lucid's art


Work I have done on Procreate I really like the iPad Pro and the pencil is definitely worth buying.

1. Dream project Lilibeth
2. Dream project jasper
3. Dream project jasper
4. Dream project eclipse
5&6. Redraw of pearl 2013 versus 2017
7&8. Sanjay and Agni
9. Agni
10. Edward Elric


Remember when I asked for ship kid requests like a week and a half ago so I could fill a page up with them? IT’S DONE. Finally!

Incubux - @nateeev
Placebo - @fullmetaldreamer
Palette - @angexci
Goth - @nekophy
Sprinkle and Moku - @6agentgg9
Mishap - @milkymf
Glitchcolor - @darkness-pure
Lucid - @inashibe
Blueprint - @pepper-mint
Raven - @ask-the-gothfamily
Tenpatch - @kakimochi0820
Gaige - @kaiel-urfreindlyneighbrohoodwolf
Noah, Dean and Skyler - Me

“Conjuring Sleep”

chalk pastels and acrylics

Prints available on Etsy.

Two of my loves : owls and sleep. I’ve been such a night owl in past years, and still can be, but I love a long peaceful restorative sleep. I also love slipping in-between waking and sleeping where my most lucid dreams reside.