finally. Of course life had never been simple and kept throwing bad luck sweet loving archangel.

“Lucifer, ready for the final showdown?” He asked wiping off dirt from the landing, then wandering over to Gabriel, “Youngest what are you doing here?”

“Trying to save Sam you dick head, you and Luci’s arguments had ruined heaven and now you’re going to kill each other and i’m not going to let you take Sam with Lucifer!” Both were completely unaware of Sam expelling the devil out his body in a hope to be with Gabe.

“Thanks Gabriel now i’m just going to have to kill Michael now.” The stuttering body ran gripping for dear life on the blade as the eldest pushed his younger sibling in front Lucifer pierced Gabriel’s stomach with the only weapon known to man which could have killed him, he fell crashing until a white light came thundering at of the dead body burning the wings across the grass charring the. That was the final push for Sam to get Satan out of his body.

The angelic grace hovered for moments in the air unable to comprehend what had happened to the body he was only seconds processing minutes ago. The body he spoke of was on his knees next to the dead archangel motionless which anyone with a brain was shock and the impact was going to hit the mind reader any minute, in Sam’s life many things had happened to him each wave trying to take him under and never let go, this was a tsunami about to come crashing down on him but in the last serine moment the awe of tsunami before it surrounds you choking you from the inside and sam’s moment of awe was at an end.

“Gabe? Gabe get up it’s just a trick right just another one of your old tricks you played on me and Dean, the good old days,” Gabriel lifeless body didn’t respond but Sam didn’t want to believe he was gone.

“Get up Gabe come on you’re not dead.” Lucifer no longer was occupying Sam’s body after being cast out but could sense everything that was happening.

“It’s just a trick,” More pleaing.

“You’re not dead,” Another helpless cry.

“You’re NOT dead.” A single tear dripped from his eye spattering delicately onto the emotionless face.

“Gabriel sit up you’re scaring me, please please.” Tears began flowing constantly across his cheeks. Anger, Despair and the emptiness he felt inside was finally consuming him the tsunami taking control of him at last.

YOU can’t be D-DEAD, YOU BASTARD!” Screaming at Lucifer, he knew the the angel was somewhere and if Sam got his way the bitch would be dead.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” His head fell to the smaller man’s chest muffling the sounds of crying coming from the humans mouth.

“I LOVE YOU.” Sam had never said it not even to Jess and now the only person he loved would never hear what he had to say.

“I FREAKING LOVE YOU, YOU CAN’T BE DEAD! I WoN’t LeT yOu.” The giant man voice began to soften changing quickly from anger to madness in a second.

“It’s just a trick, gabe, gabe, gabe, gabegabe.”

“gabegabegabegabegabegabe, ha…ha…ha.” He had fallen into a state of depression killing from the inside slowly but surely.

“You’re not dying.” Sam tried to say it like a fact but came out more like the complete opposite he no longer could get away from the fact that the man lying beneath was dead.

“I can’t live without you. I can’t live not in this hell hole! Ha, gabe wake up.”

“Samuel, I’m afraid my brother gabriel is dead, there is nothing you can do for him now he is dead.” No sympathy or emotion filled his voice Michael could do nothing but watch from aside the dead Gabriel being held by his younger brothers vessel, he felt nothing except from pity that such a tiny being loved an angel, his opinion on humans had changed during the hellish world they had created and would now toss each and everyone of them personally into hell for destroying his father’s creations and having his battle with Lucifer to be changed from the way it was meant to have happened years ago.

“I’ll rip open anything to find him heaven, hell purgatory”

The now vessel-less second oldest archangel couldn’t stay without a vessel for much longer if he wanted to destroy his once beloved brother and had become glad to see his vessel breaking down in front of him the pathetic human Lucifer thought that Sam was both brothers at least agreed this battle was lasting longer than it should have. Lucifer did the only thing he could think of to to emotionally destroy his usual vessel who expelled him and finish the prophecy written battle once and for all.

A light filled gabriel’s dead vessel reanimating body, a glimmer of hope shimmered through the distraught sam only to be pushed down into the deepest reaches of his heart when the words ‘Hello sammy’ spurted out of the bodies mouth it was gabriel, once words which would light up the room now sickened him to his core. It reached down to get the bloodied blade out of it’s stomach wiping the un-dried blood on the dying grass turning the corn yellow to a piercing red.

“Now that’s out it should be easier to do this,” casually wiping dirt of the jacket like it was nothing.

Sam was dead inside no sam might of  as well of been dead his best friend and the love of this life’s body was filled with the devil him unable to do anything other than grab the arch angel blade beside him and grab the delicate wrist of the vessels arm and did the only thing which might sooth the pain sink the blade into sink the shaft into Lucifer’s heart hoping Gabriel was somewhere knowing that he stopped all end on earth and it was for him.

The oldest angel in existence was placed on the other side of Sam ten feet away he didn’t even realise when the blade slipped into stomach dropping to the floor, in a flash of light both bodies burned wings into grass showing it was the end to everything he had been doing.

That’s when himself fell for a final time to his knees again next to Gabriels true vessel placing to fingers to his lips then onto the poor bodies lips remembering everything between them hoping when his final deed was done he would find peace and gabriel.

Gabriel, the brightest and most wonderful thing in his life, the thing he thought of when he plunged the blade still attached to his hand to his heart a quick instant death.

Three bodies lied on the field two brothers one an unknown man but so much had happened between the three though Dean may have had an untimely death he would find Castiel again and everyone he had lived for.

Sam with his final conscious moments entangled his fingers with the ones he never had the opportunity to before basking in the sensation hoping when found Gabriel again,

The two would never let go of each other again.