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LadyNoir July: Prompt: Right Hook Fury


Rated: T

Prompt: Right Hook

LadyNoir July


Chat gave a blank expression, looking at the male in front of him.

The newest Akuma had bypassed Hawkmoth and was sent to the top of his shit list.

Amortentia, the Akuma, which Chat noticed was named after the Love Potion from Harry Potter, had been yet another love Akuma.

The male was a rather lanky and shy male, too nervous to talk to girls in his calls. Momentarily reminding him of his classmate Marinette who struggled to speak with his civilian self.

That… was a thought for another day.

Amortenia was similar to Princess Fragrance, and like her, he used his powers to have his own little army of women. Several of which he currently knew.

Alya was in the pack of females, camera held high. It wasn’t too surprising her obsession stuck around even affected by an Akuma.

Rose, the small blonde was currently plastered to his side. Her face tucked against his ribcage, glazed over eyes looking towards him.

The one that put this male at the top of his shit list, however, was Ladybug. The ravenette stood confident next to the male. Hip cocked and lips tilted into a smirk. Her usual blue eyes glazed over with the same pink as all the other girls.

His eyes narrowed at the arm around Ladybug, resting on her hip that was cocked upward a bit. Jealousy and rage swelled within him at the fact that this Akuma was not only controlling some of his friends, but was using his best friend, the woman of his dreams, against him.

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Jealousy can break the moon Part 5

Moonlight belongs to @reyindee

Lucid belongs to @inashibe

NaJ belongs to @blogthegreatrouge


A few days past and Lucid was fully healed now. He and Moonlight spend every minute together, enjoying each others company. Sure, they couldn’t be together all the time, but these moments didn’t last too long.

They were walking hand in hand to their classroom, when they heared screaming.

“Well, obviously not” they saw that it was Chara, Lucid’s brother.

“What’s that supposed to mean!” this time the screaming one was Horror, Chara’s ‘enemy’. They were surrounded by a few students, looking at them curiously.

“It means you couldn’t even hurt a fly. You’re weak! And because of that you can’t hurt me” Moonlight knew that wasn’t the truth. He knew Horror had a crush on Chara. It was obviouse to him, still no one else seemed to ever notice.

“What do you mean?! I threw you into the pool just a few days ago” so he was the one.

“Oh, please. If you really wanted to hurt me, you wouldn’t have pushed me into water. And you knew that Incubux was there to save me” Horror looked defeated and stormed away. Moonlight felt a little pitty for him, but just shrug it off.

“Why is this guy always bugging Chara?!” Lucid mumbled more to himself. Moonlight snorted.

“Are you seriouse?” he asked trying to hold back his laugher. Lucid looked a little confused.

“Yes? Why?” Now Moonlight couldn’t hold back his laugher, after he had calmed down he spoke again.

“He likes Chara. He has a crush on him. Besides Chara’s obviously the one starting most of the fights” Lucid looked at him with a blank expression.

“Why would Chara do that?” he asked. “Well, maybe because he likes him back” Moonlight suggested. Lucid’s expression was unreadible. He panicked a little “Y-you’re just messing with me. H-he wouldn’t e-ever-mpf” Moonlight silenced him with a kiss. Soft but passionately, that was how he always managed to make him silent. After they pulled away  Moonlight spoke again.

“Why do you keep worrying so much?” he asked “Aren’t they just like us?” Lucid looked away “Yes, but-” “No buts, they love eachother and there’s nothing you can do about it” Lucid sighed “What would I do without you?”  he asked. Moonlight chuckled “You’d be totally lost” “True” They kissed eachother again and went to their classroom.


After school was over, they walked together at Moonlight’s place. They went together inside and heared voices.

“It was not my fault!” Incubux screamed from the kichen. Moonlight and Lucid hid behind the door and listened curiouse.

“Well, but instead of just standing there and watching you could have just helped him from the start!” Nightmare screamed.

“It wasn’t my buisness! Who am I to get into a strangers conversation! Besides, be grateful I helped him out of the pool.”

“He isn’t a stranger, he’s your cousin!” “No he isn’t! Uncle Dream isn’t married with Cross, yet!”

Moonlight and  Lucid gave eachother a meaningful look.

“He’s going to be your cousin soon, and you know that!” Moonlight gave Lucid a motion to go to his room,  he didn’t want to listen to that conversation anymore. They went together to his room and Moonlight jumped sighing in his bed.

“You know,” he said to Lucid “if my uncle is  going to marry your dad we’re going to be cousins and then we can’t be together anymor-” “You do know that cousins are allowed to marry eachother” Moonlight jumped out of the bed and looked at him in disbelieve “Are you seriouse?” he asked “Yeah, it’s only not allowed to marry siblings. There’s no rule wich doesn’t allowes cousins to get married or be a couple” Moonlight hugs hs lover.

“I love you” he said, burrying his head in the others neck. Lucid smirked.

“How about you show me how much you love me” Moonlight smirked and lead Lucid to his bed, he sat himself on Lucid’s lab and began kissing him. After a while of kissing Lucid let himself fall on the bed with  Moonlight on top. Still kissing eachother, Moonlight took off Lucid’s shirt. He sat himself up again, so Moonlight could take off his own shirt. Moonlight had halfway taken off the others shirt when-

“Moonlight dear, can I borrow yo-OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!” it was Nightmare standing at the door. Damn, they forgot to close the door.

“H-hey Mr. Nightmare” Lucid said a bit nervouse.

“LEAVE!” Nightmare shouted angrily.Moonlight jumped out of his lab, so Lucid could stand up. Both knew it wouldn’t end well if Lucid stayed. Lucid quickly waved Moonlight goodby and left.

“WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING!” Nightmare tapped his foot on the floor angrily.

“As if you’re not doing things like that” Moonlight mumbled looking away and playing with the bedsheets.

“The diffrence between us two is that I’m an adult, and you’re practically a child!” he had calmed down a bit “And I don’t want you to lose your virginity just yet” Moonlight began to sweat. Nightmare noticed.

“Moonlight? Why are you sweating?” he asked a bit unsure. He didn’t know if he really  wanted to know the answer. Moonlight gulped, he knew he had to tell his father the truth.

“Dad… I don’t know how to tell you, but… I already lost my virginity…a long time ago” Nightmare had a blank expression. How did this happen, without him knowing it?

“Dad?” Moonlight was a little scared by the silence of his father.

“You already did?” this couldn’t be true, he must have misheared him. But Moonlight nodded shyly, still not looking at him.

“Was it with Lucid?” he asked. Moonlight nodded. Nightmare sighed.

“I’m going to talk with Cross about this. You’re not allowed to leave your room.” He said stern. Moonlight’s eyes widened.

“WAIT,WHA-” he was cut off.

“You heared me” and with that he left.

Moonlight was burying his face in his pillow.

“Why is my life so complicated!?” it was more  a statement than a question.

Track List:
Baauer - Yaow!
Baauer - Harlem Shake
YeahYeahYeah’s - Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion Trap Edit)
RL Grime - Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)
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King Krule - Easy Easy

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