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lmao, actually check in for the BBB for once, can't keep a snippet to one comment

WHY DO I USE SO MANY WORDS WHYYYY. I’ll post the snippet here since some of you seemed to be interested in it. aka the 50k+ age!kink fic. 

Summary: When Blaine Anderson gets a fresh start at McKinley High in 1997 thanks to his best friend Rachel Berry, her parents, Emma Pillsbury, and the group of misfits that would become the New Directions, the last thing he expects to gain from playing it straight and dating Quinn Fabray is a daughter at the age of sixteen. Fast forward to present day, where Blaine is raising Sugar as a single dad in the same sleepy town of Lima he grew up in. When Sugar is recruited at the beginning of her sophomore year by Will Schuester to join New Directions and falls deeply in love at first sight with one of the co-captains, Blaine isn’t sure what to think, especially since Kurt Hummel is quite out of her league, being three and a half years older and, well, gay.

Little did he realize how much Kurt would end up turning Blaine’s own life upside down in the year ahead – a story of Blaine’s struggles to find his true self as his daughter grows up herself and his personal journey to realize age is just a number. 

(also that’s a wordy bitch and is going to have to change omg)

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my husband and I have been talking about writing a lot lately

because my bestie is working on an autobiography (don’t ask - I had to diplomatically find a way to tell him the excerpt he sent me wasn’t awful. when it was.)

anyway he’s been poking at me to add up my wordcount for fic in this fandom and I’ve been dragging my feet because I really didn’t want to know because that would be depressing.

I’ve somehow written over 370,000 words of glee fic since november 2010.





today I:

* wrote 3700 words of the fluffiest fic ever omg omg omg

* put out like 5 fires at work today WHILE FINDING THE TIME AND ENERGY TO WRITE 3700 WORDS

but no you know what this really means? my headache meds seem to be working and I can be a functioning member of society again \o/ after a year of … NOT!

or who knows maybe I just jinxed myself and I will wake up tomorrow feeling like death

I am now going to continue this productive streak by actually cooking dinner and having it at the table with my husband and then going shopping with him for an mp3 player. fic is sent to beta and will be posted when I get back, time willing.