((So the moral of this picture is don’t ever write me anything or there’s the chance that I might spend an hour sketching something terrible for it and lose an hour of work time on my final project that’s due in 1 day.

Also it’s pmuch apparent that I never draw backgrounds aaahahaha))


in some non-aywas related art tho, bc that’s all i’ve honestly had time for, this is stuff i did but i dont think i uploaded here. Two Jakes and actually short haired Sebastian I might have uploaded here I can’t remember.

Slight lie bc the blue one is Aywas related but a semi-gijinka of one of my pets and that one and the Sebastian pic are older. sHRUGS I ONLY GOT SO MUCH TIME TO ART.

((Quick Amynta before class! I drew her wings incorrectly since technically the ‘skin’ of her wings would fold when not stretched out all the way haaaah oh well. Also the frame is too narrow.))