lucid space

A Lucid Space - Visual Ecstasy
Jack Hardwicke

As some of you may know/have read, I am increasingly inspired by lucid dreams at present. Last night I had a lucid experience so overwhelming and rich that it has lingered with me all day. The experience is somewhat indescribable but to say I saw colours so vivid and clear that they took my breathe away would be selling the moment short. I implore you all, if interested, to experiment with lucid dreaming. This series has been an attempt to recreate the sensual beauty that can be experienced whilst sleeping. I hope you all like it. Jack

On Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

I’ve been trying to master lucid dreaming for a couple of weeks along with astral projection. I haven’t mastered either yet but I am practicing every night and making progress. Last night I was trying to astral project within a dream. I wasn’t lucid but it was very vivid and I remember feeling my whole body tingle and laughing.
In the book, A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming, it explains levels of lucid dreaming. In the fifth level, you can actually meditate while being lucid in your dream. Which is essentially a dream within a dream, and maybe so on and so on….
It’s incredible what our minds are capable of.

If anyone has any thoughts or anything they want to share with me please do!!!

Shannon Lucid (b. 1943) is a NASA astronaut and biochemist. She has flown in space five times, and is the only American woman to have served aboard the Mir space station. At one point, she held the record for most time spent in space by an American, as well as a woman.

Before being selected for the NASA training programme, she held various teaching and research positions in biochemistry at institutions throughout Oklahoma. During her multiple missions in space she performed experiments related to life and physical science. She was the first woman who received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.