In 1967, jazz singer and Civil Rights activist Nina Simone recorded poet Langston Hughes’ poem Backlash Blues.

“In [the] poem Hughes raises questions about the identity that white society has imposed on the black man and the method by which the system attempts to guarantee the failure of the black man in that society. A literal white backlash is, of course, something with which slaves would be very familiar, but that is now to be countered by a backlash of global proportions as people of color unite.” (x)



Fairy tail review: chapter 450

Mavis and Zeref have matching covers:

baby makarov is so cute:

we finally see a dreyar woman:

Yuriy and Rita:

No precht we aren’t going to nee him pippocco:

Yuriy is so freakin precious:

Rita dies:

mavis has killed everything around her:

Zeref has been looking for Mavis:

Mavis looks terrible, my poor baby:

Zeref you don’t have to tell her she looks terrible:

Mavis wants to die:

My poor precious cinnamon roll’s thoughts have become contradictions:

he wants to see Natsu:

Zeref looks like he’s in serious pain:

Zeref and Mavis hug:

She says she will accept him:

Zeref says he loves her:

He kisses her:

The One magic is Love:

Mavis dies:



Dragneel Brother Bond Moment


Natsu: “Hey bro…”

Zeref: “Natsu, What’s wrong?”

Natsu: “Well, there’s this girl I like…and…um…”

Zeref: *chuckle* “Go on.”

Natsu: “Well, I wanted to kiss her but I got scared…do you have any advice?”

Zeref: *laughter* “Little brother, I’ve got you’re back. I kiss girls on the very first date!”

Natsu: *gasp* “No way! I don’t believe you!”

Zeref: “It’s true. Here, I’ll tell what you should do.”

(Zeref wraps his arm around his little brother and leans in closer)

Zeref: “What'ya gotta do is get her alone. You’ll show her you’ll be there for her. Promise you’ll never do something crazy like…cheat or…do crime or…I don’t know, turn into a demon and massacre everything she cares about. Something like that!…”

Natsu: “Okay, I think I got it…”

Zeref: “…Then, you’ll do the forehead touch. Those girls fall for it every time. You remember me teaching it to you?”

Natsu: *nods* “Mhm! Of course I do!”

Zeref: “Good! Now after all that, you look in her eyes, and move a little closer, then closer until she and your lips have met. Then you’ll be kissing!”

Natsu: “Wow! Thanks big bro! But…what you do after?”

Zeref: “What'ya mean? They die after.”

Natsu: “…what?”

Zeref: *sobbing* “Mavis!!!!”

Natsu: “……”

And that was another Dragneel Brother Bonding moment with Natsu & Zeref

Fuck you.


Zeref:At least I had the courage to kiss the girl I love. What about you? Did you kiss Lucy yet?

Natsu: ….

Zeref:*smug grin*

Natsu: ….

Natsu: Fuck you.