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Some cute Fraxus feat Nalu! 

Art by the super awesome @chychymazzu, I hope you like it <3

Also tagging the wonderful @avengemytatas cause I couldn’t have made those beautiful eyes without the her help and @snogfairy cause Natsu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !

Birthday Gifts. (Gladiolus ft. the other Bros)

Anon requested something for Gladio’s birthday but I couldn’t come up with anything special, so I decided to just list down what the boys would get for him.

He’s really bad at these things so he just puts them to the back of his mind till it’s too late. At which point he panics, and tries to get something acceptable arranged. Since he’s focused on just getting this done, he ends up picking something weird and random. Being in a hurry, he doesn’t really pay attention to what he’s gifting him. That is until he’s handing it to Gladio. Who’s wheezing with laughter as soon as Noctis realises he just bought him flavoured condoms.

He doesn’t know Gladio all too well, which is why he created a tradition of buying him really cute plushies. Because who on Earth wouldn’t like one of those? It saves him a lot of trouble and worrying. Though the first time he gave it a shot he was worried Gladio may not be as much of a fan. It ended up becoming a tradition when Gladio told him he loves it. And since then Gladio’s racked up a lot of plushies. Not that he minds.

If someone outright tells him they have something specific in mind, he’ll deliver 100%. But Gladio tends not to be very chatty about anything too personal. So Ignis usually improvises and gets a lot of practical yet supremely underwhelming gifts. Whether he’s intentionally trying to mess with Gladio or not, one can’t say. But you certainly can’t discount the importance of a nail cutter, shoe polish and a can of soup.

Cute NaLu Reads for NaLu Day 2015!


And to commemorate these dorks’ adorable love, here’s a really quick list of a few cute and fluffy fics by some amazing authors on that you could finish in a day by throwing all your priorities out the window yay! Join me in RE-READING these classics for NaLu day (:

strictly happy endings at least that’s what i hope only bc honesly thats what these dorks deserve. happy reading!

💕 one shots: 

💞 multi chap:

💌 srsly amazing authors (tumblr +

  • wordsofawitheringwriter - their writing
    • amazing oneshots and i love her x100000000. really enjoyed reading On Duty (bc lifeguard natsu and hello lucy what a hot damn couple mhm) and honestly all her other fics in general because that’s how amazing she is ^.^
  • snogfairy - their writing
    • lOVE her writing too BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANTLY WRITTEN. pretty sure we all know how fab tails&talons is (bc tattoos are the raddest things on the block) - my personal favorite is love thy neighbor (:
  • rivendell101 - their writing
    • her nalu fics are gorgeous and classy omg my absolute favorite is the park bench au because honesly sarcasm and italics give me life
  • toxineena - their writing
    • in love with her writing its just so viwjfoiejvirniwajvHNIDJWIOJDO the phrasings and everything is so perfect, my absolute fav being fireworks because i love the way she expresses their characters it’s just REAL and makes me FEEL THINGS thank you
  • soprana-snap - their writing
    • her writing is great like its hot. hot dayumm. my fav of hers is Morning Jog bc yes she can pull off a smokin’ Natsu and Lucy anyday ((((;
  • chokecherries - their
    • she’s my all time fav fairy tail writer. the voice in her fics is absolute GOLD and on point, and modern aus especially are just portrayed in the best sense possible and i love her writing to the moon and back. my ultimate fav nalu fic of hers is Gangster is the New Black but everything else she writes is as amazeballs bc she’s on fire.
  • MissyPlatina - their
    • i cant even ok her multichap writing brings on so much relationship development its like so real and i can never stop smiling when i read her fics. i first read her writing in Virtual Flames and i stayed up late and woke up early to catch up to the 30-something chapters. the fluff is real like she’s aries in writer form or something.
  • whereisthefreakingnalu - their
    • WHERE IS THE FREAKING LIE that her writing is sweet perfection. there is no lie. she’s written super cute AUs like the teachers AU Just Teaching and its uber cute and she’s got even more on neighbor aus and stuff and yeah you need to read her stuff and drop some reviews.

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