Pleated longer lengths are said to be “having a moment” right now… not one of those funny as in weird moments more like one of those “oh-so perfect” moments.

Earlier this year, after Christmas had made a huge dent in my bank balance, I wandered into @TOPSHOPLEICS @Highcross and… dreaming of spring… bought a lovely Sheer Black Pleated Maxi Skirt… and the unstructured floppy camel hat too.

This week I have fallen absolutely head-over-heels in love with this peach chiffon pleated maxi skirt by Rare** for Topshop, £45. 

I am now imagining myself swishing along New Walk on a warm spring day, twirling around the streets of Leicester in search of an icecream or perhaps sunning myself in the South of France, come July, all romantic and wistful overlooking the Mediterranean [this skirt is definitely coming with me!]

As soon as you step into it… zip it up and fasten the little button… you feel like a ballerina… [cue twirl and plenty of skirt swishing] …as many of my friends are aware I have absolutely no coordination and cannot dance for toffee… so this takes some doing.

I recommend all you girlies out there who want to add a little romance to your wardrobe grab one of these skirts now whilst they are HOT HOT HOT. 

I have seen a variety of different styles available to suit all budgets… some going for as little as £18 whilst others have prices way over the £300 mark.. eek! So whether you are after vintage, high street or designer you are sure not to be disappointed - there is plenty to choose from!

For more inspiration see @ELLEUK’s latest 6 of the Best ‘Ballet Skirt’ feature here

Team it will a cropped vest, or perhaps a vintage Tee, or even a sleeveless blouse and floppy hat and you will look like a dream!

Photographs by @jmgcreative and edited by me.



my hair is a vague mix of all these colours at the moment, it’s like a blondey gingery pinky kind of colour. i’m sick of it being dull though.i just can’t afford to get it done in a salon. i want the whole thing bleached, messed around with highlights and stuff but want an all-over greyish lilac colour so i figured i’d bleach first then tone and add colour later…

Meet Lucie Loves @Highcross’s Best Dressed Individuals from Loughborough #streetstyle #Leicestershire #photography

Amy-Jo Gomes-Alves, Loughborough

Amy-Jo wears Top by New Look, Camel leggings, pink slip-on shoes by New Look, and Nan’s cardigan with the lovely gold buttons.

Jade Nelson, Loughborough

Jade wears this cute little blue ruffle trim dress and white accessories & a flower in her hair to create a perfect retro-inspired summer look! Beaded Necklace and Bracelet by New Look

Ceris Matthews, Loughborough

Ceris wears this lovely white kaftan style top by Tommy Hilfiger and teams it perfectly with orange chino trousers by Topshop, Chanel Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton Bag and gladiators sandals by River Island.

Royal Wedding Fever hits Melton Mowbray.

Alan Lee, Loughborough

Alan wears Tshirt by All Saints, Drop Dead Trousers, Dr Martens Shoes, and Topman Sunglasses

Ben Wall, Loughborough

Ben wears Shirt, Tshirt & Shoes by Topman, with rolled up dark blue jeans.

Peter Tsui, Student from Hong Kong, studying at Loughborough

Peter wears Ray Ban Glasses, D&G Belt & Jeans and Trainers by Dior

Chris Cawkwell, Fine Art Student, Loughborough

Chris wears Vest by Topman, Trousers by Fab India, Brown Leather Sandals from India, Customised Cardigan, Customised Necklace - from charity & vintage shops.