lucia is not happy

  • Interviewer: what's your favorite holiday?
  • Cleo: Christmas
  • Jonas: Christmas
  • Lucia: Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St Lucia Day, Omisoka, Saturnalia or whatever you celebrate/don’t celebrate! Have a pair of happy grunks regardless. Glasses get in the way of SQUISH HUGS 🗣Shout out to all the fandom folks who make this a fun place to be: @thesnadger @jimsdeadbones @demona-silverwing @logicalbookthief @mistrel-fox @pinesinthewoods @frigginconfused @kazriku @alexia-neo @siriuslymeg @jf-madjesters1 @julientel @laur-rants @moringmark @psychicpumpkinpi @orangephoenix6 @sammymationsart @taccoman @zettapoke @wern5838 And all my lovely friends and followers 😄😄

Every time Tumblr is completely taken over by American holidays I’m considering doing the same with Swedish ones.

Making lucia icons. Wishing everyone a happy fettisdag, assuming everyone eats their semla then. Writing fics about how everyone on DS9 celebrates Valborg. 


Sophia doing tap at Jump!!

We were talking about the amis’ kids last night so I whipped this up.

Cousins Lucia/Leo Fantine Courfeyrac Pontmercy and Élie Cyrus Grantaire-Fauchelevent.

Lucia was a happy accident, conceived of Courfeyrac’s casual liasons in Cosette and Marius’s marriage. Though Courfeyrac and Cosette are her biological parents, Marius loves her as his own daughter. 

Élie was a hard-fought-for child. Enjolras refused any babies by his own body, but he and Grantaire still fantasized about a child that looked like them. In the end the problem was solved by Éponine, who offered her own oven to cook the enjolras’s-eggs-and-grantaire’s-bacon bun. 

Both of them are leaders among their friends - gregarious, witty, warm-hearted and dependable. Ironically, mild-hearted and diplomatic Élie gets along much better with the school’s administration (much better than either of his fathers too), while Lucia is the one constantly cooking up organized dissent. Which isn’t to say that Élie lacks his fathers’ political spirit; He did use a jump rope to tie himself to a playground tree that the school wanted to cut down in second grade. But as he grew up he got much better at quietly getting around the systems he didn’t like, as opposed to Lucia, who staged a walk-out because her algebra teacher was ridiculously ableist, and then again when she wanted to bring back mac and cheese to the school cafeteria. She was also the lead organizer of senior ditch day. Four years in a row.

Élie has been identifying as a gender non-conforming boy since he was five years old. (Given his parents it surprised no one that he knew and understood the phrase “gender non-conforming” when he was five, though his pronunciation of it took some time to process. He also knew the phrase “victim blaming”, as his first grade teacher learned when she told him that to discourage bullies maybe he shouldn’t wear his dresses to school anymore.) His romantic/sexual interests as a teenager were sparse and mild and without any particular gender pattern. 

Lucia/Leo came out as genderfluid and bisexual when she was 15. 


Here’s the ship sin I promised you. Go check her out (@lucybluekat)! She draws too, but I’m going to properly tag her after her party tonight. 

PS: Sorry if I didn’t make it too shippy but Marichat ain’t really my cup of tea.