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‘Spirited Away’ bath

Quite literally, a spell to ‘take your spirit away’ into the astral realm aka astral projecting. Also good for lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, and spirit communication.

🌌Ingredients: mugwort, valerian root, chamomile, sandalwood

🌌Place some mugwort underneath your pillow, preferably before the bath so you don’t forget.

🌌Make a satchel or sprinkle these herbs loosely in your bath.

🌌Light some white candles and line the tub with clear quartz, burn mugwort incense - optional.

🌌While in the bath, do your usual meditations for astral projection. I recommend listening to some binaural beats. Meditate and visualize yourself already astral projecting. Imagine your spirit separating from your body, see yourself sitting up and getting out of bed/the bath. Try to envision this for the entire bath, remember you are already astral projecting.

🌌Take this bath right before bed. You might also want to drink some mugwort tea. 

**Pregnant people should NOT drink mugwort as it can induce premature labour. Please research any herbs before using them.

Dream Work Correspondences Masterpost


  • Agate: induces dreams, prevent nightmares
  • Albite: dreams, lucid dreaming, astral projection
  • Amethyst: vivid dreams, prevents insomnia, prevents nightmares, dream divination
  • Ametrine: helps to understand dreams
  • Angel Phantom Quartz: general dream work, lucid dreaming, angel communication, prevents nightmares
  • Angelite: astral projection
  • Benitoite: astral travel
  • Black Tourmaline: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Blue Apatite: dreams that will help solve problems creatively, induce happy dreams
  • Blue Calcite: astral travel, induces dreams
  • Bustamite: induces dreams
  • Calcite: induces dreams
  • Chrysoprase: peaceful sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Clear Quartz: induce dreams, astral travel, dream recall, vivid dreams
  • Danburite: induces sleep, lucid dreaming
  • Dioptase: vivid dreams
  • Dream Quartz: dream enhancement, dream divination, healing dreams, prevents nightmares, past life work via dreams, dream manifestation, astral travel
  • Emerald: general dreamwork, prevents nightmares
  • Fluorite: protection during sleep, prevents nightmares, promotes deep sleep
  • Garnet: induces dreams
  • Goshenite: induces dreams
  • Green Jade: general dream work, dream divination, dream recall
  • Hemimorphite: entering the dream state, dream divination and visions, angel and spirit communication in sleep and dreams
  • Herkimer Diamond: general dream work, astral travel, induces dreams, vivid dreams, lucid dreaming, dream recall
  • Holley Blue Agate: general dreamwork
  • Iolite: aids with sleep disorders, induces sleep, astral projection
  • Jet: astral projection, protection in sleep
  • Labrodite: astral travel, vivid dreams, aids in dream interpretation
  • Lazulite: general dream work, astral travel, dream recall, lucid dreaming
  • Lepidolite: aids with sleep disorders, prevents nightmares, prevents confusion in dreams
  • Malachite: prevent nightmares, halts repeating nightmares, dream recall, induce sleep
  • Moldavite: entering dream state, dream messages, vivid dreams, enhancing dream work and dream spells, guidance through dreams
  • Moonstone: brings dreams, lucid dreaming, peaceful sleep, prevents insomnia
  • Muscovite: aids with sleep disorders, sleep inducement
  • Opal: astral travel, brings happy dreams
  • Peacock Obsidian: astral travel
  • Picture Jasper: general dream work, brings dreams of memories
  • Purple Jade: induces dreams
  • Prehnite: dreams, dream recall
  • Rhodizite: astral travel
  • Rhodonite: general dream work, lucid dreaming, helps with interpreting messages of dreams
  • Rose Quartz: prevents insomnia, pleasant dreams
  • Sapphire: astral travel, dream recall
  • Scolecite: induce sleep, dream recall, lucid dreaming, messages from dreams
  • Smoky Quartz: induces dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Sphene: dream recall
  • Stilbite: induces dreams
  • Sugilite: induces dreams
  • Tabular: astral travel
  • Zircon: induces sleep


  • African Dream Bean: lucid dreaming, spirit communication through dreams
  • Anise: prevents nightmares
  • Ash: prevents nightmares, dream divination
  • Ashwagandha: induce sleep
  • Bay: general dream work and spells, dream divination
  • Blue Lotus: prevents insomnia, induces sleep, lucid dreaming
  • Bracken: bright dreams with answers to problems, protection in sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Buchu: dream divination
  • *California Poppy: induces sleep, prevent insomnia
  • Clary Sage: vivid dreams, strange dreams
  • Cayenne: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Cedar: prevents nightmares, strengthens psychic powers in sleep, protection when sleeping
  • Chamomile: induces calming sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Cinquefoil: brings restful sleep, dream divination
  • **Datura: lucid dreaming
  • Flax: prevents nightmares
  • Garlic: prevents nightmares, protection during sleep, induces sleep
  • Ginkgo Biloba: induce dreams, vivid dreams
  • **Heliotrope: dream divination
  • **Holly: dream divination
  • Huckleberry: make dreams come true
  • *Hyacinth: nightmare prevention, helps one to recover after a nightmare
  • Jasmine: restful sleep, pleasant dreams, induces sleep, induces dreams, dream divination
  • *Kava Kava: induces sleep (do not use if you have liver issues or on prescriptions!)
  • *Kanna: prevents nightmares
  • Lady’s Slipper: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Lavender: induces sleep, prevents insomnia
  • Lemon Balm: induces sleep, refreshing sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Lemon Verbena: dreamless sleep, dream suppression
  • Lemongrass: dream inducement
  • Magnolia Bark: induces sleep
  • **Mandrake: sleep inducement, protection during sleep, dream divination
  • Marigold: dream divination, protection from dream magick and spells
  • *Mexican Dream Herb: clearer dreams, dream memory, lucid dreaming
  • Mimosa: dream divination
  • **Mistletoe: prevent nightmares, prevent insomnia
  • *Morning Glory: prevent nightmares
  • Mugwort: dream divination, astral projection, lucid dreaming, psychic and spiritual dreams
  • Mullein: prevents nightmares, protection during sleep, keeps nocturnal demons at bay
  • Mustard Seed: prevents nightmares
  • Onion: dream divination, protection during sleep
  • Passionflower: sleep inducement, calm dreams
  • Peony: protects from nocturnal demons notably incubi
  • Peppermint: dream divination, induces sleep
  • *Poppy Seeds: vivid dreams, induces sleep
  • Purslane: prevent reoccurring nightmares, keep away nocturnal spirits
  • Rose: induces dreams of love, dream divination in terms of romance and love
  • Rosemary: prevent nightmares, protection during sleep, past life work in dreams
  • Sage: peaceful calm dreams, helaing in dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Siberian Ginseng: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • *Skullcap: prevents nightmares
  • St. John’s Wort: dream divination in terms of love
  • *Tobacco: prevents nightmares
  • Valerian Root: lucid dreaming, sleep inducement, dream recall
  • Vervain: prevents nightmares, dream divination
  • Wild Asparagus: dream inducement, lucid dreaming, flight in sleep, astral travel
  • Wood Betony: prevent nightmares, protection during sleep
  • Yarrow: dream divination

**poisonous, do not eat!

*potentially toxic or dangerous, use with caution!


  • Almonds: induces sleep[, induces dreams
  • Banana: induces sleep, promotes painless sleep, induces sleep
  • Blueberries: induces dreams
  • Cherry: induces dreams, induces sleep
  • Chicken: induces dreams, lucid dreams
  • Dairy Products: induces sleep
  • Eggs: induces dreams
  • Halibut: induces sleep
  • Kale: induces sleep
  • Kidney Beans: lucid dreaming
  • Lamb: lucid dreaming
  • Lettuce: induces sleep
  • Oats/Oatmeal: induces dreams
  • Passion Fruit: induces sleep, prevents insomnia
  • Pistachios: induces sleep
  • Pretzels: induces sleep
  • Pumpkin Seeds: lucid dreaming
  • Red Radish: vivid dreams
  • Shrimp: vivid dreams, induces dreams
  • Soy Sauce: induces dreams
  • Soybeans: lucid dreaming
  • Sunflower Seeds: vivid dreams
  • Tofu (cooked): lucid dreaming
  • Tomato: induces sleep
  • Tuna: induces sleep
  • Turkey: induces sleep, induces dreams, lucid dreaming
  • Rice: Induces sleep
  • Salmon: Induces sleep


  • Bat: dreaming
  • Beavers: subconscious thoughts, dreams
  • Groundhog: heightens dreams and states of mind
  • Leopard: communication in dreams, movement in dreams, sensitivity of the unconscious mind
  • Lizard: “Dream Walker”; dream messages, represents the dream realm
  • Lynx: insight of dreams, unconscious knowledge, dream interpretation
  • Mink: understanding your dreams while dreaming
  • Owl: messages through dreams, astral projection
  • Spiders: prevents nightmares, wards off evil and harm during sleep
  • Swan: dream interpretation, dream recall

Essential Oils:

  • Anise: induces sleep
  • Catnip: vivid dreams
  • Cedarwood: vivid dreams
  • Cinnamon: vivid dreams
  • Clove: induces sleep
  • Clary Sage: induces sleep
  • Eucalyptus: vivid dreams
  • Helichrysum: prevents insomnia, induces dreams
  • Jasmine: induces dreams
  • Junipher: vivid dreams
  • Lavender: induces dreams, lucid dreaming
  • Lemon Balm: vivid dreams
  • Mugwort: lucid dreaming, astral projection
  • Nutmeg: vivid dreams
  • Orange: vivid dreams
  • Palo Santo: induces sleep
  • Patchouli: lucid dreaming
  • Peppermint: vivid dreams
  • Rose: induces sleep, lucid dreaming, dreams related to love
  • Rosemary: vivid dreams
  • Sandalwood: induces sleep
  • Yarrow: vivid dreams
  • Ylang Ylang: vivid dreams


  • Ambergris: induces dreams
  • Bay: dream divination, brings visions
  • Cedar: prevents nightmares
  • Dittany of Crete: astral projection
  • Jasmine: dream divination, astral projection
  • Lavender: induces sleep
  • Opium: dream divination, lucid dreaming, induces dreams, induces sleep, dream spells of all kinds
  • Passionflower: induces sleep
  • Rose: dream divination
  • Rosemary: induces sleep, pleasant dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Sandalwood: astral projection

*Burn incense with caution please. Burn it before going to bed and make sure it is extinguished before you go to sleep for safety reasons.*


  • Silver: prevent nightmares, protection during sleep, induces dreams, psychic dreams, visions, dream divination


  • Blue: astral projection
  • Indigo: dream divination
  • Silver: dreams
  • Yellow: dream divination, creative vivid dreams

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A Beginner’s Guide To Spirit Companionship

So, you are either interested in companionship or you have already taken the plunge and adopted an entity or spirit into your family… You may be wondering ‘now what?’, and this guide is here to give you the basics on what the next steps should be.

Be Aware Of Your Psychic Abilities

Very rarely are people born with abilities that are strong and do not need practice to keep sharp. A majority of people start with little to no psychic awareness, and everyone needs to practice to keep what abilities they do have in top shape. The psychic mind is like a muscle. If you do not exercise that muscle often, you will find that it will grow weaker over time.

What abilities are you interested in honing? Do you want to see physical manifestations and communicate through visual cues? Clairvoyance is what you will need to work on. Want to be able to hear your companion’s voice or audible manifestations? Clairaudience. Clairsentience is feeling your companion, whether it be through touches, changes in temperature, or pressure. Dream-Walking is another option, where you can use Lucid Dreaming to communicate with your companions through all the senses. Astral Travel is another popular one.

Choose which method speaks to you, and learn how you are able to adapt those abilities. We will create a guide on strengthening psychic abilities in a later post.

When choosing, you should also be aware of how your companion can manifest. Several shops list the potential manifestations of their companions, which can be a huge aid for those who do not know what to expect, or are adverse to certain types of manifestation. If you practice your clairvoyance abilities but your companion is better at feeling-typed manifestations, you may soon realize that communication is difficult between you two. Compromise is important within spiritual relationships.

Keep Calm & Do Not Worry

As a beginner who is not used to their psychic abilities, it may be difficult to not worry about whether what you are experiencing is real or not, but the thing about Spirit Companionship is that trust and hope is important. Don’t let anxiety concerning a spirit being fake, or the manifestations being ‘in your head’ get to you, as that will be far more damaging than if they were fake. If you received your companion from a reputable seller who has handled hundreds of customers and entities and as a history to back them up, ease yourself into trusting your conjurer and the work they have done for you. Once you are able to trust your conjurer, you will find it easier to trust yourself and what you experience.

Leave It Open To Interpretation

Always keep communication open. Messages may come in parts and not all at once, depending on your companion. They may say “I like ice cream”, but later on add that they don’t like ice cream with sprinkles. Always keep an open mind concerning the information you receive, until your companion says something to support or deny a certain fact. Don’t worry about your companion not liking something, unless they have told you in the past something of that effect! Keep an open mind, and don’t let anxiety about ‘offending them’ or making them upset, stop you from giving them offering, bringing them with you on errands, or other activities unless there is experience to support them not liking something.

If you are still unsure, contact your conjurer for confirmation until you are comfortable with your communicative skills with your companion. Most conjurers will be happy to give you information on what the being likes/dislikes!

Tarot, Maybe Not

As a beginner, I highly recommend staying away from divination techniques that will give you an answer even if the spirit/entity does not choose what to answer with. These methods would include Tarot, Oracle, and Music Divination. Because you are going to be pulling a card no matter if your spirit has chosen one or not, it can very easily lead to a situation where a card is pulled that does not answer your question. Stick to psychic senses before you move onto Tarot/Oracle.

House Rules

House Rules are what keep things clear during your relationship. They aid your companion in knowing what is expected of them, and what will not be tolerated. Most companions are not intimately familiar with human customs, so never assume that they know not to do something in your household or to you/your loved ones. House Rules keep everyone safe and comfortable, and prevent miscommunication. You can read more about house rules here and here.

Concerning Offerings

Conjurers tend to leave what the being likes within the profile, or you can contact them after a transaction to receive that information. Or, you can experiment! Until you know what your companion dislikes, offer what you can, and what you think they will enjoy. There is no harm in asking if they would like something, and if they don’t want it, you’ll know for the future! Food, drink, physical items, and energy are all viable offerings. How often you give offerings is completely up to you and your companion. They are gifts, and not required to be given.

Bonding With Your Companion

You can bond through an assortment of methods. Bonding is simply getting to know each other, and being comfortable together. Share information about yourself either out loud, in your mind, or through writing. What is your personality like? Your family? What do you like and dislike? What do you think is the most important quality in a relationship? What are your spiritual beliefs? You can also carry the vessel around with you during your daily activities to give your companion an idea of your daily life and surroundings. You can read a book with them, watch television, offer to have meals with them, do energy exercises, or simply dance and sing to express yourself with them! As they become comfortable with you, they just might join in.



*Please read the introduction post and important notes HERE <—

  • INDIGO Represents manifesting goals and dreams into reality for me. Because this colour is associated with the Third Eye Chakra it’s an excellent colour to call on for astral projection, Spirit communication, lucid dreaming and dream work in general. Stones that I find work well with this colour are azurite, calcite, quartz, lapis lazuli and sodalite

  • NAVY BLUE Okay, this colour is an interesting one because I actually use it in a much more negative way than black. Navy is my negative karma colour; I call on this one when I feel like I need to do damage and approaching things without magick isn’t working. It’s not used to create physical harm… more of a mental blow for the recipient. This colour can be used to create strong emotion in others but, i also stay on the safe side and make sure I've protected myself in pure universal white light energy first before ever casting navy. Use with caution. Stones that pair well with this colour are onyx, agate, obsidian and ruby. 

  • ROYAL BLUE Looking to make new friends or drop the anxiety you have before an interview? Royal blue is the colour I turn to for situations like this; it has some intense healing powers if your intent is focused correctly. Royal blue is also a powerful colour to use to help heal others who are in emotional distress, it’s a really powerful and peaceful colour to use, unlike its brother, Navy. Stones to use with royal blue are aventurine, lapis, moonstone and amber,

  • BABY BLUE is a very calming colour and one of the colours I use when cleaning things like my crystals, my alter, my apartment or if I need to bless a new book of shadows. Baby blue is also the colour of pure sadness to me, and I believe that all pure emotion is beautiful so, whenever there’s a time for a good cry or release/clean-sweep of sad energy, baby blue is good to call on. Stones that works best with this color are bloodstone, citrine, sodalite and blue lace.

  • BLUE see Throat Chakra
Lucid Dreaming – WILD Induction Techniques

Hey there again dreamers!

(Firstly a quick apology for the ugliness of the post, I tired to slim it down a little but it still looks like a horrid block of text…)

I noticed that I hadn’t really put much effort into to writing about dream induction recently, WILD’s specifically, so I thought I’d take some time this weekend to put something together for you all. I’ll be going through a the best methods I’ve found for inducing dreams from the waking state as well as explaining when to go about trying out a WILD and some tips on maintaining focus.

Just to make clear! In this sense, WILD stands for ‘Wake Induced Lucid Dream’. This is where you can take your waking awareness (or lucidity) directly into the dream without any lapse of consciousness.

Due to the possible experience of sleep paralysis, WILDs have a reputation within the lucid dreaming community for being frightening and upsetting. Firstly I’d just like to state that sleep paralysis happens to every one of us each night to ensure that we don’t effectively ‘act out’ our dreams. It is also something that we all experience differently but it’s important to remember that you are in complete control and can wake at any point.

When inducing a lucid dream using any of the WILD methods, clarity is usually much better in comparison to DILDs meaning your awareness (and lucidity) is much more pronounced. What’s more, once if you get to the point that you can successfully produce WILDs at will, they can act as a ‘print on demand’ way to produce any type of lucid dream you want.

There are some limiting factors to it all though, which I’ll explain now…

The Wake-Back-To-Bed Method [WBTB]

There are some drawbacks to WILDs based upon what times of the night you are asleep and dreaming. Inducing a lucid dream will only be successful if you are falling asleep at a stage in the night when you are naturally dreaming.  

Each night when we go to bed our bodies go through cycles of both REM (when we dream) and non-REM sleep (sometimes called nREM). At the start of the night when you first go to sleep our brains are but into non-REM sleep where we are not dreaming. Each cycle lasts around 90 minutes with REM periods increasing in length right up until morning. For a WILD to work, we need to be falling asleep during one of these periods to lucid dream.

The wake-back-to-bed (or WBTB) method is useful in catching these REM periods in time to induce lucid dreams. The idea is simple, waking yourself at the right point of the night and then trying to induce a WILD, falling back into a REM (and therefore dreaming) stage of sleep. The WBTB is simply an organized way of doing this.

Start off by setting an alarm to wake yourself around 5-6 hours after you first go to sleep. Upon waking, occupy yourself for 30 minutes planning your strategy for lucid dreaming or reading up on some more information. Once the time is up, simply return to bed performing the WILD.

~Techniques for Focus~

When you go about performing a WILD you can imagine it much like walking on a tightrope, it’s about balancing your awareness. If you start concentrating too much on keeping your mind awake you won’t be able to fall asleep. Concentrate too little and you’ll fall into a non-lucid dream.

These methods are something to focus your mind on, practices that place you attention (and therefore awareness) in a state where you can stay awake without it being too obvious. In this way you can trick your body into thinking it is asleep and you’ll slip into a lucid dream.

For the first three, it’s likely that the dream environment you find yourself in will be the same as the one you fell asleep in. You’ll be lucid in your dream bedroom, so it might be worth remembering to do a quick reality check when you think you’re dreaming.

Catching the butterfly

This is a beautiful method which I found surprisingly I had been using for some time without any knowledge that it was a specific named technique.

The idea is that you can become aware of your thoughts, following the images that go through your mind as you fall asleep until you are dreaming. The metaphor is this, for much like you would watch a butterfly skip from flower to flower, you can watch your own thoughts skip from scene to scene before one materializes into a dream.  

For this to work you need to remain passive, an observer of the images going through your mind as it wanders. It’s hard to explain but is similar to when you sit daydreaming, letting your mind work without directing it through visual images. Achieving the right form of awareness can be difficult but will come with practice as you learn to remove the part of you that is conscious and follow your thought patterns.

You should find that as you ‘watch’ the images and scenes creating in your mind flick about wildly, focusing on random scenarios for short periods of time before flicking again. As you spend longer following these images you should find they start appeared more clearly and last for longer. Eventually one of these images will form the dream and you’ll be lucid dreaming.  

Remember to maintain some amount of focus and awareness when using this method as it’s very easy to fall asleep. For example each time you flick to another scene quietly remind yourself that you are dreaming.

Anchoring your Awareness

This is a very simple method and once perfected can be very simple to achieve without much effort. It can be difficult to get the right amount of awareness as described above so could result in you staying awake or falling asleep too easily.

The idea is that you can choose something form waking life to focus on as you fall asleep. The common object of focus used is some type of sound whether that’s a clock, computer monitor buzzing or relaxing music.

Find something you can listen to without directly disturbing your sleep, loud enough to hear clearly but not too loud to keep you awake. Music is effective but avoid drum-beats and lyrics as these can be distracting.

The trick is to be able to focus on the noise completely, ignoring everything else going on. Gradually as you maintain all your focus on the sound you’ll find it starts to slip away as if your moving further from the source, spiralling away into the distance. At the point when you can no longer hear the noise then your awareness has been transferred over to the dream and you are now lucid dreaming.  

Like before, this can be a difficult method to get right. Concentrate too solidly on something and you won’t fall to sleep, don’t concentrate enough and you’ll slip into sleep.

The Impossible Movement Practice [IMP]

As the name suggests, this method is based around trying to move parts of the body which cannot. The focus in placed on a part of your body where upon dreaming the action your are trying to perform will become possible and you’ll be placed in a lucid dream.  

How to go about doing this is quite simple, try moving some part of your body that cannot be moved in the sleeping position that you are in. For example if you’re lying on your back, imagine swinging your legs back and forth at the knee as if you were sat on a bench. Though impossible when lying in bed, once dreaming this action will be completed proving you are now dreaming.

I recommend using your hands for this practice due to their natural instability during the dream and the ease of the visualization for yourself. Trying to clench your fist when it’s tucked under your head, or close your hand through the mattress are both things you can picture and repeat quite easily.

When performing the impossible movement practice remover to focus all of your awareness on the movement you are trying to perform. If your thoughts start to stray, bring your attention back to the impossible movement though not forcefully otherwise you’ll be too awake.

The action you are imagining yourself performing will suddenly come to life when you slip into a dreaming state.

Familiar Scene Visualization

Like before this is an easy to do method though it does require more advanced visualization skills. On the other hand it’s very effective at creating a specific dream environment of your choice without much effort.

The practice is based around your ability to imagine a scene or environment as you fall asleep. AS you slip into a lucid dream the scene you imagined will come to life around you and suddenly become ‘real’.

To start off with, choose a place which you can comfortable picture in your head. Make it complex enough to keep yourself from getting bored but not too difficult that you struggle to visualize it. A place you visit a lot or know very well is helpful. Now, upon going to sleep start picturing the scene you have chosen. Engage all of your senses, imagining yourself walking round and touching things, smelling things and most of all, seeing things.

If for example you have chosen an indoor office of work room, go round and feel the walls, the scent of coffee and the coldness of the air on your skin. Of course all of this is in your imagination but as you progress closer and closer to sleep these things will become increasingly more real until you’re really stood in the scene and therefore a dream.


Well I hope that was helpful for you all! I will most likely do a follow up tutorial from this with more WILD techniques but try experimenting with these and see what you think. Some of these ideas were taken from a book I recently brought called ‘Are you Dreaming’ by Daniel Love. It contained ideas that I hadn’t seen anywhere online before so I whole heartedly recommend buying lucid dreaming books for the further insight and explanations that you sometimes don’t get when researching on the web.   

As always feel free to send in any questions, dreams or tutorial suggestions. I’m writing book reviews at the moment so I hope they’ll be up soon!

Sweet Lucid Dreams!