luci vaz

Healing The  Healer || Notes on Being a Healer/Empath.

-Put the Oxygen Mask on Yourself First-

I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for a little over two years now. When I was first attuned I noticed the drastic changes in my life and was inspired to be apart of a small reiki group in my community. I would attend monthly shares where I was able to offer sessions to other practitioners. I had no plans to take Reiki any further until my teacher suggested that I teach. She invited me to attend the Reiki Level 2 class and certification. It wasn’t until level 2 that I actually considered going to the master training and eventually attune others. 

Reiki affected my life so much that I definitely wanted to spread the love, but I knew I wasn’t ready. Being sensitive to energy,  I understood the importance of shielding and the need to be grounded when doing any kind of healing work. I had major issues with both. Being exposed to reiki amplified my sensitivities, making healing others outside of my circle almost impossible. Here I am with access to this pure loving energy that I can’t fully use. 

Now I had no issues with performing healing sessions on close friends and family who’s energy I was already familiar with. It was when I stepped into a strangers auric space that it became difficult to ground myself. It was as if I could feel what they were feeling. I would end a session feeling sucked dry. I was drained to the point of pure fatigue. 

After a few years of trying to master shielding and letting go of unwanted energies, I still struggle with cutting cords and protection. It has become an issue to the point where working in an environment that involves a large volume of interaction with people, leaves me drained at the end of each day. I find myself needing to be a spiritual diva, taking weekly salt baths.

In addition to the protection rituals and self-reiki, I have been really trying to come up with a regimen to heal my physical body as well. The more I see the outcome of reiki in those around me, the more I want to be able to offer reiki to the public. As much as I want to go out there and heal those in need, I have to protect myself to be able to fully heal myself. And I have to heal myself to begin healing others. 

Luci Vaz

I think every woman should have short hair at least once in their life. You learn about a whole new side of you that you had no idea existed. When I cut my hair I had this whole new idea of confidence. I was the most beautiful I’ve ever felt. Growing up I was shown that long straight hair was what made a woman sexy, or beautiful. I was teased often for having nappy hair and I always used to straighten it. So when I saw who I was without the locks I proved that idea wrong. I don’t need straight or long hair to be anything. And now that my hair is growing again, I see myself differently, I see my hair differently. I treat it differently and I know that my hair isn’t at all what makes me beautiful, I am what makes it beautiful.
—  Lucia Vazquez.