still i’m pinned under the weight
of what i believed would keep me safe
so show me where my armor ends,
show me where my skin begins
like a final puzzle piece,
it all makes perfect sense to me

for @eriseas with my best wishes and waves of inspiration! *///*


What if we switch roles this time ? 😚💋💕

[PS: tbh I won’t be able to post new drawings as often as I used to 😩 I’m too busy with work these days and it’s gonna last few months 😭 Don’t worry I won’t stop ofc, I actually can’t live without drawing lol. I hope you’ll be patient 😔❤]

“Who would you choose ?” 

This is hella rushed cuz i wanted to try this out idea since yesterday and here it is lolol (ㆆᴗㆆ)