hello my lil cuties! i hit my goal awhile back but i kept pushing my follow forever off so i’ve finally decided to get around to making it! i got lazy so the graphic looks terrible but oh well. anyways, i’d like to say i love you all, and how much i appreciate that you follow me anD ACTUALLY LIKE MY BLOG AJHSJHSJHS. it just warms my heart honestly. i won’t be including everyone obviously, but that does not mean i don’t see you and that i don’t appreciate you. many of the the blogs included in this follow forever are blogs that i’m mutuals with or blogs that i adore. SO ANYWAYS, if you’re on here just know that i probably stalk you from afar or really up close! i love you all and i wanna kiss all your cheeks. that is all. 

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Grant Gustin + Women Gif Hunt

Not going to lie I have no idea how many gifs are in this gif hunt, all I know is that it’s a lot. I am constantly searching for grant gustin kissing/action with females gifs and there is not a good gif hunt with them so I went on a search and I made one. There are gifs from A Mother’s Nightmare and The Flash. I’m sorry if you’re offended that DP is not in this, yes I did that on purpose, no I won’t add any. I’m sorry SB shippers and DP fans, but I really don’t like her for multiple reasons, I’m sorry if that offends you, but that’s how I feel about it and I’m not scrolling through something that annoys me just to please other people. Feel free to come talk to me about it if you really are that offended. None of these gifs are mine I’ve given credit to everyone who made the gifs in this gif hunt and organized them by size so that if you would like me to take them out of this gif hunt I will happily do so and know exactly which ones are yours. If you found this helpful feel free to like and reblog and have a nice day.

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ok so! i was going to make this a few weeks ago when i reached 10k but i never got around to doing it (bc i’m lazy lol)

anyways! i can’t believe it honestly, i really appreciate everyone that follows me or takes the time to like or reblog my gifs. and all of these people i follow make my fandom experience so awesome, they’re truly all really cool people i promise!

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about an hour ago i reached my first thousand and honestly im still in shock!!! honestly, when i first made this blog i didnt even think anyone would follow me and i am so happy that there is 1k of you that think im cool enough to follow me
okay, i am really sorry for talking this much, but i am really grateful for each and every one of you

here is a list of people i follow
i am so sorry if i forgot anyone
love you

p.s. mutuals are bolded

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