Ron and Luciano’s We’ve Got Too Much Shit stoop sale:
This Saturday and Sunday, 8/2-3/14, from 10-4 at 230 Greene Avenue in Brooklyn NY, my roommate and I are selling a grip of our stuff. Mostly art books and book art. There will be comics. There will be blood. Cash and carry (I may accept credit though).


The first Berluti collection I saw seemed very “romantic” to me.  I wanted to go into a classic “fairy tale” direction.  I asked myself “What if the Wolf just wanted some time alone with Red Riding Hood?”  

The first scene is the Wolf in his study with Red in the tub.  The second scene is the Wolf and Red in the forest, underneath a canopy that’s made of fabric.



Chatsudo is part of a series exploring the spaces within William Gibson’s classic science fiction novel Neuromancer.  The Chatsudo design is a marriage of Russian and Japanese aesthetic, informed by the lacquer armor of samurai, antique Japanese woodwork and Russian constructivist geometry.

These are the initial abstract 3D sketches.