Best of Lucho
  1. On his qualities as a coach: “Well, I’m handsome, tall, friendly, Asturian…”
  2. On his preferred result for the Madrid derby: “I’d like both teams to lose the Madrid derby.”
  3. On his transfer from Real Madrid to Barcelona: “It wasn’t [hard to leave], it was easy.”
  4. On the infamous Figo pig’s head incident: “It was strange that they only threw the pig’s head; I thought they might throw the whole pig!”
  5. On his crazy celebration after scoring at the Bernabeu: “I do not care what these people think. I am proud to wear the shirt of Barcelona and score a goal in the Bernabeu.”
  6. On the possibility of a comeback against PSG: “If they scored four in Paris, we can score six.”
  7. On fans chanting his name at the Camp Nou: “They are always the same 100-150 people who are doing that, I’ve paid them…”
  8. On Jordi Alba’s red card: “The player has explained to me that he said ‘always to me’ and that, unless it is the name of a horror movie, is not a reason to send someone off.”
  9. On Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz’s criticism of his celebration at the Bernabeu: “If he wants then I can cry.”
  10. On seeing himself in white: “I see myself in pictures and TV wearing the Madrid shirt in the past and I feel strange. I think the scarlet and blue shirt suits me better.”
  11. On criticism: “I never read criticism on me. My doctor told me not to do so.”
  12. On Messi comparisons: “He’s just different. It’s ridiculous that they’re comparing awards, golden melons, whatever it is that they want to compare.”
  13. On Santos asking for Neymar to be banned for 6 months: “As asking is free, they better ask for 6 years…”
  14. On training with GPS vests: “It’s to make sure we don’t lose anyone.”
  15. On whether he tells Sergi Roberto about his own experiences at right back: “I don’t tell players the stories of grandpa Luis Enrique, they’re outdated.”
  16. On Juve’s rotation before the Champions League match: “I would recommend them to rest [Higuain], Cuadrado, Dybala, Mandzukic (…) all these players against Barcelona. That’s what I would recommend and that way they would be much fresher for their league games. That’s my advice, but I don’t know if they will take it.”
  17. On Messi’s influence: “Messi is decisive even when he is at home eating dinner.”
  18. On whether he plans to watch the Madrid derby: “If I don’t take a nap I’ll watch it.”
  19. On interest in Paco Alcacer: “I don’t normally comment on players that are not here. If I changed that rule I’d have to talk about 543 strikers and 200 more wingers who have been mentioned in the press.”
  20. When a journalist fell asleep at his press conference: “Look, that’s never happened to me before, a guy sleeping in the press conference! It’s the first time (…) How great (…) Damn, I know the press conference of the manager is boring, but this much?”
  21. On why he substituted Messi during the last few minutes of El Clasico: “Because Real Madrid fans paid to see the true legend.”
  22. On his plans for the future: “I am open to any possibility, even changing sports. I could coach in another sport, I’m quite good at other sports.”
  23. On next season: “I’ll sit in my seats at the Camp Nou and support the team.”

IG Dani Alves:

“It’s been a true pleasure to work with you boss, never lose that intensity with which you live football and your profession…..Whether you’re liked more or less, but that is how we are, the ones who love what we do, we don’t think of what others think, only what we do. May you truely be happy with your loved ones. I send you a big hug.”