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Cis-Males as 'Feminists'

For a male to self-identify as ‘feminist’ is similar to a white person identifying as a 'black nationalist’ or some sort. That’s the best way I am able to articulate it so far, after being confronted about self-identifying as 'feminist’ years ago.

It does not mean that we never have any place in the struggle to subvert patriarchy. As members of the privileged group, no matter how reluctant, 'feminist’ is simply not our identity to claim. I identify as 'anti-patriarchy’ or simply 'autonomist’, which seems much more appropriate.

While we’re on the subject of preparation for battle with authority, let’s talk about how a lot of the folks who criticized Leah Lynn-Plante would likely have experienced the same desperate capitulation under the same stresses, for lack of ACTUAL preparation.

Preparation for strenuous tasks generally takes more than simply deciding to undertake them.

Seriously tho, there are SO many things that could wipe us out that have literally nothing to do with human activity.
  • Supervolcanos (Overdue)
  • Comets and asteroids (Overdue)
  • Gamma ray bursts ( Could kill us all ANY SECOND.)
  • Black hole visitation (Any. Fuckin’. Second.)
  • Orbit disruption (Planets get flung clear out of their systems A LOT, and, obviously, no nearby star means no energy for life, save MAYBE extremophiles.)
  • Coronal mass ejection (A beautiful farewell from the great glowing god)
  • Disease

And with all these CONSTANT threats that have ALWAYS existed and that we would NEVER be able to control, someone concludes that “global anarchist revolution is not going to happen” because of climate change? To what end does one take the time to throw one’s arms arms up in defeat, grasp for ink and quill, and sing the praises of doom and gloom? Why bother?

I dunno. That kind of pessimism just pisses me off. Like, live with passion or don’t, but don’t sell your pessimism as some immutable truth.

I hate that fuckin’ Just-let-things-play-out “approach” anarchists often have toward internal matters. THAT shit is a HUGE part of the reason anarchist organizing in America is in such a sorry condition. People are just meandering, spinning their wheels, and they wonder collectively why they aren’t gettin’ anywhere.

“But we spend SO much time shouting at cops, smashing windows,and drinkin’ PBR! How could nothing be happening?!” Ugh.

Shape the fuck up, anarchists. -_-

When dividing a people to conquer them, it helps to convince some they are not divided, so that they will unwittingly help to secure the divisions, seeing efforts to assess and address the divisions as themselves divisive.

It has been said that “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Let it also be known that none are more hopelessly divided than those who falsely believe they are united.

Categories like ‘POC’, 'queer’, 'woman’, etc are valid in all the same ways as the category of the 'proletariat’. They have as much basis in reality as the conception of the working class, and it is not just about what one identifies as; it’s about what one exists as, what position one is travelling to this 'new world’ from.

And would it not be foolish to posit that it, when travelling to a place, where one originates from is 'not REALLY important’?