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Dream Water (or Tea)

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Dream water is an infusion that you can use to aid in bringing sleep.  But even more so, it aids in dream work, helping prime the mind for lucid dreaming and other dream magic.

What you will need:



Moon water

Sandalwood incense (optional)

Frankincense (optional)


You have two options on how you can use this that I can think of.  The first is using the water to anoint your forehead and pillow (or pillow case) before going to sleep.  You can also choose to wash your sheets and pillow cases in this water by hand before tossing them in the dryer.

The next option is to use this mixture like a tea.  If you take this route, boil your moonwater (In case you were going to drink a cold brew).  Any kind of water kept for a longer period of time, even sealed, could still grow bacteria and you don’t want to get yourself sick.

Now onto the incenses.  Sandalwood incense is good to use if you are aiming to have prophetic dreams.  Frankincense is good for aiding in lucid dreaming.  So drink your tea or anoint your chosen items and then light your incense before settling into bed!  I would also recommend doing some breathing exercises to settle down your mind a bit more.  Sweet dreams, guys!

Safe Travels

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What's this about Newt finding you and you playing with his hair? Care to share that story or no?

Ah hah, that story. Well. Um. Grindelwald left just enough automated charms and the like to keep me alive, so although things were never exactly peachy and there were varying amounts of pain and insanity at various points, I wasn’t actually starving to death or anything. Except that the charms started failing when he stopped coming back - I think that was when he was captured? I don’t know, I kinda lost track of time for a bit then. But it meant that by the time people found me - and no, I have no idea how that happened but Goldstein was there? And Newt? Something about one of Newt’s creatures being good at tracking things, I think? - anyway, by the time they found me I was pretty much running on magic alone to stop myself copping it and… not in the most lucid state of mind.

I believe my exact words when I saw Newt were “Fuck me, you’re pretty,” and, when I realised he had all this fluffy curly hair, “Imma touch it. Give.”

… in retrospect I’m actually really surprised that Newt let me. I have a horrible feeling that I tried to hold onto it while people were carrying me out of there and to the hospital, and I think I remember him untangling my fingers and holding my hand instead.

Which, now that I think about it, is really embarrassing but also ridiculously cute for him to do that. So. There’s that.

(oh god I’m in love with him he’s such an adorable dork)

SVT - Click A Prince: Seungcheol/S.Coups (Ending)

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Series: Click a Prince (intro)

Member/s: Seungcheol / S.Coups x Reader 

Words: 513

A/N Get ready to *nervous sweating* 

You were forced awake as an added weight was put on your previously sleeping body. You groaned in your half-lucid state of mind.

“Get the hell off me.”

“No.” A childlike reply snaked its way into your ears before a pair of lips attached themselves to your neck.

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╰ ☆ ╮Snowdrop squeaks softly at the sudden sensation of arms around him, but smiles sweetly at hearing his lover’s voice. He covers the G!Sans’ hands with his own and leans into him.

╰ ☆ ╮"Don’t be sorry sweetheart! Of course I miss you but I’m sure you’re out there doing wonderful and good things right?“

“Mmm I hope so. I sure damn hope so…”

Setting the Swap!sans down just a moment, Lucid sweeps him off his feet, nuzzling their face and peppering them in kisses as he walks them to the couch. Sitting down, the skeleton swings his legs up to lay out, resting Snowdrop on top of him. Arms wrap around the smaller skeleton, holding him close as Lucid continues to nuzzle them.

“Things have been wild and crazy. I have neglected you and that is wrong of me. I should at the least have been keeping in contact with you by phone or the Undernet.

“But seeing you again, it warms my SOUL and I feel like I’m falling in love all over again with you, Snow. I love you a lot.”

Tales from a Dream Walker: Lucid#A - The god-child

I slipped into the dream.

I brought my hands up to my face, my palms looked funny. I glanced at my watch, the time was not of this world.

I asked aloud, “Am I dreaming?”

My surroundings came into focus. 

I was standing on top of what appeared to be an old Aztec temple. Or I guess the proper term would be a step-pyramid. There was a small group of about seven people clustered around me. I leaned into the guy next to me, “I am in a dream right now, right?” I asked. 

The young man looked at me and nodded. “Yea, you asked us to come and help you with this dig. There are the two advisers and the three professors. What schools are they from?” he asked, looking at a few scholarly-looking guys. “Oh, and those others are the archaeologists your partner had called in.”

My brain drew a blank so I responded: “I don’t really remember but I do know they are said to be the best.” I looked around at the band around me. Each one of them was looking back, as though waiting for me to speak or tell them what to do next. 

I could feel the heat of the sun on my physical body while I lay in my bed.


I looked around. “What seems to be the issue?

One of the archaeologists turned to me, “What do you want to do about the discovery, Senor? I feel, for safety reasons, that we should try to get some of the site-workers out and into different parts of the dig so that we can open up the cavern.

In all honesty, I felt like I had just tuned into a TV show mid episode. Recently, my dreams have been more “learning sessions” rather than dreams. I was getting deeper into my subconscious and therefore leaning about both myself as well as the universe within me. 

I told them to go ahead and clear out the dig site. We would be opening the cavern in ten minutes.

As the workers left the site to go on a brief break, my entourage and I climbed down to the base of the pyramid. We came around to where the entrance was and had a few folks moved back the massive stone blocking the entrance. It took five grown men to move. Smoke and stale air escaped the cavern in a puff of dust. The eight of us entered the dark cavern. 

We walked what seemed to be maybe two-hundred feet down the passageway before it opened up into what appeared to be a massive throne room. The air was definitely cooler in here. 

In my physical body, goosebumps traversed my being.

The room was enormous. The cavern had walls so high; you had to crane your neck to see the ceiling. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of jewels were inlaid into every visible surface. Even in the dim lighting, the beauty was obvious. Dozens of statues lined three of the four walls, but they were not human forms. 

A sense of danger came over me as my eyes came to rest upon the center of the room. There was a massive rectangular pit; ten feet long and seven feet wide. As we got closer to the pit, we noticed that it was almost nine feet deep!! The walls of the pit were sheer stone. What could have possibly dug this into the ground, and more importantly, what was the purpose?!

Hushed murmurs of shock and awe crept through our small group as we all came to realize the contents of the pit. I now knew the source of my sense of alarm. 

The pit was full of bones… human bones. Hundreds and hundreds of them! As well as blocks of gold, golden coins, gems, and many forms of jewelry. 

This must be the god-child’s crib” said one of the archaeologists. He raised his flash-light and shone it around the cavern. “Apparently, the history of this place is pretty morbid.” He walked off a few paces. One of the university professors spoke up.

The Natives would feed him the captured warriors of opposing tribes here,” his voice got low, “I can’t believe we actually found this place,” he moved to look around the pit. “Do you guys know what this mean?!” he looked at us with glee.

A few of us, including me, jumped down into the pit. There were loud crunches and melodic and metallic tinkling as we maneuvered around the base. We were standing upon unspeakable riches. Who knew how much all of this was worth, or how much pain and suffering had been endured here.

I went over to what appeared to be a thick sheet of metal protruding out from the bones and riches. As I bent to try to pick it up for closer observation another wave of alarm came over me. I suppressed the sensation of dread and straightened up. “Do any of you keep feeling that?” I asked. Everyone shook their heads, no. “Well, can I get some help trying to lift this thing, it’s hella heavy.” It took three of us to lift the object up and what it was came as a shock to us all, in and out of the pit. 

It was a massive battle ax. It was at least seven feet long and the blade, the part that was protruding up, was five feet from edge to edge. It was incredibly heavy and the three of us eagerly placed it back on the ground. A few feet away was a shovel, as big as the ax. I thought to myself ‘What the hell are we looking at here?’ 

A professor, next to me in the pit, began muttering to himself and a look of astonishment flicked over his face. “The god-child must have gone insane down here…. Look at all of these grooves, they must be from the ax.” He trailed off and stepped closer to one of the walls. “Senor, come look at these!” I made my way over the bones and jewels to where he stood. The wall was covered in hieroglyphs, but the strange part, they seemed to have been burned into the stone. “What do these symbols mean?

The images depicted a person laying down. The next image showed what appeared to be a transient shadow connected to the person’s head. The next few images showed this transient shadow moving through different panels. Deep down I knew this was a depicting of astral travel, but I was drawing blanks as to why it here in such a dark place. 

The sounds of bones being broken under-foot snapped me out of my study of the glyphs. “Could you imagine the horror those warriors felt as they were thrown down here with the god-child?” continued the professor. 

A third time I had a wave of fear course through me. I felt the vibrations and saw the bones and coins start moving before the others. They were coming from somewhere deep beneath us. The bones and jewelry were now rattling around and the others noticed it as well. A rumble sounded through the temple. The guys above the pit looked down on us, “You all hearing this?” one called down.

We need to get out of here, RIGHT NOW!” I said. I should not have ignored those feelings of dread for so long. Another rumble sounded, louder this time. Debris fell from the ceiling and crashed to the ground. 

At that moment, the walls of the pit began to ooze and drip a red fluid. I reached out and touched the liquid. It was warm.

This is blood.” said an adviser. 

Another, louder, rumble sounded. The ground shook. Cracks appeared in the stone walls of the pit. 

The drips had now become steady flow of blood from the stone. Another partner up top peered down at us, “We need to get out of here now! Get out of the pit! The entire dig site is filling up with what looks like blood!” 

We all scrambled out of the pit, helping each other up. I was last one out but I threw a quick glance over my shoulder. It had only taken us a couple of minutes to get out but already, the bones, jewelry, and metals were gone beneath a pool of red.

‘Where the heck was this coming from?’ I thought to myself.

As we all ran towards the entrance of the throne room, I was able to catch glimpses of the statues along the walls. They were ALL bleeding - some from the eyes and mouths of the grotesque statues and others from unseen pores. 

We all got to the entrance of the cavern. There was now a constant rumbling and the ground was noticeably shaking. From our location, we could see most of the dig and the scene was pure chaos. Many workers were running around, having dropped what they were doing and now running for their lives.  There were others, covered in blood that were slipping and sliding over the increasingly dangerous work site. I watched as part of the dig site opened up and two workers tripped and fell down into the crevice. I did not see them come back up. 

The rumbling continued. Cracks formed and opened in the Earth. Workers were now yelling out to each other in alarm. Trenches that had been dug for excavation were now rivers of blood. 

A whirling sound from behind me made me jump to the side out of instinct.

My physical body twitched in the bed.

The edge of a massive ax barely missed me. As the blade was lifted again, I realized it was the same one that was inside the pit. I landed and rolled over onto my back to try to get some distance between me and whatever was wielding the ax. The blade moved through the air with incredible speed. The professor that was standing next to me had no time to react. The blade entered at his pelvis, in an upward motion, and came out of his shoulder. He looked at us with an odd expression on his face, almost as though asking ‘Why?’

He collapsed in two pieces in front of me. 

My entire entourage scattered like roaches. I looked up at the newcomer.

The god-child stood over me, covered from head to toe in blood, brandishing the ax as though it was light as a feather. He couldn’t have been more than fifteen years old but stood at an enormous seven feet tall and he was more muscular than any body-builder I had ever seen. And even as he towered over me, I could see that his body was covered in scars and tattoos. He wore a heavily jeweled necklace of gold and precious stones. Around each of his wrists were gauntlets of precious stones and more gold. Each of his ankles were looped with teeth, of which I could only imagine were large cats and or bears. 

The very air around him seemed to shimmer and pulsate as though he was giving off immense heat. 

He bent down and extended an arm to me. In Aztec, he said to me: “Get up, my prince. How could you let all of these impostors into your Ancient Oz?! Now get up! We have work to do if we are to salvage any of this. Help me cleanse our Temple, or at least wake up before everything is tarnished!


Senor Nicholas, we have no time for this! You’ve only found one Oz, I presume. I promise you, there are levels to this and many planes and realms to learn about. Each is guarded. Now, to your feet. We need to cleanse this place of all vermin before all goes to waste. Once our work here is done, I will guide you through. Tarry no longer!

He picked me up and placed me upright. He did it with no effort at all, that much was obvious.

How do we do this?” I asked him, also in Aztec.

The incredibly strong god-child smirked at me, showing brilliantly white teeth. “I am your weapon. You created me to guard this plane. If you want answers, learn to trust your instincts. We are all tired of waiting for you to get to these planes.”

We?” I replied. 

One thing at a time, my prince. Let’s get to work, there’s a lot to learn here.” He turned and led down into the dig site. “But, maybe you aren’t ready for this. I need you to think about this incident while awake. We can continue this when you aren’t as shaken up.”

He placed his hand in front of my chest and, without touching; I was thrown into a vortex.

As though a vacuum was placed over my mouth and nose, my breath was taken from me. The sudden need to consciously breathe caused me to wake up coughing for breath. 


To Be Continued. 

PT 2: On Lessons Learned.

Art by kasimova-daria.

Dumela the Flamebringer (sometimes “Dumela of Two Clans”) is the pridelord of the Flame Pride, a leonine subset of the once glorious Saberclaw Empire.  Entrusted with the generalship of the late Matriarch Saberclaw’s forces, he waged war against the Shattered Hand Remnant in an endless struggle to stave off orcish aggression while preparing for the expansion of the saberon into nearby territories such as the Overgrowth.

Prior to receiving the boon of the Sun Stone, Dumela was a savage competitor of Saberclaw and the Sun Clan; however, he became her loyalest companion when she brought lucidity to his darkened mind.  His worship of her majesty was such that he often placed himself in danger so that she might be spared harm. 

As the Matriarch’s right hand, Dumela was prized for both his fearlessness and boundless strength.  He was wounded in combat with the former gladiator, Bloodkill, and was later aided by Blythe Atwood in recovering from his injury.  This friendly gesture saw him place trust within the off-worlders, later known as “humans,” and in turn it was his voice among those that dissented that saw the humans granted audience with the Matriarch herself.

Dumela was present at the Battle of the Bleeding Valley, where Tsavo the Quick betrayed the saberon and aided Gra’ba the Ogre-Lord in staving off complete defeat.  As Tsavo slew Saberclaw, Dumela went into a rage and stalked after the fleeing traitor.   In turn, he was captured as Tsavo lied to his fellows and informed them that it was Dumela that slew their all-mother.  

Dumela has seen been made to fight in gladiatorial matches at the convenience of Tsavo, who beats and starves him when he is not prevailing against the odds.  With each day that passes, the flame he is known for wanes a little more – yet his ire and the feelings he holds for Blythe Atwood keep him from surrendering to the fatigue he knows.

He was last seen engaging Bloodkill in a death match, though the outcome is not yet known.  According to Hathshira,  Dumela intended to die so that the cubs and others of the Sun Clan might be spared.