lucian and sam

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Top 7 princes and princesses?


  1. (Literally) Jack. Potential Prince of Hell right there.
  2. Calix, just because of his connection to Lucifer.
  3. Jesse .
  4. Lucian (because he’s the President’s son).
  5. Castiel.
  6. Dean & Sam (yes, they’re both making the list).
  7. Azazel. Because who doesn’t love someone evil?


  1. Lilith.
  2. Meg.
  3. Kelly.
  4. Adriana, perhaps. That whole demon cure may have messed her up, though. I guess only time will tell.
  5. Mary. Because who doesn’t love Mary?
  6. Belladonna.
  7. Emma.

In Galveston, Texas, there’s a man.

He’s tall and lean and long-haired, with sad eyes that are sometimes the color of the ocean, sometimes the color of sea glass, sometimes both at once. He carries himself painfully, not as if there’s anything physically wrong with him but as if he feels a terrible weight on his shoulders, as if there’s a chain wrapped around his ankle, constantly trying to drag him down. He works in the lumberyards and spends most of his days carrying long beams of wood from one end of the site to the other, hardly pausing to wipe the sweat off his forehead, never looking up from the ground except to receive more pilings.

No one has ever heard him speak, but for some reason, everyone knows his name is Sam. And everywhere, he is well-liked, cared for, among people who will never know the stories behind the gentle tilt to his mouth, the wrecked ancient melancholy in his irises.

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This is the first time Lucifer meets Sam in person:

He’s watched his vessel all of Sam’s life, watched him grow up and turn from the small curly-haired boy who didn’t know anything about guns or knives or monsters into this tall, lean killer, long-fingered and sad, gentle eyes. Beautiful and golden-skinned and Lucifer can’t believe how lucky he is, how unbelievable of a miracle that of all the people on this planet, his Father chose to give him this one. The most perfect human, the last good thing God ever created.

Sam goes to Stanford when he turns eighteen, as the prophecies all said, and Lucifer makes himself wait until Sam’s twenty and going into his sophomore year, and then he manifests as best he can. Rises out of the Cage in a form that will pass as corporeal for the time being—not Sam’s adult image, unfortunately, Sam already looks too close to that and he’d recognize too many aspects of himself, but a form that pleases Lucifer somewhat anyway—and goes to Palo Alto, too.

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