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Curse my pokemon team headcanons agh. Wait is it even called a headcanon if it’s for your own character? Well anyway if Zoe was a trainer in a pokemon game she’d have a bunch of cute pokemon with cute nicknames and then a level 70 hydreigon called Sweetie completely unironically because Have You Seen Deino

Inspired by this vocab post by pycckuu

Nouns are written in nominative singular and the genitive singular declension form, the gender is in the brackets. The verbs are written in first person singular indicative present active voice. The adjectives are written in their masculine form and feminine and neuter endings. The words are sorted by category in English, that’s why there are a few nouns among the adjectives. 


aurora, -ae (f) – dawn

amicitia, -ae (f) – friendship

amor (m) – love  

ars, artis (f) – art

basium, -i (n)⎟suavium, -i (n)⎟osculum, -i (n) – kiss

campus, -i (m) – field, meadow

caelum, -is – sky, heaven

futurus, -a, -um (m/f/n) – future

gaudium, -i (n) – joy

gena, -ae (f) – cheek

lux, lucis (f) – light

lux solis – sunlight

luna, -ae (f) – moon

mundus, -i (m) – world

natura, -ae (f) – nature

 nomen, nominis (n) – name

nubes, -is (f) – cloud

oculus, -i (m) – eye

Oceanus, -i (m) – ocean

pax, pacis – peace

nascentia, -ae (f) – birth

cutis, -is (f) – skin

poetria, -ae (f) – poetry

risus, -us (m) – laughter

sol, solis (m) – sun

 subrisus, -a, -um (m/f/n) – smile

sperantia, -ae (f) – hope

astrum, -i (n)⎟stella, -ae (f) – star

terra, -ae (f) – Earth

humanitas, -itatis (f) – humanity

homo, hominis (m) – human

universum, -i (n) – universe

vita, -ae – life


amo, 1 – to love

basio, 1 – to kiss

spendeo, 2 – to shine brightly

nascor, 3 (dep.) – to be born

imparo, 1⎟disco, 3 – to learn

in amorem incido, 3 – to fall in love

rideo, 2 – to laugh

scintillo, 1 –  to sparkle

subrideo, 2 – to smile

eviglio, 1 – to wake up

tango, 3 – to touch

vivo, 3 – to live


amicus, -a, -um – friendly

bonus, -a, -um – good

astrilucus, -a, -um – shining

contentus, -a, -um⎟felix, felicis (m/f/n) – happy

curiosus, -a, -um – curious

delicatus, -a, -um – delicate

generosus, -a, -um – generous

aequanimus, -a, -um - kind 

mitificus, -a, -um⎟levis, -e – gentle

teres, teretis (m/f/n) – smooth

scintillatio, scintillationis (f) – sparkling

fracidus, -a, -um – soft

candens, candentis (m/f/n) – glowing

honestus, -a, -um – honest

tranquillus, -a, -um – calm

Disclaimer! I have searched most of these words online and tried tracing them through words in modern romance languages, therefore there may be some odd or incorrect vocabulary. (I think there’s some really specific vocab that may not apply to all kinds of things) I tried to be as source critic as possible but maybe somethings slipped through. I’ve found the words through and 

@noctluna-week Day 6 family 

x3I finaly decidet for what I wanted to draw, it ws the first thing I wanted to do. Noct, Luna and little Lux enjoying the firework after the assassin festival. First I wanted to do the one in Altissia but yeah…. you know everyone is in assasin right now XD. And Noct loved it I bed he was so enthusiastic about it when he told it his little boy

XD sry for he crappy firework.  

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Psst it's been like 200 years and I still need to know whether or not Lucifer gets his memory back. (But it's okay if you take 200 years longer because writing is hard).

well…i can spoil u if u like? Although really, it’s already spoiled. The Tag ‘Temporary Amnesia’ is on there for a reason XD 

so yeah, he gets his memory back, don’t worry


Remember the SDCC sizzle reel of some scantily dressed women in a place that looks like a brothel? What if it is actually Lux, but Lux as it was before Lucifer became its owner or at least part of the story behind? 

We learnt in S2E9 that Luci made some kind of deal with Dean Cooper on a thong so he could stay there. Looking at a couple of the recent promos, we find some other scenes that seem to “fit” with the other gifs, like Luci and Amenadiel standing in the bar dressed as they are in the first gif. On the walls, we see some paintings of boxers and looking closer at the fight-scenes, we understand they take place in Lux as well. So does that mean their fight has something to do with how Luci acquires Lux? And does the guy Luci punches in the face has anything to do with it as well or is that just a red herring?